Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 84

When Fang Qinglian heard this, she pushed Lu Jishen away, "Jishen, you go, quickly go back to accompany Nanxi, I can do it alone."

She deliberately said, making a very generous appearance.

Lu Jian Shen frowned, "Are you sure you can do it alone?"

Fang Qinglian spoke indifferently, "Well, I'm used to being alone anyway, it's not a big deal, but it's just getting through one night after another."

"I know, you're married and have your own family, and me, I'm just a cripple, my existence will only drag you down."

"I'm sorry, I won't look for you again. Like this."

She bit her lip, a picture of pity looking at Nan Xi: "In the future, she won't come to pick on me and deliberately target me."

The footsteps Nan Xi had just taken instantly stopped.

She said, how could Fang Qinglian be so peaceful today, that she didn't pour dirty water on her.

Sure enough, this was the start of it.

"Qinglian, what do you mean by this? What does this matter have to do with Nanxi?" Lu Jianxuan quickly realized something.

Fang Qinglian immediately covered her lips, "I'm sorry, See Deep, I didn't mean it, I just accidentally let my mouth slip, I don't want to cause you couple to be at odds and create a gap because of me."

"Speak clearly." Lu Jian Shen moved to anger, his gaze shot coldly and sharply at her.

Fang Qinglian could only open her mouth pitifully, "The reason why I went to this restaurant today was to help Pretty Sassy go on a blind date, that man was originally her blind date."

"Then what does this have to do with Nan Xi?"

"Because," Fang Qinglian bit her lip with a look of innocence, "Because a few days ago, when Zou Zou and I were shopping, we met Nanxi and her friends, and they induced me to buy a five million dollar ring, and I didn't have any money, so I was forced to borrow money from Pretty Sassy, and in exchange, I came to the blind date on Pretty Sassy's behalf. "

"I know, it's my bad luck, it's my bad luck, but without the trap of the ring, I wouldn't have borrowed money from Pretty Sassy, I wouldn't have been forced to go on a blind date, and I wouldn't have encountered something like this, see deep, I know, I know I shouldn't blame Nanxi for what happened, but "

She said, and I saw her crying, "But I can't get past this chop in my heart, I keep thinking that if I hadn't bought the ring, none of what followed would have happened."

"I wouldn't have almost been violated, I wouldn't have been injured, and I wouldn't be lying in the hospital."

Her tears, more and more, flowed.

In the end, it was tears in her voice, crying in that sad and pitiful way.

The play was over, and it was time for Nan Xi to leave.

However, at this time, Lu Jianxuan suddenly opened his mouth and called out to her, "Wait."

Nanxi did not stop and was still walking out.

Lu Jianxuan immediately stepped forward, grabbed her hand, and at the same time broke over her body and asked, "What she said, is it all true?"

"What do you think?" Nanxi didn't answer.

She tilted her head and asked him in return.

Lu Jianxuan's brows were furrowed, and he didn't know what was wrong with him?

He was so eager to seek proof.

Was it to tell himself that Nanxi wasn't that aggressive and unforgiving girl;

Or was it to return Fang Qinglian's innocence?

Nanxi broke away from his hand and laughed widowedly, "Lu Jian Shen, in fact, it doesn't matter whether it's true or false anymore, what matters is that you believe it, you've already believed it."

"You dare to say that your words just now were not a question to me? Not accusations?"

"Since you already believe in her, there is no longer any need for me to say or not say anything."

Lu Jianxuan grabbed her hand, his low voice, seriously returned, "What if I want to hear it?"

Nanxi looked at him with a calm gaze.

Her voice was even flatter without a single rise or fall, "But, I don't want to talk about it."

"Lu Jian Shen, let go of me, I've just said that I'm tired and want to go home and rest."

Under her firm, determined gaze, Lu Jian Shen's hand, little by little, lowered.

Sitting in the car, it was still Lin Xiao that was driving.

Nan Xi looked out the window at the night, not sad or happy, as if nothing could stir the ripples in her heart anymore.

What she didn't know was that just after she left that day, Lu Jianxuan left right after her.

For a whole week, Nan Xi and Lu Jian Shen did not meet.

During this week, they didn't talk on the phone, didn't chat on WeChat, and didn't see each other.

The days went on calmly, and for a moment, Nan Xi thought she had almost forgotten him.

She suddenly felt that her days could be good if she slept every day, listened to songs, raised flowers, and chatted with the baby in her belly.

However, she was wrong.

Reality always gave her a fatal blow.

That day, Lu Jianxuan was working.

Lin Xiao handed him the plan she had selected for a long time, "Mr. Lu, this is the plan for Ms. Fang's birthday party, please take a look."

Lu Jian Shen took it over and after flipping through it, his slender fingers pointed to one of them and said coolly, "This one!"

"Good." Lin Xiao nodded his head.

He was originally supposed to follow the instructions like countless times.

However, when he thought of Nanxi's state that night, he still couldn't hold back and opened his mouth, "Mr. Lu, have you thought about it, do you really want to throw such a sensational birthday party for Ms. Fang? If Young Madam knows about it, she will definitely be very sad."

Lu Jian Shen lifted his eyelids to look at him, "Since when are you so concerned about her?"

"Mr. Lu, I'm sorry, I overstepped my bounds."

Lin Xiao walked back, Lu Jian Shen let himself lie down on the sofa chair, reaching out, he pressed his brow hard, but still felt a cloud of air blocking his chest.


Would she really be sad?

For a whole week, he hadn't contacted her, and she hadn't contacted him.

Not to mention a phone call, not even a text message.

Picking up his cell phone again, Lu Jian Shen opened WeChat, but the chat between the two was still stuck at a week ago.

Three days ago, Fang Qinglian came to him, explicitly and implicitly stating that her birthday was coming up soon, and that she wanted a grand, luxurious birthday banquet.

He quickly agreed.

For one, he wanted to make up for the hurt she had suffered a few days ago;

Two, he was more interested in seeing how Nanxi would react when she found out about this?

Thinking of this, Lu Jian Shen dialed Lin Xiao's phone again, "Come in."

Lin Night soon came in, Lu Jian Shen looked at him and instructed, "I'll give you one thing, you tell Young Madam about me wanting to organize a birthday party for Qinglian and test her attitude."

"Mr. Lu, are you sure?"

"Sure, now go."

Lin Night immediately put down the matter at hand and drove over in his car.

When she heard the doorbell, Nan Xi's first reaction was that Lu Jian Shen had returned.

It had been a week, a whole week without seeing him, and Nan Xi couldn't say what kind of scene or mood the two would be in when they met again.

But there was one thing that could not be denied, she missed him in her heart after all.

Taking a deep breath, Nan Xi opened the door with trembling hands.


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