Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 15 He was crazy and almost kissed her

Nanxi was just about to scream when the next moment, a familiar voice came from overhead, "Don't be afraid, it's me."

This voice?

If she heard it correctly, it was Lu Jian Shen's.

Nanxi opened her eyes, and when she saw the face that was as handsome as a faceted, starry-eyed face, she was instantly stunned.

After freezing for a long time, she reacted and asked her numbly, "Why did you come back?"

"What? Listening to your words, it seems like I shouldn't have come back?" Lu Jianxuan raised an eyebrow.

"I thought that you would spend the night at the hospital with her."

She really hadn't thought that he would come back, and he had lost his temper during the day.

Nanxi regretted it when she finished speaking, because she was sensitive enough to notice that the atmosphere between the two had become stagnant.

Just then, Lu Jianxuan suddenly turned off the lights, then hugged her and laid her down on the bed, covering her with the quilt, his low voice ringing in her ears, "Sleep!"

He was too close to her when he spoke, and Nanxi's ears were soft and red from his breath.

In the darkness of the night, they were as cute as a rabbit's two red ears.

Suddenly being held by him, and with his scent all over her nostrils, Nan Xi was a little uncomfortable for a moment.

She clenched her hands into fists and carefully placed them side by side on her chest.

After hesitating for a moment, she still licked her lips and spoke softly, "That, you haven't bathed yet?"

The moment these words came out, Lu Jian Shen instantly lowered his head, his hawk-like black eyes locking onto her grape-like eyes.

The next moment, he spilled out a nice laugh from his throat, "How do you know I haven't washed?"

"You just came back!"

Hugging her a little tighter again, Lu Jian Shen's magnetic voice slowly said, "I came back just after you fell asleep, seeing that you were sleeping heavily, I didn't disturb you, after taking a bath I've been working in the study, and just now when I heard thunder and lightning, I immediately came over."

Nan Xi nestled in his arms, only feeling that her heartbeat had missed a few points.

If she hadn't heard it with her own ears, she almost couldn't believe it.

Lu Jian Shen, what kind of person are you in the end!

Every time it's like this, giving a slap and then stuffing a sweet date.

Yet she wasn't happy for two days before he was able to make her shed tears again.

"Why did Thunder come over?" Nan Xi still asked out loud without argument.

"Because," his black eyes locked onto Nan Xi's eyes and said word by word, "I remember someone who was most afraid of thunder and lightning, and cried every time they encountered such weather."

Of course Nan Xi didn't want to admit that she was a coward, moreover, she remembered that she hadn't told him this ah.

How did he know that?

"Who who cried his nose? You're talking nonsense!" Nanxi said under her breath.

Lu Jianxuan smothered a laugh, "Then who just turned on all the lights and hid under the covers and refused to come out."

Nanxi: ""

Must poke at her shortcomings!

In the end, Nan Xi could only surrender, "Okay, I admit, I am very afraid of thunder and lightning, but I never told you, how did you know?"

Lu Jian Shen suddenly flicked her head with his finger, "Little fool, not everything has to be told in order to know, as long as one cares enough and is attentive enough, one can definitely find out from daily life."

"So how did you find out?"

"When we were first married, whenever there was a thunderstorm, you would always hug the quilt extra tightly, and the whole person didn't dare to move a bit; then you learned to be smart, and whenever there was a thunderstorm, you would hug me and vigorously burrow into my arms, wrapping yourself around me like a twine."

Who drilled?

The hell she didn't!

Spoken as if she were a little piglet.

"I'm the one who didn't drill, it must have been you who felt that I smelled good and took the initiative to hug me." Nanxi's red face, deliberately said.

Originally, there was already no sleepiness.

But for some reason, smelling his scent and listening to his thumping and powerful heartbeat, Nan Xi actually felt sleepy again.

"What about him! The man you've loved for so long, do he know all these habits of yours?" Suddenly, Lu Jianxuan asked.


In the dark night, he didn't get a response for a long time.

When he looked down again, he realized that the little girl had already fallen asleep in his arms with her eyes closed.

Her face was white and tender, especially delicate and small.

Her eyelashes were long, like curled fans, and they fluttered even more when she spoke.

Now that she was asleep, she was like a little fairy.

Lu Jian Shen looked at her and suddenly reached out his hand like he was possessed.

However, just as his fingers touched Nanxi's lips, they instantly retracted like an electric shock.

Sighing, he looked out the window in chagrin.

Lu Jian Shen ah Lu Jian Shen, you're crazy, don't forget, you're about to get divorced.

Today was really abnormal, he would even ask her about that man.

Moreover, he lied.

He didn't come back early in the morning, he rushed back from the hospital in the middle of the day when he saw that the sky was low and dark clouds covered the sky, and felt that there was a violent storm.

Speaking of the reason, even he himself felt a little ridiculous.

Surprisingly, he was afraid that she would be scared on a thunderous day and not sleep well.

The next day, Nan Xi slept through the big day.

She didn't wake up until the bright sunlight shot in.

A glance at her cell phone, it was already more than nine o'clock.

Looking more closely, there were several missed calls on it, all from her grandfather.

Nan Xi immediately dialed back, spitting out her tongue adorably, "Grandpa, I'm sorry ah, it's so late to get back to you."

Across the room, the old man smiled and said, "It's okay, let grandpa guess, my Xixi is definitely sleeping."

"Aiya grandpa, you guess so accurately every time, I'm too frustrated." Nan Xi daintily said back.

"Sleeping is good, sleep to be white and tender, and give me a white and fat little great-grandson out in the future." Grandpa said cheerfully.

Nan Xi instantly touched her stomach, her heart filled with guilt.

In fact, she was already pregnant, and Grandpa was obviously so looking forward to this little life, but she couldn't say anything.

This feeling was too hard to bear, and she was really sorry for grandpa.

"Grandpa, I'm sorry!"

"Silly child, what are you saying sorry for, it's grandpa who was a bit too anxious, besides, you can't be blamed for this, if you want to blame it, you can only blame Lu Jian Shen for not being forceful enough."

"By the way, there are still two days to go before grandpa's birthday, grandpa wants you and Jian Shen to come back to stay for a few days, to keep me company as an old man."

Nan Xi obediently responded, "Yes, Grandpa, I'll go find See Shen right away, and I'll come back with him in the evening to accompany you after dinner."

"Good ah, grandpa will have someone prepare your favorite dishes."

"Thanks grandpa!"

After hanging up the phone, Nan Xi got up and washed up, ate breakfast and then went to find Lu Jian Shen.

She didn't need to think about it to know that he must be at Fang Qinglian's place, so Nanxi went straight to the hospital.

The door to the hospital room was hidden.

Nanxi reached out and pushed the door open, and she was just about to open her mouth.

However, all sounds came to an abrupt end when she saw the image in front of her.

She covered her lips, almost unable to believe what she saw.

Under the golden sunlight, the breeze lightly ruffled the white curtains, Lu Jianxuan was sitting on the edge of the bed, and Fang Qinglian was sitting on the bed.

Her fine white and soft arms gently hooked around Lu See-Shen's neck, the corners of her mouth with a gentle smile, her red lips, little by little, close to him.


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