Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 9

Witnessed them on the car, the members of the face have a hidden nervousness and leaping, after all, just debuted the new ah, on the showbiz of merit, reputation and money they are not excessive thirst, they now hope is to get everyone's recognition. Perhaps this is the power of the dream, even if you exhaust all the power of your life, you will persist.

I sat next to the banyan tree, slowly waiting for seven o'clock, the sky a little bit darker, surrounded by crisp frogs, and annoying mosquitoes, cicadas, listening to me not very annoying. In my about to look at the time, always and saw the arrival of a group of security guards, it seems that they are now going to change shifts. My eyes were fixed on one of the security guards who had just stood there, and after he was replaced, he just packed up and left. I followed him behind, lo and behold. He will look back at me from time to time, may be aware that I am following him, and then also ignore me, straight stride towards the front, although I ran all the way, but still did not catch up. Heart and angry and annoyed is, a pair of hands to pull me to the side of the trail, I almost screamed in fear. But when I looked closely, it was the security guard. I hammered her in anger and said, "You knew I was following you, why did you hide from me! And now you're here to scare me, what on earth do you have in mind!"

He stared at me with a smirk on his face, "I haven't even asked you what you've been following me for? Now it's your turn to blame me first?"

I hemmed and hawed and laughed twice, pulling his arm, saying, "You haven't eaten yet, have you, come on, I'll take you to dinner!"

He didn't refuse, so I casually found a place, casually ordered some dishes, and then poured him a full glass of wine and solemnly toasted him, "Little brother ah, Auntie has something to ask of you this time! You mustn't excuse yourself!" In fact, calling myself an aunt, my heart is still very awkward, after all, I'm still just 20 years old girl ah!

He turned the cup, did not drink, murmured: "You are the 99th person this month to ask me to dinner!"

I ah'd and blurted out, "No way! So many people!"

He stared at me with a meaningful look that seemed to see right through, "It's just that you're the first woman of your age." Then he looked at me with a playful smile, "You say you're so old, what's the point of messing around with other little girls! Or pack up and go home!"

I put down my cup, covered my cheeks, and pretended to cry, "I didn't want to say it, you see I'm so old, and my children have run away and don't want me. My old partner has also passed away, so I can only support myself. I just wanted to see if there was any suitable work, that's why..." I had been watching his expression through the cracks of my fingers, and when I saw his brows gradually screwed together, I cried even harder.

He cursed, "Ungrateful son!" Then looked again and asked, "Why did you have to come here to find a job? Don't you have any other intentions?"

In his slender eyes, there was an overwhelming shrewdness. sm was truly extraordinary, even the security guards were like detectives.

"It's a good place to work, and besides, you can earn something else no! Just like you, this month was invited to eat so many meals, not food expenses are saved!"

The corner of his mouth lifted up, and he laughed, "I'm talking about 99 people inviting me to dinner, but you're the only one I agreed to!"

This sentence of his stunned me even more. I'm not a young and beautiful little girl, and I didn't stuff him with money in a big way why would I agree to my invitation, so I looked at him dumbfounded and asked, "Why? Why only agree to me?"


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