Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 13 Was there a car accident in Nanxi?

"What kind of deal?"

"Don't you want money, I happen to want this bracelet, ten million dollars, you sell me the bracelet." Fang Qinglian blurted out.

"Ten million dollars?" Nan Xi sneered, "This bracelet is worth 100 million, you're asking me to do a losing deal."

Fang Qinglian's heart crossed and she gritted her teeth, "Okay, one hundred million is one hundred million."

Although it was very expensive, but as long as she bought the bracelet, after marrying See Deep, not to mention one hundred million, even ten billion would not matter, shedding the child to catch the wolf.

"I didn't hear it wrong, two days ago I heard my mother-in-law say that Miss Fang is no longer in favor, I'm curious, where did you get this 100 million for me?"

"Don't worry about that, I will give you the money anyway." Fang Qinglian said with some impatience.

Nan Xi put away her wrist and hid the jade bracelet into her clothes, while glancing at the "divorce agreement" in Fang Qinglian's hand.

"I won't sell the jade bracelet no matter how much it costs. In addition, I thank Ms. Fang for kindly reminding me that according to our country's marriage law, you can ask for an equal division of property in the event of a divorce, so it seems that I should indeed re-sign a new divorce agreement that divides my property and Lu See-Shen's property in a clear and unambiguous manner."

"What did you say?"

Fang Qinglian clenched her fists, unable to believe what she was hearing.

This Nan Xi was too thick-skinned, practically giving an inch.

"Nan Xi, stop right there, you're penniless, what right do you have to demand the division of See Deep's property."

Seeing Nanxi get up and leave, Fang Qinglian slid her wheelchair and emotionally chased after her.

Soon, the two arrived at the hospital entrance.

The street at the main gate was filled with traffic.

There were many people, and vehicles were even coming and going.

Fang Qinglian only chased after Nanxi, frantically sliding her wheelchair and chasing after her at a high speed.

Suddenly, a car drove up on the right, and by the time she realized it, it was already too late, and she and her wheelchair were straddling the middle of the road.

There was a bang.

The wheelchair was instantly knocked over, and Fang Qinglian fell to the ground with a thud.

When Nan Xi heard the loud noise and turned around, what she saw was the image of Fang Qinglian and the wheelchair tumbling over.

Her heart skipped a beat and she hurriedly turned back.

Luckily, it was in front of the hospital, and soon an emergency doctor came running, then pushed Fang Qinglian into the emergency room.

When Nan Xi ran over, only Fang Qinglian's cell phone was left on the ground, and it was still splattered with warm blood, emitting a strong smell of blood.

Just as she picked it up, she covered her mouth and vomited frantically.

It wasn't until her stomach was empty and she was almost ready to vomit out the bitter water that she felt better.

Just then, a man got out of the car and cursed as he looked at Nan Xi, "Hey, are you the family member of that person just now?"

Nanxi was just about to open her mouth and say no, when the man continued, "I'm telling you, I was just driving normally, completely obeying the traffic rules, she was the one who ran the red light, it had nothing to do with me."

"No, you caused the car accident, you have to wait for the police." Nan Xi pulled him back.

The man was extremely impatient and pushed Nan Xi away, "Are you annoyed, I already said it was her fault. I'm telling you, want to blackmail me and make me pay the medical bills, no way."

"Hurry up and get out of here, I have things to do."

The man passed by her, got in his car and drove off quickly.

Nan Xi smelled the strong odor of alcohol on him and frowned hard.

This man was clearly drunk driving, and he still had the nerve to put the blame on others.

Silently noting down the license plate number and the man's figure and face, Nan Xi immediately went to the hospital.

She didn't have time to bullshit with this man here, right now Fang Qinglian's life was the most important thing.

If Fang Qinglian really died.

She didn't dare to imagine.

Lu Jianxuan would hate her to death.

The light of the word "emergency room" was brightly lit, and when Nan Xi glanced at it, she felt her legs go weak.

She opened her bag and tried to find a handful of wet paper towels to wipe the blood on her cell phone, but for some reason, her hands kept trembling.

After feeling around in her bag for three whole minutes, she couldn't find any paper towels.

In the end, she simply dumped out everything in her bag, then quickly found a wet tissue and tore it open to wipe off the blood on her cell phone.

She squeezed the phone, took a deep breath, and dialed the extremely familiar number in her heart.

"Qinglian." Lu Jianxuan's voice soon came from over there, very gentle.

"This is Nanxi."

"Nanxi? Isn't this Qinglian's cell phone? Why is it here with you?"

Exhaling, she continued, "Fang Qinglian was in a car accident, she's in resuscitation right now, come over quickly!"


"The First Hospital."

When she hung up the phone, Nan Xi felt as if her whole body's strength had been depleted, and her whole body slid to the ground like a puddle of messy mud in a weak and soft manner.

She indeed didn't like Fang Qinglian.

I'm afraid that no wife would like a woman with an indecent lifestyle and a scheming mind who kept occupying the position of the white moonlight in her husband's heart.

However, she never wanted her to die either!

When Lu Jian Shen rushed over, Nanxi was crouching on the ground, waiting with her head spread out, and the things in her bag were scattered all over the place.

"What's going on? Why are you guys together?"

His hair was slightly disheveled, and his chest was still panting heavily.

No need to guess, he must have climbed up the stairs.

Nan Xi lifted her head, a pair of black eyes looking seriously at Lu Jian Shen: "She probably saw the divorce agreement you gave me and felt that I shared too much of the property, and wanted to find me to re-sign a net agreement."

"I didn't agree and left first by myself, she didn't die and frantically chased after me, then she was hit by a flying car on the way to the entrance."

After saying that, she lowered her head again, her black pupils staring at the ground.

Because she didn't have the courage to look at Lu Jian Shen's eyes, much less know what he would say.

It was okay that Fang Qinglian was awake, everything naturally had nothing to do with her.

If she really died, even if she was no longer related, she was afraid that in Lu See-Shen's heart, he would still think that it was her fault.

However, Nan Xi waited for five whole minutes, but did not hear Lu Jian Shen's answer.

When she lifted her head again, he was anxiously hovering at the door of the emergency room.

Two hours later, finally, the lights went out and the doctor came out.

Nanxi quickly walked over, and the doctor took off his mask to look at Lu Jianxuan, "Are you the patient's family?"

"Uh, I'm her fiancé."


Nan Xi was stunned to hear these three words, his husband hadn't even gotten divorced yet and he became another woman's fiancé, this is really the biggest joke under the sky.

"Luckily it was brought in more timely, the bleeding in the head was all controlled in time, some slight concussion, must pay attention to recuperation in the back, review in three days."

"Good, thanks."

Hearing this, Nan Xi gasped hard.

She saw Lu Jianxuan's tightly clenched fists finally loosen, as well as the two furrowed eyebrows that looked like mountain peaks finally loosening.

A sweetheart, but it was just different.

He had never been this tense with her before.

Soon, Fang Qinglian was pushed into the hospital room.

"See deep, I've made a note of that driver, he"

Nan Xi opened her mouth, about to tell him about that driver.

However, she saw that her side was already empty, Lu Jian Shen was pushing Fang Qinglian's surgical trolley with one hand and holding her hand tightly with the other, the two of them looked like they were in love with each other.

She, on the other hand, was left alone outside the emergency room.


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