Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 87

I wonder how Lu Jianxuan feels when he sees this image?

She was quite looking forward to it!

The corner of Fang Qinglian's mouth hooked into a winning smile.

After drinking the hot water, Nan Xi's stomach felt a little better.

However, she no longer had the courage to stay here anymore.

If it wasn't for the fact that her stomach was uncomfortable just now, she would have already left.

Although, she disliked Fang Qinglian, and every word she said in front of Fang Qinglian was forceful and decisive, only she herself knew how scared and soft her heart was.

She, however, is forcibly packaged herself hard, packaged indestructible just.

After removing the shell, she is in fact so fragile that one touch will be broken.

Here, how grand, how beautiful, how fantastic ah!

But it was all for another woman.

Now she felt that every breath she took was like a knife, an inch away from her heart.

Forgive her for being timid, and forgive her for being weak; she was truly out of courage.

She was afraid.

Afraid that in a moment she would have to watch them enter hand in hand, the look of love;

Afraid that he would use his loving gaze and gentle tone to say those moving words of love to Fang Qinglian;

More afraid, she can't bear it.

So, she can only escape.

Early escape from all this.

Getting up, Nan Xi walked outside.

What she didn't know was that Zhou Xiannan also left right after her.

What Lu Jian Shen saw when he came over was the image of the two of them one after the other, and even though it was one after the other, he just felt that they were together.

Sure enough, it was him, the Zhou family's second son.

What a surprise, with such a big industry in the Zhou family, the only boy did not inherit the family business, but instead ran away to become a police officer.

Suddenly, Lu Jian Shen's gaze fell on Zhou Xian Nan's clothes.

That suit, especially familiar.

It always felt, like it had been seen somewhere.

Lu Jianxuan searched hard, and soon, his eyes stared hard at Zhou Xiannan.

He said why this suit was a bit familiar, he remembered, this was the suit that Nanxi had bought at that men's clothing store.

These days, he had been waiting for her to give him that set of clothes.

But it turned out that she had already given it to another man.

Heh so it was like this.

Buying such an expensive set of clothes and giving it to another man, he really didn't know whether to say that his wife was generous or simply cute.

Lu Jian Shen stared at the set of clothes, itching to stare a hole through it.

The breath around him was so cold that it was scary, and his fist was unconsciously squeezed into a fist.

In the end, one fist shattered the tall glass next to him.

The crystal glass instantly fell to the ground and cracked into pieces.

The red wine in the cup, flowed out, part of it flowing onto Lu Jianxin's hands, part of it flowing onto the ground.

On his hands, on the ground, there was a demonic red color.

At that moment, it was surprisingly completely indistinguishable whether it was the color of the red wine on his hands, or the blood that flowed from his palms.

"See Deep, I'll bandage it for you." Fang Qinglian grabbed his hand and said nervously.

Lu Jian Shen snatched back his hand and coldly said, "No need."

Outside the door, Nan Xi had just walked out when she felt a gust of wind blowing in her face.

The wind at night always carried some coolness.

She had just hugged her arms tightly, when suddenly, her shoulders sank, and a jacket fell on her.

As soon as she turned around, she saw Zhou Xiannan.

"Why did you come out? Didn't stay for a while longer?"

"A little bored, so I came out, let's go, I'll send you back." He said.

Nan Xi instantly looked at him in dismay, blinking her long eyelashes, almost a little unbelievable, "How do you know I'm going back?"

At this time, a car had already driven over.

The driver got out of the car and gave the keys to Zhou Xiannan.

He looked at Nan Xi, "Are you relieved?"

"Then what's there to be uneasy about?"

Nanxi got into the car as she spoke, she was supposed to go home, and now that he was able to give her a ride, it saved her from going to a taxi.

In the car, the music flowed, soft and quiet.

The temperature was also nice.

Probably too sleepy, Nanxi fell asleep just as she sat up.

When she woke up again, the car was already parked in front of her house.

Realizing that she had fallen asleep, she rubbed her head and was embarrassed, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry for making you wait so long, you could have woken me up."

"I didn't call when I saw you sleeping."

"Thank you so much for today, by the way, how did you know my family lives here?" Nanxi asked.

Zhou Xiannan had wanted to say, "Actually, I know it all.

I know that you are related to the Lu family, and I also know that you and Lu Jianxuan are husband and wife.

But in the end, he just converged his eyes and said with a deep look in his eyes, "If you want to know, there will naturally be a way."

Nanxi nodded.

Yes, now that information is so developed, there will always be a way to want to know.

Getting out of the car, Nan Xi handed her jacket to Zhou Xiannan.

Seeing her staring at the jacket for a while, Zhou Xiannan asked, "Is it something wrong with my clothes?"

"Ah, no." Nan Xi hurriedly shook her head while explaining, "It's just a bit familiar, I bought an identical one a while ago and gave it to a friend."

"That's indeed a coincidence, this one of mine was given to me by my sister. Aside from the police uniform, she basically had all my other clothes handled by her."

The night was a little deeper.

The moon hung in the sky like a disk, and the night was as cool as water.

The afterglow of the moonlight sprinkled on the two.

Nan Xi and Zhou Xiannan stood side by side.

"The night is so beautiful!" She sighed.

If so many things hadn't happened today, this would have been the most beautiful moon she had ever seen.

Unfortunately, she couldn't be happy even when looking at such a beautiful moon.

Her heart was wrapped in thick sadness.

"Big Brother Zhou, are you free later?" Nan Xi retracted her gaze and looked at the man beside her who was shrouded by the moonlight and was covered in a clear radiance, and opened her mouth to ask.

Zhou Xiannan similarly retracted his gaze, looked at her, and opened his mouth seriously, "There's no need to be so polite in the future, just call me Xiannan."

"Then you also don't send politeness, directly call me Nanxi."

"Okay, Nanxi."

"If you're free, is it okay to accompany me for a chat?" Nanxi asked.

Zhou Xiannan nodded, "With such a beautiful moonlight, I'd be happy to."

The two of them then leaned against the car idly, and Nan Xi said that she wanted to hear about some of the interesting and funny things that happened around him.

Her heart, it was too bitter.

So she desperately wanted to hear some funny things, maybe then, she could be happy.

Later, and indeed, Zhou Xiannan told her many funny things.

She laughed freely, sometimes even covering her stomach and holding her belly.

After laughing, her heart still couldn't calm down.

This night, she had been numbing herself, desperately numbing herself, telling herself not to think about those things.

Don't think about Lu Jianxuan and Fang Qinglian, and even less about what would happen at the birthday party.

However, once she stopped, she couldn't help but think about it.

"You said, how can love be so bitter?" Nan Xi looked at the fireworks blooming overhead and murmured softly.

"And first love, aren't all men unable to forget their first love? Since they can't forget, what is marriage? And what is a wife?"


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