Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 11 Divorce Agreement

When Nanxi woke up, the top of her head was white, and the smell of disinfectant was everywhere.

Lu Jianxuan was sitting on the side, and when he saw her wake up, he came over with a big stride, "How do you feel? Does it still hurt?"


Her face was pale, and there was almost no blood on her lips.

"I had someone warm porridge, eat some."

Lu Jianxuan opened the thermos bucket, his long and slender fingers scooping pumpkin porridge for him.

This was Nanxi's favorite porridge.

"I don't want to eat." She shook her head.

Lu Jianxuan still walked over with the porridge, "You just woke up, you didn't eat at night in the first place, and your body is weak, how can you recover if you don't eat."

"Your husband has a point, you must supplement your nutrition now." The doctor walked in wearing a white coat.

Seeing the doctor, Nan Xi immediately sat upright.

At the same time, she looked at Lu Jianxuan, "I want to eat some bananas, can you buy some for me?"

"I'll ask Lin Night to buy them." Lu Jianxuan said.

Nanxi frowned slightly, "I want to eat the ones you bought with your own hands."

"Alright then, I'll go."

Confirming that he had left for a while, Nanxi looked at the doctor, "Doctor, my baby."

Her voice was trembling so much that she no longer dared to continue with the latter words.

The doctor revealed a smile and looked at her amiably, "Don't worry, you and your baby are both very lucky, the baby is still intact and sleeping in your stomach."

"Really?" Nan Xi instantly broke into a smile.

The nervousness and sadness from before was swept away.

Perhaps she was too happy, tears flowed out of her eyes as she smiled, "That's great, thank you doctor!"

"No need to thank you, this is my duty, although the fetus is preserved, but you must not take it lightly in the back, especially in the first three months, you must be extremely cautious, don't do dangerous actions, and keep your mood happy, if you are happy, the baby can only be happy in your belly."

"Well, I'll definitely remember what you said." Nanxi nodded her head vigorously.

"Also, be sure to remember to take your maternity checkups on time."


Looking at the pumpkin porridge on the table, the doctor added, "Eat every meal on time, if you don't eat, where will the baby get the nutrients, remember the saying, for the baby to be good, you must be good."

"I've made a note of it, I'll definitely eat on time from now on."

"I see that your husband is very caring and attentive to you, something as important as pregnancy, are you sure you don't want to tell him?"

In the emergency room, Nan Xi pulled on her sleeve and kept pleading, "Doctor, the person waiting outside is my husband, he doesn't know about my pregnancy yet, please don't tell him."

Nan Xi's eyes gradually dimmed, "We're about to get divorced, he doesn't want this child, but I want to keep him."

"So doctor, please do me this favor, don't tell him, otherwise the baby might not really be able to keep it."

"Ai," the doctor sighed, looking at her with some heartache, "If it's not a last resort, to the point of having to get a divorce, I'd still suggest that you guys give it some serious thought, the child can only grow up healthy and happy under the joint care of mom and dad."

"Thank you doctor, I will seriously consider your suggestion."

When Lu Jian Shen came back, Nanxi was drinking congee.

She held the bowl in one hand and a spoon in the other, drinking it slowly, spoon by spoon, looking very serious.

To his surprise, after she finished the bowl, she took the initiative to ask him, "Is there more?"

"There is."

Lu Jian Shen was a little excited and scooped up another bowl and handed it to Nan Xi.

Nanxi finished the second bowl of pumpkin porridge as well, then picked up the banana.

The banana was very large, plus after drinking two bowls of porridge, her stomach was indeed rather full, so after thinking about it, she put it down again.

"Why did you put it back down again?" Lu Jianxuan frowned.

"It's a bit full, this one is too big, I can't finish it, I'm afraid it'll go to waste."

Lu Jian Shen picked up the banana and peeled it, skimming half of it himself before handing the remaining half to Nan Xi.

Watching him eliminate half of the banana in two bites, Nanxi's eyes widened, "Don't you dislike bananas?"

"It's okay to eat it once in a while."

"Oh, I'm sleepy and want to go to bed first."

"Uh, you sleep."

When she woke up the next day, Nan Xi's eyes widened with a look of disbelief, "You didn't go back yesterday?"

The Lu Jianxuan in front of her eyes, her hair was fluffy, her shirt was wrinkled, and she completely did not have the appearance of a fluttering gentleman like a jade in the past.

Moreover, what was even more surprising to Nan Xi was that he accompanied her here for a night?

The knock on the door sounded, and Lin Night walked in carrying a bag, "Mr. Lu, the clothes are all ready for you."


In the bathroom, the sound of water clattered.

Every drop seemed to drip on Nan Xi's heart, making her ramble uncontrollably.

Lu Jianxuan, what kind of person are you?

Obviously you don't love me, why do you treat me so carefully and thoughtfully, if you were a little more cruel, perhaps I would have been able to leave a little more decisively.

When he came out of the bathroom, he was back to his usual appearance, his finely sculpted features were as handsome as ever.

"Did you bring the stuff?" He looked over at Lin Night, his voice cold and cool.

"All printed out."

Lin Xiao respectfully presented the things to Lu Jian Shen with both hands.

"You go out first."

After Lin Night went out, the room was suddenly left with just her and him again.

"I had a cross-country meeting last night, and it was already after four by the time the meeting ended, so I made do here with you." Lu Jianxin explained.

So that's how it was, Nan Xi realized that it was her own fault for overthinking.

Lu Jian Shen sat on a chair to the side, his long body standing upright like a pine, his long slender fingers flipping through the paper in his hands, reading each page carefully.

"You let Lin Night out, is there something you want to say to me?" Nan Xi asked.

"Uh, wait a moment." Lu Jianxuan said, his gaze still falling on the documents in his own hands.

Nan Xi didn't know what he was looking at.

After about five minutes, he closed the document and walked over with his long legs, then put something in her hand, his calm, watery voice saying, "This is modified according to your request, so take a look again."

When she saw the five big words "divorce agreement", Nanxi suddenly wanted to laugh.

It turned out that the thing he was reading so carefully was this, and it was ridiculous that she thought he was reviewing the documents.

Her request?

When did she make a request?

She clearly did not say a word.

Squeezing the "divorce agreement", Nan Xi's palms burned, and it took her a while to react, lifting her head to ask him blankly, "I don't remember making any demands."

"You read it carefully first." Lu Jianxuan said.

After ten whole minutes, Nanxi finished reading the "divorce agreement."

Then, she didn't know whether she should cry or laugh.

Lu see deep to property re-division, villa gave her two sets, luxury car gave her two, cash is directly promised to give her ten million.

Oh Nanxi raised his head, tears filled up.

Ten million dollars?

She was an orphan girl, but never knew she could be so valuable.

In order to divorce her, he is really willing to, out is simply generous to the extreme.

"Lu Jian Shen, in the end, you still think that I leaked the matter of our divorce to mom in order to blackmail you so that you can divide more of the property in our divorce, right?"

Nan Xi looked at him and suddenly felt defeated.

After being his wife for two years, she was surprisingly just a money-hungry woman in his heart, who could do anything for money.

"What if I want a hundred million dollars? Lu Jian Shen, for the sake of divorce, is it true that you will agree to all my demands?" Nan Xi asked with a bitter smile.


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