Novel Name : EXO So We Met

Chapter 1

Layers of reporters surrounded the entrance to the sk company, three layers inside and three layers outside can no longer be described! A beautiful woman was brought out by people in police uniforms. Instantly, the clattering flashbulbs shot towards the woman like lightning.

The woman's expression was clear and cold, without a single facial expression that could be described as indifference.

The weathered flowers on her chest emitted a harsh and piercing cold light under the illumination of the lights.

Her hand was cuffed by a crystal-cold bracelet. The woman slowly looked up and around, a smile appearing at the corners of her mouth. Raising her hand, she rubbed the weathered flower on her chest, and said in her heart, You'll get me out of here, because you owe it to me! Lu Han!

Here is the heroine's life, a brief background:

That's right, she's a princess. She always has strange dreams about twelve men. When she woke up, she lived a peaceful life as usual.

However, suddenly one day, she heard a terrible voice in a blur. Sleep! Sleep!

It was as if disaster had swept through her country as if overnight, and everyone in the country had grown so old in an instant that even the babies in their swaddling clothes were wrinkled and unusually frightening. When she looked in the mirror, she saw her hideous appearance and crouched down on the cream-colored table and wept. Suddenly a voice drifted into her ears from all directions: You must gather the tears and blood of twelve people to save your country, otherwise they will die of old age instantly!

The names of the twelve are: krisd. osuho bohyun xiumin deohan laytao chanlie kai sehun chen

However they have a common name: EXO

"Okay, I'll send you to go to Earth now! Everything is only up to you! , There are now two boxes on your desk, each containing twelve bottles dedicated to each of them, the red one for blood and the white one for tears. There must be no mistake. Otherwise the work will be lost."

The princess turned around and saw that there really were two boxes on her table, and ran over to see the twelve differently shaped bottles neatly arranged. That luscious.

The princess frowned again and asked, "So how do I get in touch with you? What if I have questions for you?"

The voice laughed a few times before saying, "Simple, look at your neck!"

The princess looked down and saw that she had a weirdly shaped necklace around her neck. It was not round to say the least, and not square to say the least. Reaching out to touch it, it was incredibly cold and prickly.

"Whenever you need me, just hold it up and say an incantation, okay, I'm sending you to Earth now!"



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