Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 3

I can't help that the fans are too passionate and loud. No one could hear my voice at all. Forget it, try hard on your own, so you crawled forward with difficulty along the place where the bottle tumbled, and at this time, I don't know who shouted out, "Luhan I love you!" Directly rolled white eyes fainted next to me, scared me back and forth. I wanted to save her, but I saw my bottle getting farther and farther away, so I looked at her and said, "I'm sorry, I have to save my bottle, I'll save you next time!" After that, I crawled forward as fast as I could, and as I was moving forward, I don't know whose foot kicked me and shook my brain. But looking at the bottle away from me more and more far away, I can not care about anything, it is hard to effort a thousand breath, a look in front of brush a row of white sneakers. The bottle spun around twice and landed next to a man's shoe.

I hurriedly picked it up, saw the intact icon, smiled happily, wiped the dust on it, and put it into my pocket, with my mouth still broken, "If only you could be as long and bumpy as the other bottles, I wouldn't have to climb so far to chase you!"

That's when I heard a voice, "Sehun, why does that bottle look so much like your logo pattern?"

Sehun, EXO, I jerked my head up to see the sunlight through Sehun's hair, the dappled shadows falling onto my eyes, stinging me a little too much to open them. I really saw them, I always used to meet them in my dreams, I never thought I would finally see them alive today.

I only saw a winged angel, bending down, his charming eyes made me not dare to touch, his angular face was fascinating, outlined by daylight a beautiful soft arc, his magnetic voice made me instantly lose myself: "Auntie, are you okay?"

Dumbfounded, I followed his hand and stood up. Aiming to see Bo-hyun behind him, he put his arm over TAO and whispered, "That Sehun kid is awesome, even the auntie is his fan!"

TAO beamed from the sidelines with a jealous look, "Why isn't my womanizing so good?"

Only to hear d. O say coldly from the side, "My mom is my fan too!"

Causing Bo Xian and TAO to roll their eyes for a while.

My eyes were filled with Sehun's likeness at the moment, and everything around me seemed to become quiet. Suddenly the manager said, "Hurry up and get going! Otherwise we'll be late for the public performance later!"

The twelve people disappeared into the road in an instant, and by the time I reacted, all I could see was the exhaust fumes from the cars. I took out the somewhat bulbous-looking bottle from my pocket and kissed it vigorously, "Thank you! Thanks to you today! Let me see my angels!" I pointed to its bulbous belly, "But why are you bulbous looking?"

Now that I've seen them, what a way to get their genuine tears, and blood must be to blend in with them! GOOD! I packed up the two boxes of bottles, hugged my school bag, raised my head, and shouted, "Okay, Mo Nuanxin, your next appointment is to blend into SM and get inside EXO! Get the tears and blood to save the country!"

The pedestrians passing by were all staying away from one another, inexplicably looking at me. In their eyes, I should be no different from a psychopath at this moment! Well, I can't worry about that, I'd better make myself normal first!


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