Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 18

Already 8:30, I stayed in the toilet for a whole hour. See is about to board the plane, at this moment must go out, so vigorously tugged the hat over the head, took out a long time ready mask, fully armed. Hey, once out of the hall became unusually quiet. Could it be that the kids have already left? I looked outside and the fans were gone. I tilted my head and took a deep breath of the not-so-fresh air outside. Thankfully, the crisis was over!

So all went well with the boarding.

After I packed my stuff, I started to slowly look for my seat, 5, 6, 7, eek, I see it.

But as I got closer, I saw kai sleeping next to me. if not for my quick reflexes, I would have screamed. Looking around, d. o and suho are in the back, bohyun and chanyeol are on the left, where's sehun?

"Excuse me, move over!"

Sehun! I heard it! It was Sehun! I hurriedly scrunched my neck and slowly moved to the last position.

Sehun walked up next to kai, took a look at the empty seat, and skimmed his lips, "Who's this? Not coming either, so I have to sit in the back by myself!"

I watched as he slowly walked behind suho and d.o.. And I happen to be behind Sehun at this point!

The situation is critical now, it's bad!

I just saw a blonde man, staring at me, "Excuseme, thisismyseat!"

I hurriedly shushed him and yanked him to the back.

He looked at me with a terrified look on his face and said, "Whatwouldyoudo?"

I gave him a vicious look and yelled down, "Shutup! Fllowme!"

I took him to the far end and looked over to see that there was no movement there before I breathed a sigh of relief. What a lucky day, you can meet like this? The foreigner stared at me with a resentful face, I bowed slightly towards him and smiled, "Sorry, Ineedyourhelp, canwechangeseats?"

He looked puzzled and scrunched his neck, "Why?"


Uh-huh! He raised an eyebrow, "OK!"

Crisis averted for now, as long as I don't move, there will be no accidents! Since the kids were tired, they basically slept on the plane. I asked the stewardess for a cup of purple potato milk tea and sipped it leisurely when I saw Sehun's head move in front of me, scaring me so much that I hurriedly shrunk. Then casually took two newspapers and put them on my face, just sleep! I'll be safe once I wake up!

But everything wasn't as good as I thought it would be, how could I not go to the bathroom after drinking so much water. The plane's only been flying for an hour, there's still an hour to go, how can I stand it! No, I'll go to the restroom!

So he stood up slightly, and saw that the children in front of him were all still drowsy one by one. Covering her mouth with a light smile, she gingerly made her way to the restroom. This time there will be no more things will not happen it, can a moment to Seoul it! But when I opened the bathroom, I saw kai walking this way in a daze!

Oh my god, are you playing a trick on me? I really can't do this kind of thing anymore. Detectives aren't for me!

After listening to my ears for a long time, and after the footsteps faded away, I opened the door cautiously.

God always likes to play a joke on you!

"Auntie? Why are you here?"

KAI, are we too lucky? We can still run into each other after this!


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