Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 88

After Nanxi finished speaking, she turned to look at Zhou Xiannan, a smile blooming at the corner of her mouth.

That smile looked extraordinarily gentle and moving under the moonlight: "I really thank you for tonight, I'm a bit tired and want to go home and rest first."

"Good." Zhou Xiannan nodded his head.

After Nanxi said goodbye to him, she took a step into the gate by herself.

In the night, her petite figure was shrouded by the soft moonlight, adding a layer of hazy beauty.

Zhou Xiannan did not move, he still maintained the position he had just held as he leaned against the car.

His long silhouette appeared jade-like in the moonlight, setting off his flamboyant gentleman's temperament as a worldly, extraordinarily warm and gentle.

Except for the death of his father, in his life, he had never regretted anything.

But at this moment, he felt deep regret.

Regret not having met her earlier.

Also regretted that he did not meet her at the right time.

Around ten o'clock in the evening, Fang Qinglian's birthday banquet ended.

Indeed, the birthday banquet was arranged in a very grand and extremely luxurious manner.

Whether it was the layout of the venue, the specifications of the catering, and all sorts of details, they were all impeccable.

However, this was not the birthday banquet she wanted.

What she wanted was for her and Jian Shen to walk hand in hand towards the crowd, gazing lovingly at each other.

What she wanted was for her and Jian Shen to make their relationship public.

However, at this moment, everything became a bubble.

With a pop, it all broke.

He did give her a birthday party, but it was just a birthday party.

A form with no feelings, no soul, only a shell.

After the birthday banquet was over, Fang Qinglian entered the room and waved away all the cosmetics on the table.

"Why? Why is this happening?"

"Nanxi, why, the first person to meet See Deep was me, the first person to fall in love with him was also me, why in the end it was you who sat back and enjoyed it, why did I become the third party."

Fang Qinglian's anger was rolling with rage and jealousy.

Lu Rou held her up, not only did she not comfort her, but instead, she fanned the flames from the sidelines.

"Sister Qinglian, you're right, it's all because of Nanxi's deception that we've gotten to this point."

"This revenge, we must avenge it."

Once Fang Qinglian heard this, she immediately sat up and grabbed Lu Rou's hand, "We must join forces, as long as she doesn't leave, we won't have a good day."

"Sister Qinglian, don't worry, I'm definitely on your side, in the future, as long as there's a use for me, feel free to mention it."


At this moment, both of them were playing their respective schemes in their hearts.

Suddenly, with a bang, the door was slammed open.

Fang Qinglian was so angry that she shouted angrily, "What are you doing? The door didn't even knock."

She had just finished speaking, but froze instantly when she saw the person who had come, followed by a full-blown panic.

"Ms. Fang is so grand!" Yun Shu walked in from the doorway.

She stepped on a dozen centimeters of high heels, a purple suit, coupled with a pair of oversized earrings, hair full body aura is simply she is not angry.

Every time she saw her, Fang Qinglian would automatically lower her presence.

Because Yun Shu's aura is too powerful, let's just say this purple suit, there are a few women who can manage it.

But on the contrary, she was able to manage it and wore it so well, all domineering and stylish.

Therefore, Fang Qinglian instantly softened like a chick, and said miserably, "Auntie, I'm sorry, I didn't know it was you who came over?"

"Of course you didn't know, you're not that big of a person to allow me to inform you in advance."

Yun Shu stepped on her high heels of more than ten centimeters and walked towards Fang Qinglian with a thud.

The sound of high heels stepping on the ground was clear and crisp.

Especially that thud-thud-thud sound, it seemed like every single click stepped on Fang Qinglian's heart.

Every time Yun Shu came closer, her heartbeat had to speed up by one point.

Suddenly, Yun Shu stretched out her hand and picked up Fang Qinglian's chin, gazing at her with a contemptuous smile, "Fang Qinglian, have I warned you so that you don't make waves, or destroy the relationship between Nanxi and Seeing Deep."

"My words have all fallen on deaf ears?"

Fang Qinglian shook her head pitifully, "Auntie, I didn't."

"No?" Yun Shu laughed coldly, "Then tell me, this birthday banquet was not organized by See Deep? Or are you saying that you have been peaceful, and it was my son who misbehaved and went and seduced you?"

"Auntie," Fang Qinglian cried and kept shaking her head.

Those tears, they were flowing down like a faucet.

It was a pity that Yun Shu did not eat her white lotus face at all.

"There is no need to talk to me about all this nonsense, Fang Qinglian, I can't be clearer about your face, I just have one word, stay far away from my son, otherwise I don't guarantee what I will do."

Yun Shu's words had just finished, when suddenly, there was a fluttering sound.

"Auntie," Fang Qinglian cried out in pain, unexpectedly kneeling directly in front of her.

"Auntie, in front of you, I don't dare to tell lies, I really love Jian Shen, I want to be with him, we truly love each other, I beg you, fulfill us!"

"No matter what your request is, I will agree."

Fang Qinglian cried with a shocking voice, those who didn't know thought she was beaten by Yun Shu.

Yun Shu coldly sucked in a breath, this girl's thick skin was beyond her imagination.

"I have only one request, stay far away from my son."

After saying that, Yun Shu looked at the bodyguard outside the door, "Do it immediately."

Soon, the bodyguard walked in and pulled Fang Qinglian's arm, while another bodyguard pushed her wheelchair and pushed her outward.

Fang Qinglian was naturally unwilling, struggling frantically, "Let go, where are you taking me?"

"Letting you leave for a while to sober up."

"No, I don't want to, See Deep is here, I want to accompany him, I'm not going anywhere."

At this time, Lu Rou also ran up, bitterly pleading to Yun Shu, "Eldest Auntie, Sister Qinglian's body is very weak, she can't withstand the torture, please let her go."

Yun Shu directly shot a cold glare over, "If you can't give up, you go over with her."

Lu Rou immediately shut her mouth in fear.

In the end, Fang Qinglian was pulled away stiffly.

Yun Shu looked at Lu Rou before she walked away, "Don't think about making waves with her all day long, Lu Rou, seeing as you are still a member of the Lu family, I have always been kinder to you."

"But if you do anything that damages the Lu family and hurts Nan Xi, I will not spare you."

After saying that, she went downstairs to another room.

In the room, Lu Jianxuan and Lu Mingbo were in a sword fight.

Both of them were in full swing, neither of them refusing to back down by half a step.

When Yun Shu walked in, she suddenly heard a crisp slap.

When she looked up, Lu Mingbo's hand had landed on Lu Jianxuan's face, and soon, the blood at the corner of his mouth, showed.


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