Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 6

At that moment I heard the earth-shattering shouts outside, it should be that they are back from their public performance. The joy of seeing them in a while was instantly shattered by the sharp eyes of the security guards. I also thought that when I was led to Luhan later, wouldn't this lie be exposed at once? Aigoo mama! What a way to go! I smiled and looked at the big square-faced, black-haired security guard and begged, "Little brother ah, I have a terrible stomach ache, can you let me go to the restroom first!"

He stood straight up and didn't look at me: "Don't you want to see your son, your son will be back soon, you hold on a little longer!"

I go, go to the toilet and let people insist, I glared at him, swaggering to the bathroom, he came up to drag me, I threatened him: "Do not touch me ah, or I will sue you for hooliganism ah!"

He bristled and immediately let go of me, "I'm not interested in middle-aged women! You go ahead!"

Listening to the sound of footsteps and the children's idle chatter getting closer and closer, I immediately turned headlong into the corridor, opening a random room door and drilling in. Upon closer inspection, this turned out to be a musical instrument room, with drums, pianos, and guitars all neatly arranged in an orderly fashion. I didn't dare to make too much noise, and tiptoed close to the door so I could hear what they were saying a little more clearly!

CHEN yawned greatly and said, "I didn't realize we were so popular just after our debut!"

Chanyeol laughed twice and said with pride, "Yeah, yeah! The fans are so passionate."

TAO's voice was still tinged with the slightest bit of excitement, "It's so unexpected, I really didn't expect to have so many people paying attention to us and caring about us, right Kris!"

Kris seemed to sneer and didn't say anything else.

Everyone spoke a few words and then stopped talking, they should all be exhausted. Thinking about one and all selling out on stage, they were designated to be exhausted. I squatted down, sat down on the floor, looking at the track of their activities, feeling the air mixed with their breath. My heart was full of mixed feelings, uncontrollable excitement, the joy of being satisfied, but more than anything else, my heart ached for them. Slightly close your eyes, the summer sunshine through the large floor-to-ceiling windows hit my face, with a slight warmth, the heart is sour, feel the liquid filled my eyes, at this moment I really want to simply embrace them one by one, to each of them to say sincerely, hard work, you're great!

At this time, there was an ethereal voice outside through the corridor, the wooden door, reached my ears.

"Luhan, your mom is here to see you!"

Gosh, what's meant to be is always meant to be.

I only heard all twelve of them hmmm~ in unison. Luhan was also filled with amazement, his already beautiful eyes shining even more brightly at this moment, "My mom?" Full of disbelief.

Lay narrowed his eyes and said, "Luhan, didn't you just talk to your mom on the phone? How come she came running here in this little while!"

Bo-hyun laughed a little and said, "Maybe she wants to surprise Luhan!"

Dudu, Kai, and Tao were nodding their heads in unison as well. Sehun turned his head and asked, "Where is it?"

The guard replied, "She just said she had a stomach ache and went to the restroom!"

Suho said, "Then let's wait here for a while, Auntie will probably come out in a while!"

OH! Gosh, twelve people are waiting for me there, do I go out or not at this moment!


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