Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 82

However, Nan Xi was disappointed.

Lu Jianxuan just glanced at her and quickly withdrew his gaze before carrying Fang Qinglian and quickly running out.


She laughed, unable to say what she felt in her heart.

Holding onto the corner of the chair, she stood up with difficulty.

Just as soon as she stood up straight, she cringed in pain, and a fiery pain came from her legs.

Trying hard to hold herself together, she walked out.

When she reached the entrance of the restaurant, an emergency vehicle was parked outside.

Lu Jian Shen carried Fang Qinglian into the car, and through the crowd, he saw Nan Xi at a glance.

She was walking slowly and with difficulty.

Lu Jianxuan's mind immediately conjured up the scene where she had just stumbled in the private room, he had originally thought that the room was covered with thick carpeting, so she might be a little sore if she stumbled a little, but she shouldn't be in any serious trouble.

But now it seemed that he was wrong, Nanxi was seriously injured.

Her condition wasn't good at all, and it was very worrying.

Looking towards her, Lu Jian Shen subconsciously prepared to go over.

However, right at this time, Fang Qinglian suddenly grabbed his hand and spoke in a pitiful manner, "See deep, don't go, please don't go."

"I'm so scared, I'm really scared, will you stay with me?"

Looking at Fang Qinglian crying like a tearful person, her whole body trembling, her small hand tightly grasping him as if she was grasping the only straw that saved her life.

Lu Jian Shen finally stopped and said soothingly, "Okay, I won't leave."

"Don't worry, you'll be fine."


Fang Qinglian reached out and held his entire arm tightly, not letting go of the slightest bit at all.

Soon, the ambulance door closed.

Nanxi watched the door slowly close, and also watched as Fang Qinglian held Lu Jianxuan's arm, disappearing little by little in front of her eyes.

Finally, she couldn't hold back the tears that blurred her eyes.

In the haze of tears, through the blurred mist, she watched Lu Jian Shen get farther and farther away from her, farther and farther away.

Soon, the sound of an emergency vehicle rang out, and the car disappeared quickly into the middle of the road.

She, on the other hand, was still standing in the doorway of the restaurant, staring blankly at him.

No, watching them, a little bit away.

The car has been gone for ten minutes, but Nanxi is still parked where she was just now, standing frozen.

The wind at night, cooled down, the temperature even plummeted.

Nanxi stood in the cold wind, her eyes kept looking at the direction where the ambulance had just left.

At first, what she looked at was indeed the direction the ambulance left;

But later, even she herself couldn't tell what she was looking at, what she was hoping for.

The night was getting cooler and cooler.

Nan Xi stood there, quickly chilled.

Her body, already stiffened.

In the cold wind, she was thinly dressed, only the set of clothes she had just worn when she hurried out from her home, which was simply not enough to resist the coldness of the night.

Her slender legs, exposed to the cold wind without any resistance, were cold and icy.

Maybe it was so cold that she had completely forgotten even about the pain.

Yes, cold.

So cold so cold.

Even today's weather was exceptionally abnormal, in previous years at this time, it had never been this cold.

When Lin Xiao drove over, what she saw was this appearance of Nan Xi: she was standing in the cold wind, not saying a word, very quiet.

"Young lady, I've come to pick you up."

"It's cold, hurry up and get in the car!" Lin Xiao said.

Nan Xi rolled her black eyes and gave him a faint look without saying anything.

Afterward, she took a step and got into the car.

In the car, Nanxi remained silent and extremely quiet.

Lin Xiao immediately called Lu Jian Shen back, "Mr. Lu, I've received the young lady, don't worry."

"Good, take care of her."

In the car, Nanxi leaned against the window and looked at the flickering neon around her.

She was quiet throughout, as if she didn't care at all where Lin Night was taking her.

Twenty minutes later, Lin Night stopped the car in the parking lot.

Then he personally went around to the back and opened the car door for Nan Xi: "Young lady, please get out of the car."

Nanxi was also very cooperative and didn't give him a hard time at all, stepping out of the car.

This was the hospital's parking lot, she knew that.

Because on the way here, she saw the row of big, lit-up letters: the Downtown Hospital.

Seeing Nan Xi walking forward, Lin Xiao took her things and immediately chased after her anxiously, "Young lady, you wait."

Nanxi stopped her steps and turned around to look at him in puzzlement.

Finally, her eyes landed on the long black jacket that was resting on his arm, and there was a very familiar feeling.

Lin Xiao immediately walked forward and personally draped the black jacket over Nan Xi before speaking, "Young lady, it's cold outside, don't freeze."

"These are his clothes?"

Nanxi looked at him and asked the first thing she had said in so long.

Lin Xiao immediately nodded vigorously, "Yes, this is what Mr. Lu personally ordered. He said that it's windy outside and you've always been afraid of the cold, so he was afraid that you'd freeze and catch a cold, and specially instructed me to make sure to bring this jacket with me for you to put on."

"So it was also him who asked you to pick me up and send me to the hospital?" Nan Xi asked again.

Lin Night nodded truthfully, "Yes."

Nan Xi didn't say anything else as she followed Lin Xiao, all the way to the doctor's office.

The doctor said that her wound hit deeper, but fortunately didn't hurt the bones.

In the end, he disinfected her, anointed her, and prescribed some more medicine.

"I only need the topical ones." As the doctor prescribed the medicine, Nan Xi opened her mouth.

The doctor obviously froze for a moment and looked at her uncertainly, "Although it came in time, the wound is still serious, it's a bit pus-filled, you need to take some anti-inflammatory medicine."

"Thank you for your advice, but I only want to use external medicine."


The doctor finally respected her decision.

After paying the money, picking up the medicine, and getting this done, Lin Xiao immediately stepped forward, "Young lady, I'll take you home."

Nan Xi looked at him, her eyes cold: "This is also what Lu Jian Shen ordered."

Lin Xiao's silence said it all.

Nan Xi smiled, only there wasn't a bit of sweetness in that smile, it was all ice and coldness.

"So? Does he think I'm a doll? When he wants me to come, I'm going to come; when he wants me to go back, I'm going to go back right?"

Lin Xiao was flustered and immediately explained, "Young lady, it's not what you think, Mr. Lu is always worried about you and wants you to go home and rest properly after seeing the doctor."

"Is it rest? Or are you afraid of disturbing him and that sweetheart?"

Lin Xiao: ""

He was speechless, he really couldn't pick up the words.

This is, Nan Xi looks at him, "Where is he, I want to go meet him."

"Young lady, you," Lin Night's face showed difficulty.

"Don't worry, I won't make it difficult for you, I just want to meet him, at the very least, I want him to tell me in person that he wants me to go back, if he says it, I'll go back."

Lin Night nodded with difficulty and said, "Good."

So he quickly brought her to a stop in front of a top vip suite.

"He's in there?" Nanxi asked.


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