Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 89

Lu Mingshen reached out and wiped the streaming blood from the corner of his mouth.

He laughed and looked at Lu Mingbo with disdain, "That's all you have left."

"Lu Minshen, look how you've become like this?"

"Didn't I learn it from you? The upper beam is not straight and the lower beam is not crooked, who are you to say anything about me?" Lu Jian Shen smiled, that smile was full of unruly and evil.

"When is it your turn to lecture me? I'm talking about you and Nanxi now, when grandpa left he was telling you a thousand times to treat her well, make sure to love her and protect her, what happened?"

"Look at these bastard things you did, you are not willing to die until you piss me off right?" Lu Mingbo's chest rolled in anger.

Lu Jian Shen's sharp gaze met him, "What you did may not be without anger Grandpa."

"Lu See Deep, if I don't teach you a good lesson today, I won't be your old man."

Lu Mingbo was so angry that he directly swung his palm.

At this time, Yun Shu walked over, squeezed his hand and threw it down heavily.

"I asked you to come here to solve the problem, not to intensify the conflict."

"You gave birth to a good son!" Lu Mingbo was so angry that he slammed the door.

Yun Shu glared at Lu See-Shen, his gaze cold.

Lu See-Shen also looked at him, "If I'm not wrong, you helped me stop this slap just because you didn't want to intensify our conflict, you didn't want me to hate him even more, but it's useless, it's impossible for me to forgive him."

"You do deserve a beating. How dare you organize a birthday party for Fang Qinglian so vociferously, have you thought about Nan Xi's feelings?"

Mentioning Nanxi, especially when he thought of the image of her leaving with Zhou Xiannan, Lu Jianxuan was not happy in his heart.

The voice that left his mouth was also quite jealous, "She doesn't care at all."

After saying that, he actually had a feeling of decadence.

Before the birthday party, he had thought a thousand times, ten thousand times, as long as Nanxi approached him and told him, I don't like it.

Or pamper him and ask him not to throw a birthday party for another woman, he would undo everything today.

However, he waited and waited and waited!

Waited until today, waited until the moment the party started, and couldn't wait for her call.

She was still able to come to this banquet as if nothing had happened, so it was obvious how much she didn't care.

"How do you know she doesn't care? Did she tell you herself?"

"Do you still need to be told personally? Her behavior already says it all."

After Lu Jianxin finished speaking, he suddenly found a place and sat down silently.

The person also became silent.

He was extremely unhappy all day today, not feeling happy at all.

Yun Shu walked over, took a tissue and handed it to him, "Women are sometimes tongue-tied, the more they care, the more they show off, the more they won't say it, go back quickly, coax her well, the two of them will solve the misunderstanding, it's not too late."

"Are you saying that she doesn't really care?"

Lu Jian Shen raised his head, his eyes suddenly brightened a bit, with a hint of luster.

"Her feelings for you, you yourself know best, mom just doesn't want you to regret it, instead of wasting time here, why don't you go back earlier."

Just after Yun Shu's words, Lu Jian Shen immediately ran out.

Thirty minutes later, Lu Jian Shen returned home.

It was almost midnight when he arrived home.

Nanxi had just gone to sleep after tossing and turning in bed for a long time, when suddenly, she felt her body sink, as if something heavy was pressing down on her.

Her heart was shocked and she was a little scared.

The next moment, she smelled a familiar odor.

Immediately after, Lu Jianxuan's long body pressed up, he opened his mouth, and the strong smell of alcohol hit his face, "Nanxi, I know you went to the birthday party today."

Nanxi's heart was shocked, she hadn't thought to let him know.

It was thought that Fang Qinglian had told him.

Since she had already been found out, she didn't plan to hide it, but keeping silent should always be possible.

Seeing that her mouth was closed and she didn't say a word, Lu Jian Shen added, "Why don't you say anything?"

"Say what?"

It was true that she did not know what to say.

All words seemed so pale.

"Say why you went there? Say are you upset?" Lu Jianxuan's drunkenness was a little thicker.

Nan Xi didn't want to answer this question at all, all she wanted now was quiet, to have a peaceful sleep.

She reached out, wanting to push Lu Jianxuan away.

But he pressed her tightly, almost airtight.

"No leaving until you answer me." Taking advantage of his drunkenness, Lu Jianxuan said domineeringly.

Nan Xi raised her head and looked at his eyes that were rendered by drunkenness, her thin lips lightly opened, "Lu Jian Shen, I don't think there's any wife in the whole world who can look at her husband saddling up for other women and still be indifferent."

"Fang Qinglian is your heart's treasure, your favorite, you want to give her the best of everything in this world, and me? I'm nothing but a doll in your heart, no feelings, no pain, when you're happy, tease, when you're unhappy, throw it aside."

"I don't have the right to say no, and I can't influence your decision, even if you want to pick the stars and the moon for her, I can only watch, could it be that if I say a word of disallowance, you won't go?"

Nan Xi thought that today had been sad enough.

She had also been trying her hardest to restrain herself from thinking about this, and from thinking about things that made people sad.

But he was forcing her to admit it over and over again, forcing her to face it.

Lu Jian Shen, how much more than a little bit of cruelty are you?

"Well, don't go."

However, how could Nan Xi not expect to hear this answer.

She froze, almost thinking that she had misheard.

Lu Jianxuan's voice, however, repeated clearly in her ears once again, "As long as you say no, I won't."

Nan Xi looked at him with a bitter smile, "Lu Jian Shen, don't joke, how could you possibly"

Before she could finish her words, suddenly, Lu Jian Shen interrupted her, "Nanxi, I'm not joking, what I said is true."

His gaze, was so genuine, his eyes were even more dark and deep, like a deep well, as if he could suck people in.

Nan Xi struggled to keep herself awake.

"But Lu See Deep, I no longer have the courage to trust you."

For some reason, Lu Jian Shen's mind suddenly flashed back to that set of clothes, and then flashed to Zhou Xian Nan's handsome and peerless face.

He reached out and suddenly grabbed Nan Xi, even his voice became cold and low: "Don't believe me, then who do you believe?"

"Zhou Xiannan?"

Hearing him mention Zhou Xiannan, Nan Xi raised her head violently.

Lu Jian Shen was even more filled with anger: "I remember I told you not to get so close to him, did you put my words in your heart or not?"

"What about you? I also said that I don't like you meeting with Fang Qinglian, did you keep your distance and cut off contact with her? Lu Jian Shen, why are you always like this, overbearing and possessive, brash and unreasonable."

Heh overbearing and possessive, brutal and unreasonable.

She actually used these words to describe him.

"In your heart, I am this kind of person?" Lu Jianxuan's pitch-black eyes, staring deathly into Nan Xi's eyes, stifling a huge rage to ask.


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