Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 10

He was silent for a long time before he opened his mouth and said, "Because when I was young, I had done things to apologize to my mother, and now I don't even have a chance to repent, and just now when I heard what you said, I felt deeply guilty and uneasy, and to be able to help you out can be considered as one of the right things I have done in my life!"

What! Surprisingly, it was like this! Disappointment gradually crept onto his face, so I softly consoled, "Don't worry, there's not a single mother under the sky who would blame her child. No matter what you ever did to her, she won't mind. Now he would definitely be happy if he knew that you've become so hardworking and motivated! Don't you blame yourself!"

The corners of his mouth twitched twice and he smiled bitterly, "I hope so! It just so happens that the cleaning aunty in charge of their hygiene has gone back home, so you can come tomorrow!"

I forced down the ecstasy in my heart and tried my best to appear relatively calm, "Really? Great, thank you!"

He waved his hand, "Don't thank me, go see the agent yourself tomorrow! I'm just introducing you there, it's not clear if it'll work out or not!"

I nodded repeatedly and thanked him. I packed up the next day and met the staff in charge of the piece under his guidance, and after being asked a lot of questions, I probably agreed because I thought I was old and should be safe to be put with the kids, and also had an acquaintance to introduce me.

They arranged for me to stay in a room on the first floor, next door to the dance practice room, and the children were on the second floor, which made it much more convenient. When the children saw me, they were all amazed. I was actually quite embarrassed myself, after all, we were all so awkward when we met before. I briefly introduced myself to them and said what I was responsible for. Then there was a silence, not a sound at all. I look at everyone you look at me, I look at you do not know what to do, but the same everyone is watching Luhan's expression, after all, I have cheated Luhan, if Luhan does not welcome me, then they are not good to show too much enthusiasm for me.

Luhan looked at me, his bright eyes flickering, "Auntie, welcome!"

Hearing Luhan's release, the members all greeted me as well.

TAO took Kris's shoulder and smiled exceptionally brightly, "Welcome, welcome. We're getting to be a dumpster fire of a mess here!"

Kris only smiled slightly, but Bo-hyun asked with interest, "Ma'am, what's that little bottle we saw you holding today? It looks like an icon for each of us, can you take it out and show us!"

Lay's clear voice rang out, "Good things should be shared by everyone right! You say right TAO!"

TAO blankly glanced at LAY and righteously said, "I haven't privately hidden any goodies!"

Dodo took a step forward and gently poked TAO's shoulder, "You're always stealing food under the dormitory covers, we know all about it!"

Chanyeol was still smiling brightly, "TAO! Don't ever do that again!"

I looked at the children's sincere look, my heart was touched for a while, but I still noticed the children's fatigue, so I said that I would take it out and watch it again after they had rested.

Suho stopped the children's noise, looked at me and said, "In that case, it'll be hard for you from now on!"

The children also bowed politely like me and said, "Thanks for your hard work!"

In fact, at this time I was more touched, the children are still young, but they are so polite, after a long day outside, they still try to act as passionate as possible when they see me coming, which makes me very gratified!

I instructed them to go and rest, and began my work! To be honest, it's not a normal mess inside this house!


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