Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 11

First of all, there were a lot of dishes piled up in the sink in the kitchen, the kids had cooked on their own yesterday, but it was a mess. There was a lot of rice scattered on the floor, leftovers in the pot from last night, and I could faintly hear mosquitoes buzzing. Well, given the choice, let's get to work now! The kitchen has white floors and gold cabinets that go together beautifully. The kitchen held two very large refrigerators, one filled with frozen foods and drinks. One was already empty. After tidying up the sloppy hygiene, it felt so much less lived in because there was nothing left in it but cookware. I made a mental note of what I needed to purchase so that I could go out later and buy a piece back and simply dress it up.

The living room came next, and I was definitely not allowed to go into the kids' house. I may be a 50 year old woman, but there is a difference between men and women. The living room is furnished with a long couch, on which there are randomly thrown a mess of clothes, I'm not sure whose, clean or not, so I put them all away and hang them outside in the sun, but also in the process of sterilizing them. On the coffee table there are magazines, albums, chips, coke. I wanted to find a simple box to put the albums in, but I couldn't find one, so I put them under the coffee table for the time being, and the magazines were the ones that the kids were supposed to be flipping through the longest, so I organized them and put them on the top. The rest of the garbage and snacks were packed into the garbage can, but when I picked up the garbage can, I was shocked, the garbage can was full to overflowing.

At that moment, I heard a voice behind me, "Sorry, you're tired!"

It sounded a bit muffled and also had a thick nasal voice, I turned around and saw that KAI was wearing short sleeves with a black printed skull head, knee length shorts underneath, clip on flip flops, and his hair was still that fluffy yellow color. So smiled at him, "It's all I should do!"

He nodded and was about to go to the kitchen to get a drink of water when he was a little surprised to see the refreshed and tidy surroundings, "We've never had it this clean and tidy around here before!"

While I was messing with the garbage, I reassured him, "You guys are usually so busy with work that you surely don't even want to move when you come back, so you still have time to clean up! Don't worry about these things from now on! I'll do it all!"

He smiled at me, a little shy: "Thanks for your hard work!"

I heard his strong nasal voice, I think he has a cold, and looking at his face, there was also some flushing. I smiled slightly, packed up the garbage, and went out. First went to the neighborhood supermarket, bought some, eggs, bread, milk and some cooking seasonings. Then I went to the flower store and bought two white daisies and two monarchs. Then I went to the drugstore to buy some cold medicine. When I looked at the clock, it was almost 10 o'clock, so I rushed back. When I got back, chen and Xiumin were already sitting in the living room flipping through magazines, and when they saw me coming back, they rushed out to greet me.

chen looked at the flowers I was holding in my arms and exclaimed, "It's so beautiful, I've been wanting to buy some flowers back but I just didn't have the time!"

Xiu Min lifted the things I was holding and took the initiative to head towards the kitchen. As expected of a big brother, she is just a bit more considerate and responsible than others. I put one pot of daisies in the living room and one in the kitchen. I let chen take the monarch and put it in their dance practice room. The kids were probably getting up soon, so I hurried into the kitchen to prepare breakfast. At this time, Xiumin was organizing the ingredients I bought.

"Xiumin, I'll take care of this! You go and rest. Get some energy!"

He hmmm'd, put the oil on the counter, took an apple with him and went out.


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