Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 15

The kids had left early to catch a plane and the house was empty when I got up! Lifting the white-on-white, floral curtains, I was a little dizzy from the bright daylight and stretched greatly, enjoying the quiet that I had to myself. Crossing over the bed to the desk, I opened the small cupboard underneath. Took out the only thing I brought over from that country, the girl in the photo, with picturesque eyebrows, bright eyes and white teeth has an extraordinary temperament and unearthly coldness. This is the first time to see my initial impression of me, time, will find that I am a crazy woman, no temperament, no character, like to cry, like to laugh, like a free life. This is the 20-year-old me, but I no longer have the appearance of 20 years old! Took the mirror on the sitting, what was reflected in it was indeed a pale face. Slowly lifting my palm, I stroked the dry and dehydrated skin, so rough. When will I get the true tears and blood of my children!

"babydon'tcrytonight when the night is light again babydon'tcrytonight just pretend it never happened..."

The cell phone I had tucked under the head of my bed dribbled and rang. I love this song by the kids, it has an ethereal quality that transcends the mundane.

Bohyun. Fingers slid gently.


An anxious voice came from the other end of the line, "Hey, ma'am. Are you at home? I forgot my passport in my room, please help send it to me!"

It was noisy over there. "Good!" I looked at the screen, 7:58, they were on a 9 o'clock flight "Wait for me for 20 minutes!"

I briefly packed up my manners and went to Bohyun's room on the second floor and found my passport that was in my black backpack, as he said, and took it out and put it in my gray bag. I only know how to make bread and salad, so the kids must not be used to eating it! It's just as well, I can visit China and bring back some memories of the kids.

By the time I got to the airport, Bo-hyun was still poking his head around, and naturally he was the first to see me.

I took my passport and shoved it into his hand, "Put it away, asshole!"

Bo-hyun put his own passport away and gave me a gentle hug, "Thank you big god, you've helped me a lot this time!"

They smiled politely at me, and I was relieved when my eyes crossed over Luhan and KAI, both smiling flatly!

suho led the kids to board the plane! kai waved back at me, "We're off! You take care!"

I nodded my head vigorously. The burning sunlight stung my skin like a sharp sword, it was raw! After hearing the sound of an airplane gliding, I looked up into the blue sky as an airplane floated overhead, carrying twelve children's dreams higher and higher!

"Miss, I want a 10 o'clock ticket to Beijing, China!"

She kept on serving me with a warm smile, "Hello, here is your ticket, please keep it! 10 o'clock flight to Beijing, China, have a nice trip! See you next time!"

"Thank you!" I took the ticket and went to the waiting room. Put on the headphones.

babydon'tcrytonight When the darkness lights up again babydon'tcrytonight Just pretend it never happened...

With my eyes closed, I let Luhan's ethereal voice flow through my ears and into my heart, blending into my blood and becoming part of my body! Listening and weeping.

When the night lights up again, will I be able to change back to my original form? If I can't, can I really pretend that nothing has happened? And spend the rest of my life with this face?


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