Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 14

The children are one by one eat full, face shows the satisfied expression after having a full meal, honestly take care of so many people at once, the workload is really big. Looked at a messy table, I really did not hold back at that moment want to growl out, the children, eat on eat, can not eat when so tossed ah!

kai pulled a tissue, wiped the corners of his mouth, looked at the people who were all paralyzed on the sofa, said: "Let's guess the ding shells! The loser helps auntie clean up, how about it?"

TAO nestled into Kris's arms and grunted, "I don't want to move, I'm dying of exhaustion, if I move now, my stomach will explode!"

d. o rolled his eyes, looking at everyone who was all pensive.

I saw that everyone didn't want to move either, so I smiled and shrugged it off, "No, no, I'll just clean it up myself! You guys still have a plane to catch in the morning, so pack up your manners and rest! I'll do it here!"

Luhan's voice had a power in it that could not be resisted or shrugged off, "I'll do it!"

Instantly, everyone looked at him with a look of disbelief, and Sehun tugged on the corner of his shirt, asking, "Brother, why are you so active today?"

Lay pressed his arm, looked meaningfully at Luhan, and said slowly, "Luhan, we'll move you a labor award some day! The best labor award!"

CHEN looked around at everyone with some reluctance and said, "Otherwise, let's just guess the ding shells!"

kai also got up and started to pack up, didn't say anything, just did it silently like that. kai is a shy kid, he himself has an elegant temperament, unlike kris' coldness, tao's cuteness, xiumin's stability, chen's delicacy, suho's composure, chanyeol's activity, sehun's mischievousness, bohyun's quirkiness, Luhan's dominance, and lay's languor!

Luhan pressed down on kai's hand, determination overflowing into his eyes, ''kai, you're sick, go up and rest! Sehun, take kai to rest!"

KAI gently pushed Luhan's hand away, smiled bashfully at him, and said softly, "I'm already better, it's fine!" After saying that, he walked towards the kitchen with a plate in his hand, leaving the remaining kids alone with their jaws dropping one by one.

Sehun had just gotten up, and was also in an awkward half-standing, half-doing position at this point.

Luhan awkwardly withdrew his hand, picked up a tray from below, and packed everything on top of it as fast as he could... I don't think this is the right situation... Why does it look like two love rivals are competing? Not cool!

I immediately took Luhan's tray and stared at him, "Give it to me!" My hand, which had reached down, accidentally touched Luhan's fingers, and instantly jerked my hand away in a flash, desperately trying to suppress the throbbing in my heart as I lowered my head.

I had a feeling that my own face was red. Within the range of my remaining light, I saw Luhan's seductive smile floating up to the corners of his mouth, like a hook around my heart, aching and unwilling to let go! God, save me, what a feeling!

After kai came out, he saw the clean desktop in the light of the light, some slight reflection. He didn't linger, and without the slightest reaction when he passed me and Luhan, he stomped up the stairs. When I turned around, the kids were still there, dumbfounded!

LAY coughed twice and said, "I'm going to play the piano for a while!"

CHEN dragged Soo Min and D. O and said, "Let's go practice some children's songs!"

One by one, the members fled from this living room like mice seeing a cat. It was so awkward! This atmosphere, this environment, it's really not at all what I like to have!

I followed Luhan to the kitchen and watched him put everything in the sink, I immediately heckled, "Put it there! I'll wash it!"

Luhan looked at me and curled his mouth mischievously, "I wasn't going to wash it either!"

I hemmed and hawed awkwardly at him, the look in kai's eyes was indeed lost in my mind, so I thought twice before speaking, "Luhan, kai he..."

Luhan didn't wait for me to finish, he opened the refrigerator, took a bottle of water and said, "I know, I'll go bring him medicine!"

Luhan, can you not be so smart, why can you see everything. Are you a leprechaun?


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