Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 5

I heard the voice, panicked, I want to drill into the bushes, but helplessly still be pulled out by them. The security guards here all wear big sunglasses, dressed in black and cool, and always tight face, scared me not dare to move.

The two security guards see me so old, are face to face ate a shock, I guess they have never seen me so old fans it. It can't be helped, who let me be a 20 year old girl's heart and 50 year old mom's face.

I smiled at them, ''Two little brothers, do me a favor and let me in. I have something very, very important to do!"

One of them said coldly, "No, no one is allowed in here!" The two of them came up and grabbed me, wanting to throw me out.

After I begged in vain, I shouted, "Bunch of little bastards, is this how you treat your own mother at home? Put me down! Otherwise go back and see what I say to your own mother, go back and how to clean you up!"

Probably because they heard me mention my mother, or maybe they thought it wasn't a good idea to hold an old woman like me like this, so they put me down.

After I stood up steadily, I looked at the posters of the 12 people pasted on the fence, my eyes turned and stopped on Lu Han, I immediately rushed up to Lu Han's face, and cried bitterly, "My child, how come you didn't come home to see for such a long time! You don't know that mom misses you! How could you be so cruel as to forget even mom's birthday!" During this time I peeked at the expressions of those two from time to time, one of them was stunned, the two of them looked at each other in disbelief, not knowing whether to make a move or not. I took this opportunity to pounce on them and mourned, "Please do me a favor, I came to see my son ah. My son has not been home for two years since he came here. His father has been hospitalized because he misses him, and his grandmother, who is seventy to eighty years old, can't sleep because she misses him all day long! Please let me see him!"

They froze for a while, probably seeing that I didn't look like I was faking, so they led me to the living room first, and then left one person here to keep an eye on me. I looked around the two-story building, which was dressed up in a very personalized way, with posters of the twelve plastered everywhere. Looking up, there seemed to be six rooms upstairs. Downstairs there was a kitchen living room, and a very large room, presumably for their dance practice! The house was decorated in white, even the sofa, coffee table, tables, chairs and benches were all white. On the coffee table, there were a bunch of magazines piled up in a chaotic manner, and I was able to see the black socks underneath the magazines with my good eyesight. Looking at the clock hanging on the wall, which was modeled after Exo's group logo, it was very artistic. It's already 11 o'clock, so the performance should be over soon. I was bored, so I casually picked up the remote control that was pressed under the black and white striped pillow, and once I pressed the red button, a wailing sound instantly came from the room, and when I listened carefully, it turned out to be exo's debut song, MAMA! Watching the gorgeous dance and listening to the dynamic melody, I was deeply attracted by these twelve. The unique superpowers between each of them are the power to save the world, and one is indispensable! At this moment the raspy voice before coming to Earth suddenly rang in my head, no wonder. I carefully observed every scene in the MV, and suddenly saw the ring on each person's hand, which always felt so familiar. After thinking hard, I finally realized that it was the shape of the bottle! Is there really someone manipulating fate, so that we will eventually meet in this vast universe?


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