Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 21

When I got home I literally, without thinking about anything, got into my room, twisted it gently to the right twice, and locked myself in. Consider me asleep! Collapsed on the bed in a big heap, not even daring to turn on the light. The house was pitch black, and I was so unaccustomed to such darkness that I went to the window and lifted the curtains, and immediately the moonlight poured in, and the house brightened up a little.

The starry sky is very common on such a midsummer night, right? In my country, the stars were very close, as if I could reach them with my hand and carry them in my arms. But in this place they were so far away.

I withdrew my thoughts and took out the bottles that were in the box, each one so spermatic, identical to the icons of each person's superpower. Gently stroking each pattern, I unconsciously stopped at Luhan's bottle, unable to move forward any further.

Telepathy, mind control over anything.

Gently removing it from the box, the coldness of the bottle traveled through his fingertips on this hot, dry midsummer night. This was the bottle that was going to contain Luhan's blood, I held it tightly to my chest, how could I resist?

Gently plugging in my headphones, listening to Luhan's Butterfly Girl, already in tears. And so the night went on until dawn. I actually drifted off to sleep until 8 o'clock. The kids should all be up by this time.

I squinted my eyes and went to the living room, only d. o was sitting alone watching TV, I saw the milk drinking bread sitting on the table, it was a simple breakfast but it was enough to move me.

"Where are they?" I asked as I sat down and took my cup.

d. o had been staring at the TV, "They ah, went outside to work out."

I let out an oh and took a sip of milk, "Why don't you go? Join them!"

d. o bristled, "I'm not going? They're always bullying me! The ball gets snatched away before it even gets to me!"

I laughed, "Isn't there still Bo-hyun? Why don't you go with Chanyeol or Sehun? Let's see who dares to steal your ball!"

He looked at me with open eyes, "Yeah, why didn't I think of that! Every time it's always their taller group that always bullies us." After saying that, he threw down the remote and hollered, "suho, kai ah, I'm coming, quick quick quick, regroup! I want to be in Chanyeol's group!"

I look back at the kids playing sports in the basketball court behind me and smile. But when I look through the obstacles and see the mottled wall behind me, I feel like something's missing, something's lonely! Suddenly I had a flash of inspiration, took a big gulp of milk, and as soon as I packed up, I started out to pick up some supplies. I'm one of those people who just does whatever comes to mind. So much so that there are times when people think I'm neurotic!

I came back with a bag full of flower seeds. The kids were probably tired and were resting in the living room as a group.

Bo-hyun was resting on Chanyeol's leg, and when he saw that I was back, he asked, "Auntie, what good things did you buy?"

Chanyeol showed his white brilliant teeth and looked like a little glutton, "Any good food? Like, fries, cookies or something like that?"

"Chanyeol ah, don't eat so many snacks, it's not good for your health!" I changed my slippers and walked in.

Suho nodded his head repeatedly, "Auntie is right, you can't eat too many snacks it's easy to get fat. Aren't we in the practicing form stage right now!"

Sehun stretched his neck to see and asked, "Auntie, did you buy seed codes? What kind of seeds?"

I carried the bag and looked around at them and said, "Yeah, rosebud seeds, I'm going to plant them over by your basketball court, so is that going to be more exotic! Hey, kids, who's going to help me?"

Bo-hyun hurriedly sat up from Chanyeol's lap, his hand raised high, and hollered, "Me me me, I like planting flowers the best!"

KAI, however, asked in confusion, "Why rosebuds? Does it have any special meaning?"

"Roses, ah, not only thought it's the little flower of the trailing vines climbing the fence, but it can grow anywhere, in any environment. It's the flower of strength, just like the children, and a strong team!"


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