Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 8

Out of the time I have been in my heart scolded myself a million times, make up what lie is not good, have to lie to Luhan, cheating cheat his feelings, now I close my eyes, full of Luhan's lost eyes. Usually dark shining eyes, that moment became dull, always smiling face, where it is coldly taut there.

"Mo Nuanxin, you idiot ah! Why do you want to cheat other people's feelings, have you considered other people's feelings? Really enough asshole, selfish you!" To the empty forest path, I could no longer suppress the guilty feelings in my heart, and squatted on the side of the road, whimpering. I don't know how long I cried, but I heard a small child with a milky voice, babbling, I looked up, he was hehehehehehehehe staring at me and smiling, he had deep dimples and white skin, very cute.

" it that your son doesn't want you anymore! Don't cry, I'll give you a candy!" After saying that, he took out a milk candy wrapped in light green sugar paper from his little frog pocket and shoved it into my hand. I froze and looked at him walking away, then plucked it and put it in my mouth, instantly the sweet milk flavor overflowed between my mouth, as if it was back to when I was little, every time I ate milk candy was the happiest moment.

Sneaky action, lying simply does not work, must be bright and square to walk in to be able to. I can't hurt any of the 12 of them again, and I can't give up the important task of saving the country, so I have to think of a foolproof plan. there's no one I know in the sm, and trying to penetrate them through the company won't work at all. So...I had to start with the security guards. I asked about the security guards' rotation time, tonight at 6pm, Exo will go to a talk show, and at 7pm, there will be a shift of security guards, so no matter who among the security guards I have a good relationship with, it won't be that difficult to get in.

Now I had no place to go, so I casually wandered down the street, passed by the Hanger Boutique, went in and picked out a few crazy fan must-haves, and after armoring myself to the hilt, stood silkily at the front door, waiting for them.

Looking at the fact that it was almost 5:30, there was some restlessness and pushing and shoving had been happening frequently, but everyone was quiet and didn't make a sound. I knew that they were keeping extra quiet because they were afraid that it would affect their rest.

I softly asked the girl beside me, "How long have you been waiting here?"

Although she looked tired, she was still full of excitement, "We've been waiting here since this morning, then we followed our brothers to the public performance piece by piece, our brothers have to do an interview in the evening, and they're almost out, so we'll hold on a little longer and we'll be able to see them."

I thought about it later, it's really hard to be a fan, it's such a hot day, always following them around the city without leaving. Suddenly the surrounding became agitated, slowly dripping with some small shouts, less than 5 minutes time, the sound like thunder. Did they come out?

I squeezed hard to squeeze forward, see one after another out of the twelve figures, slightly relieved, just now many suffering at the moment feel worth it. One by one, the kids kept a decent smile and greeted their fans warmly. I held up a sign and shouted, "Exo, go for it, you guys are the best!"

But when I saw Luhan, my heart sank once again, he wasn't like the other members at all, there was no smile on his face, it was more of a despondent look. Did I really hurt him?

I couldn't care less about the aunts and mothers, and frantically rushed to the front, calling out to Luhan, "Lu Bao, go for it!"

Luhan jerked his head up, looked around, froze for a moment when he saw me, and then spread a charming smile.


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