Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 12

I fried twelve portions of eggs and toasted 24 slices of bread. Prepared twelve cups of milk. One of Kai's I warmed up for him because he had a cold and I was worried that if he drank cold it would irritate his throat a bit.

Sehun came into the kitchen in a daze, sniffed hard, opened his eyes and wowed, "Breakfast, ma'am, you're wonderful! We haven't had a breakfast this good in a long time!"

I put the omelettes in the pan on a plate one by one and smiled at Sehun, "Are they all up?"

Sehun twisted open a bottle of water and took a sip, leaning against the fridge, "Luhan's getting dressed, suho and d. o are still sleeping, kris and tao are washing up! kai seems to be a little sick, and Bo-hyun's already up!"

suho and d. o are so sleepy, I unclipped my apron and put the plates on the tray one by one.

Sehun asked, "Is there anything I can help with?"

I got up with it on my end and turned toward him, "Stay away so I don't touch you. And call suho and d.o for me!"

Sehun hmmm'd, put down his water bottle, and went upstairs. After I set up breakfast, the kids were pretty much down. Only kai was still upstairs. Chanyeol picked up the milk and gulped it down. tao was also wolfing it down. kris was still eating gracefully. Luhan and sehun exchanged fried eggs with each other.

Bohyun bit into his bread and looked at the incredibly affectionate two and said, "What do you think is so different about this omelette that the two of you are still swapping?"

D. O, with wide eyes, chimed in, "That's not hygienic!"

Luhan, however, was full of concern and stopped Sehun's shoulder, looking at Bo-hyun and d. o. He said, "Can't you see that the two of us look like brothers! Hey, hey, don't mind!"

I saw that there had been no movement upstairs, so I grabbed my medicine and milk and went upstairs.

Knocking softly on the door, I heard a weak voice from inside, "Come in!"

KAI saw it was me coming and hurriedly sat up.

I handed him the milk, "I think you have a cold, drink some milk first. Take your medicine later, it's easy to hurt your stomach if you take medicine on an empty stomach!"

KAI was behaving like a child at this time, probably because of his cold, he was feeling very inactive, he didn't want to be that strong and energetic dancer on the stage at all. I watched him drink half a cup of milk before handing him the medicine.

"Take it, eat it, take a nap, sweat it out, and you'll be fine!"

He took the medicine and drank it down with a tilt of his head. I was about to go down when I heard him say, "Thank you, Auntie!"

I smiled faintly at him and gently covered the door. That's when I heard chen ask, "Auntie, how is kai?"

"It's fine, I have a cold, I've already taken the medicine. You guys just move around down there, let him rest for a while!"

"Uh-huh!" The kids all agreed nicely. When my gaze met Luhan's, he quickly avoided it. Did it still not understand me? When the kids were all free, Luhan was the only one practicing in the dance studio, I knocked on the door and went in, stood silently and watched as he danced hard, over and over again, eventually collapsing on the floor from exhaustion!

I grabbed a blue towel and walked up and handed it to him, "Are you still mad at me?"

Luhan took it and wiped his sweat away, then padded it under his head, his head tilted towards the landing and he didn't look at me.

"Nah! I'm just... homesick!"

There was a gray couch set sitting in the dance studio, and Gas walked over to it, taking the pillow and handing it to him, "If you're homesick, go home and visit! Here, cushion this underneath and get comfortable!"

He lifted his head, took the pillow and put it underneath, musing, "Actually, for a moment I thought you looked like my mom!"

I froze violently for a moment, I'm only 20 years old ah, was called mom, a moment really can not accept, immediately haha laughed to cover up my embarrassment, pushed his shoulder: "Aiya, brat, also caused me to worry about you are still angry with me. I would have treated you as my children!"


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