Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 17

Beijing-Shandong-Hunan-Guangzhou, spanning China from north to south. For me, as a newcomer to the planet, I was ecstatic to be in this beautiful and vast country.

The kids should be doing a showcase by now! Come on!

Beijing, the capital of China, has the world-famous Great Wall and the Forbidden City. But nothing matters to me. Beijing is Luhan's hometown to me. Other than that, everything else pales in comparison to me.

Beijing Yuying Primary School, the school where Luhan stayed as a child. The swings on the playground were still swinging around, and the sound of children's laughter and scolding surrounded the pure sky for a long time. I gently hold the smooth rope, tapping my toes, feeling the thrill of flying. When I close my eyes, it seems that I can still smell Luhan's breath.

Luhan, are you clean because of this pure land, or are you making this land pure because of your immaculate!

Qingdao, Shandong, a city by the sea. People living in this city should be happy. Because facing the sea, the spring flowers of life is not everyone can enjoy. Only he - tao, this from childhood practice martial arts body strong man, there should have been too much courage, perseverance character, but tao is so lovely. Is it also because of this warm city?

Already on the plane tossed nearly a day's time, I have been exhausted. The next stop is Hunan, I find a map, with my finger outlines the distance from Qingdao to Hunan. The big screen behind me, suddenly blared out, "Let's give a big round of applause to EXO!"

The corners of my mouth lifted lightly, and I turned back, seeing the nervous and somewhat excited faces of the children, silently chanting, "Go for it. But when the camera switched to kai, my heart ached. kai what happened to him? China's showcase is not like Korea's, where kids stand when answering questions, but kai has a tendency to faint. I see him standing there sweating profusely, trying his best to hide the pain on his face, but it's still so obvious!

It's now after 5pm, m's are going to stay in China to continue their activities, K's should be going back!

Hunan-Guangzhou! I'm sorry, I can't go this time. Consider it my unfinished trip! I rushed to the airport, but I was told I can't fly today, I have to wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow? How can I wait until tomorrow? So I turned back to Beijing, rushed to the capital airport, and finally bought a ticket to Seoul at 9:00 pm. I breathed a long sigh of relief.

The 9:00 pm ticket, when I fly to Seoul should be 11:00 pm. The hustle and bustle of the airport is not my favorite occasion, and the loud noises around me made me feel not quite annoyed, so I carried up the baby. I came to a quiet place, just like this sitting on the ground, quietly stay. Just now in Qingdao did not see so many people ah? Why is the capital airport so noisy today?

Glancing furtively, I saw twelve teenagers in full armor slowly walking. They...they haven't left yet. I'm a bit flustered, I don't want the kids to know that I've followed them here, last night's atmosphere already made me feel very uncomfortable. If they met me like this today, would they think I'm a perverted aunt? Wouldn't that make me a schemer, and I'd be swept away? Oh my god, I can't do that! Because the floor was too slippery, I got up too quickly and stumbled and fell on the floor. Chanyeol had been enthusiastically seeming to greet his fans and just happened to be facing my way, and I was a little surprised to see his waving palm stop.

No, as fast as I could, I stood up, grabbed my bag and ducked into the back bathroom.

Chanyeol tapped Bohyun, "Bohyun, I think I just saw the older woman!"

KAI heard it and immediately spun around in a 360.

Bo-hyun was still picking at his cell phone, and returned with a nonchalant, "You're looking at it all wrong, Auntie should be in Seoul at the moment! How could she be here!"


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