Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 20

"Returning your misspent 30 years of youth? Meaning you want to become 20 years old? How can this be, no, no!"

"How can it be?"

"How can it be? I've already told you, after collecting the blood of 12 people's tears, it's possible! Well, don't bother me if there's nothing else in the future!"

No way, no way. There was only that one way. Instantly the passion of the gas dissipated, and slumped limply into his seat. I covered my face and cried, but the tears did not flow. When I was young, my tears flowed down my smooth skin, but when I was old, they flowed down my face!

When I opened my eyes again, I saw kai's beautiful face, I thought I was dreaming. Slowly reaching out my hand, I wanted to touch his brow. It was so close, so close!

He helped me over my arm and held me, "Auntie, we're here!"

I snapped out of it, kai must have just thought I was letting him pull me! Luckily, luckily I just reached out and tried to touch his brow, it would have been disastrous if I had gone overboard. I believe that tomorrow, the news of middle-aged older woman molesting the popular idol group will be flying all over the place!

"Auntie, what happened to you just now? I saw you shedding tears!"

I touched my face in panic and smiled casually, "Really? Nothing, just dreaming about something!"

Sehun ran up and pushed on his cool sunglasses, "Auntie, come back with us in the car!"

"I still have to go to the grocery store, there's no food left at home!"

Suho stopped D. O's shoulder and rushed behind us, "I've already ordered a meal, so I don't need auntie to cook today!"

Bo-hyun nodded repeatedly with a longing look on his face, "Fried chicken oh! Our favorite!"

They got me into the car by pulling me along, and because they were afraid of me squeezing in, they took the initiative to give up the front seat for me to sit in. Chanyeol smirked and stared at Bo-hyun, "Bo-hyun ah, what have you been looking at? What's so funny on your phone?"

Bo-hyun held up his phone and handed it to him, "Look, look. I'm watching M's program!"

M. Are you guys okay in China? He looked up at the already starry sky, shining like Luhan's eyes.

Suho rolled down the window of the car, the wind on a summer night was cool and blowing the kids. d. o was humming their own song.

Sehun asked, "Auntie ah, how old are you?"

Chanyeol chimed in, "Yeah! You don't look tired at all! I feel like I have more stamina than us youngsters!"

They've aged our looks, but our body's functions haven't aged. Everything was just like normal.

I yawned several times in a row and deliberately made a tired face, "Look guys, where am I not tired? I'm already 50 eh, how can I withstand such a tossing and turning! I just want to go back to sleep now. I just want to go back to bed now. I can't think of anything else. You guys can clean up yourselves after eating! I can't take care of you guys today!"

Suho said with a smile, "Auntie, you're so old and you're still so passionate! It's really admirable!"

I waved my hand at them and just leaned there, confused. Actually, I wasn't sleepy at all, just tired. But it's always not too unbelievable for a 50 year old woman to be that energetic.

In a daze, I heard kai say, "Auntie, it's really hard for her to take care of us! Let's try to help her out afterward!"

Suho reaches out and rubs kai's head and says, "kai, you're so filial!"

Dho said, "kai's filial piety really lives up to its name!"

Filial piety, why does it sound so scratchy to me? Although I try my best to hide it, I know that I want more than filial piety!


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