Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 13

In the evening, I was preparing dinner in the kitchen when Luhan came running in all excitement to tell me that they were going to make their debut in China and that they were flying to Beijing tomorrow.

Seeing his face excited like a child, I said, "Why, you're so happy to be going home!"

Suddenly Lay came out from behind him and said with a big smile on her face, "How about that? Beijing! Beijing!"

TAO slapped Lay's head from behind and said in the same way as he did just now, "Beijing! Beijing!" Then he immediately changed his face to look cool and cute, "You should say, Hunan! Hunan! You took away all of Brother Renlu's words! What did Renluke say!"

Lay slapped TAO's chest and teased, "Then you should also say, Shandong! Shandong! Class!"

TAO twisted a bottle of water and rolled his eyes at LAY, then after seeing Kris coming out of the shower, he exclaimed, "Kris, how can you take a shower by yourself first! What am I going to do if you do!"

Kris' cold voice floated in, "You wash yourself!"

Who's going to take a bath with me today!"

Luhan and Lay shook their heads vigorously and shouted, "We've all washed, go wash yourself!"

Without noticing, TAO was escaped by the two of them, and he let out a long sigh, muttering, "Not even accompanying me for a bath, and WEAREONE! This is too unrighteous!"

Bo-hyun, who was playing with his cell phone, said, "TAO ah, you're being righteous by hiding under the covers and eating snacks by yourself!"

Chanyeol laughed and almost slid off the couch, but Sehun held him up.

TAO looked at the members who were playing with each other with anger on his face and exclaimed, "Go ahead and laugh! I'll take a bath myself today to show you guys!"

The members were chatting vigorously when they suddenly heard TAO in the restroom yell out. The members then looked at each other.

CHEN turned his head and asked, "TAO ah! What's wrong with you!"

Bo-hyun narrowed his eyes and laughed, "It's designated as being scared again.Kris ah, go check on him!"

Kris had a shocked look on his face, "Why do you want me to go!" Then he glanced at Xiumin and scurried, "Xiumin, Xiumin, you're the boss, you go check it out!"

Xiumin's round eyes opened wide, it was adorable, looking at everyone with a puzzled face, "WHY?"

Just as the members were having a very heated discussion, TAO was heard howling again, "Kris...Kris!"

Kris stood up helplessly and complained, "What can I do with a shower by myself? Can you not act like you met a ghost next time!"

Only to see TAO wrapped in a bath towel, without even wiping the water from his hair, he ran out in a panic, and got behind Kris at once, his body still trembling, "Really! Really! I really saw a ghost! With long hair!"

Ouch! Bo-hyun shook his head and continued to play with his cell phone, chen was still laughing and joking with Su-min, suho was still flipping through magazines, and d.o. was still changing TV channels. Chanyeol was staring at the TV and eating popcorn at the same time, and said, "D.O.! Can you stop tuning it back and forth!"

Luhan and Sehun bowed their heads to each other, not knowing what they were whispering. lay hugged his pillow and snored lightly.

Everything seemed like it wasn't happening. kris heavily tapped TAO's shoulder twice, sighed long and hard, shook his head, and went back to the couch.

Kris slapped tao's shoulder twice, shook his head, and went back to the sofa. tao was so anxious that he jumped up and down, "Don't believe me! I said really ah! If you don't believe me, one of you will go in with me to take a look!"

However, there was still no sound. tao Bao's bath incident ended in such a stifled manner!


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