Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 2

I rubbed my groggy head and opened my eyes to see, oh my god? Is the earth so dirty, messy and smelly? When I looked down at myself, I was still wearing my country's little dress, but the unclean river water made me look so old that I couldn't even count the wrinkles on my face. Then the words were stuck in my head. EXO! I must find you and save my country.

It took me a lot of effort to climb out of the gully, my body was already dirty, I had to find a place to wash my face first. So I wandered slowly down this street, and when I saw so many closets down the street with very pretty clothes, I rushed in regardless, grabbed a long blue dress, went to the attendant, and asked with glaring eyes, "How much is this?"

The person took a few steps back, gently covered her mouth and nose, and looked at me with contempt.

I looked at her like that, lowered my head and sniffed my body, oops, no wonder people stayed away from me, it turns out that my body stinks so much. I embarrassedly hemmed and hawed and smiled at her, took two steps back myself, and then asked, "I want to buy this!"

She still looked at me with an astonished face, and only half a day later replied, "This is a dress worn by a little girl, I'm sorry, we don't sell middle-aged women's clothes here, please look elsewhere!"

"Ah!" I was so shocked that my jaw was almost pulled down to the ground, middle-aged women! My mood was instantly dispersed, but I'm a middle-aged woman in my forties or fifties now! So it was worth putting down my skirt and leaving unhappily!

When I just stepped out the door, I heard them talking about me inside.

"Really, still pretending to be young at her age!"

"Yeah, look at her, she's still wearing the dress that only princesses wear in anime? What a waste!"

"That's right, she still thinks she's a princess in a dress? Don't even look at yourself!"

These words just impartially reached my ears, I had no choice but to shrink my head and walk away, what people say is not wrong at all! At that moment I saw a group of little girls holding up signs and running forward, I took a look and the three letters EXO stung my eyes. I added to their ranks as fast as I could. Pulled a girl and asked, "Where are you going now? Can I really see this EXO?"

She looked at me with a surprised face, then smiled, ignoring the fact that I was dirty and smelly, and said, "I didn't realize that my brothers were so attractive, even the older women are their fans. Follow us, you'll definitely be able to see it, the brothers' first performance today!"

With that, she pulled something out of her pocket and stuck it on my head, I asked her what it was and she pointed to her own head and said, "It's the same as mine!"

Oh my god, the big EXO three letters were pasted onto my head! Helplessly, before I could react, I was dragged by her and ran. I was about to run out of breath when the line in front of me finally stopped, and I accidentally bumped into the person in front of me, and fell down without standing still. The people crowded me to stand can not stand up, suddenly, I saw my backpack open, which contains the box also do not know who stepped on a foot, I hurriedly pick up, a look, fortunately, not broken! But then I took a closer look, why is there one missing? This must not be missing, ah, missing him, my country is finished. So I looked around, looked around, finally saw in a girl's feet, I was about to crawl over to pick up, she moved at this time, kicked the bottle out. I couldn't think of anything else, and peeled away from the crowd, shouting, "Don't step on my bottle!"


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