Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 4

I tiptoed over to the apartment that EXO's agency, sm, had built just for them. Walking up to the front door, I took a look and saw that there was still a group of fans waiting here. There were also two strong security guards staring at the door, so it looked like it was going to be a lot harder to get in through the front door.

I quietly circled around to the back, and saw that no one was watching, and felt a sense of joy in my heart. But then I looked at the high fence and wondered how I could get in. Besides, there wasn't even a tree next to it, unless I could fly like Kris. Just when I was holding my breath, I saw a man riding a tricycle on the road, slowly passing in front of my eyes, and shouting: "Scrap collection! Collect scrap! The old boxes of broken books and paper! I've got old boxes of broken books and paper, and bottles of copper and iron!"

I looked at the back of the car was full of books, instant inspiration, ran out into the road with hands outstretched to stop.

He hit the emergency brake and cursed, "Looking for death, looking for death! I was so scared that my heart jumped out! I'm a rag collector, but I don't have much money, don't try to blackmail me!"

I held his handlebars with a smile and said, "Aigoo! Big brother! Do I look like that kind of person? I just want to borrow your style for a while!"

He looked at me with a wary face, like a thief, "What are you borrowing my BMW for? I'm not borrowing your type!"

I have already white in his heart many eyes, but now have to beg him, no way, only have to be cheeky and then curry favor: "You so expensive BMW how do I dare to use it, just want to borrow your back books to use a little bit, and so I climbed into the inside, you in the collection is not into it!"

He looked at the wall, measured me a circle, tsked twice: "really did not see out, nowadays this society, mom also crazy ah! Well, I'll give you a hand this time! Come on, move the book!"

I was delighted, then hands and he moved up with the book, and so all the head properly, I let him help me hold point, I carefully stepped on, but the pressure simply can not reach, so asked: "Brother ah, there is no book ah, and then to the sister pad a book, which is too low ah, can not reach ah!"

I heard him panting and saying, "Sister ah, brother really do not have it! You stepped on all the books!"

I looked down, although the book was padded underneath me, but not yet to his waist, so he hemmed and hawed and looked at him: "Brother ah, you can not squat down for a while ah, you stand like this with your feet against the unstable ah, a moment of sister fell down, smashed into you how can be good?"

"Okay, okay, I'll squat down, I'll squat down!"

I laughed twice with a cheeky smile and took the opportunity to sit on his shoulder, he immediately let out an ouch. I said apologetically, "Brother ah, I'm sorry, you get up a little, once you get up I'll be able to reach!"

He muttered, "What bad luck! Okay, okay, I'll get up, I'll get up!"

As he stood up, I could already see inside. There was a small two-story white building in the center, with a small basketball court behind it. There was a small garden on this side of the wall near me.

"Brother ah, use a little bit of strength and jack me in!"

As soon as the words left my mouth, I was sent in by a force, rubbing my butt that hurt from the fall, and heard a muttering voice from outside, "I've been wanting to throw you out for a long time! Just what is this world all messed up? Big moms are so crazy, what the hell is exo, go back and I'll see!"

I forced myself to hold back my laughter, bit by bit I crept towards the house, and as I saw that I was about to get close, I suddenly heard a furious roar, "Who is it?"


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