Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 81

"Where are you?"

Sure enough, Lu Jian Shen shouted loudly.

The corner of Fang Qinglian's mouth hooked up into a smile of triumph as she laughed and didn't respond again, instead hanging up the phone straight away.

Lu Jian Shen grabbed his cell phone and was ready to head out, thinking of Nan Xi, he re-entered the room.

A few minutes later, Nanxi came out of the bathroom.

Seeing her, Lu Jian Shen immediately shoved the clothes in his hand to her, "Go change your clothes."

"Ah, I'm going to bed soon, what's the point of changing these clothes?" Nanxi was naturally puzzled.

"You go change first, there's something urgent, we're going out."

When the two of them sat in the car, Lu Jian Shen spoke, "Nanxi, there's something I have to tell you truthfully, something might have happened to Qinglian."

"I know that you don't want any more contact between me and her, I don't want to lie to you, I really can't leave her behind."

"Ever since her leg went wrong, the Fang family no longer has anyone who really cares about her, if I leave her behind again, she might not survive, and just now her situation was very wrong, I have to make a trip."

Lu Jian Shen held Nan Xi's hand and put it in his hand, "Nan Xi, I don't want to lie to you, so will you accompany me?"

Nanxi's small face was hidden in a dimly lit corner of the car, so Lu Jianxuan was a bit unable to see the expression on her face.

Suddenly, her voice came out, "What if I don't want to go?"

"If you really don't want to go, then"

Before Lu Jian Shen could finish his words, Nan Xi suddenly reached out to cover his mouth and shook her head, "Don't say it, don't say it, I don't want to know your answer."

Yes, she was afraid.

Call her a coward or call her weak.

After such a long time, it was not easy for them to have a little warmth between them, she did not want to let their relationship fall into a stalemate again and fall to the freezing point because of this matter.

At this moment, the answer was no longer important.

Nan Xi only knew that she didn't want to push him to Fang Qinglian, so she was willing to accompany him.

"I'm willing to go." She opened her mouth.

Lu Jianxuan hugged her hard and tight, his voice almost trembling, "Thank you, Nanxi."

"Thank you for your tolerance and understanding."

Actually, Nanxi wanted to say, "No need to thank you.

I'm not tolerant at all, for the person I love, I'm petty, so petty that I don't want to share a single bit with any woman.

I promise, not because of tolerance, because too much love, too afraid of losing.

The two quickly arrived at the location that Fang Qinglian sent.

For some reason, when walking into the restaurant, Nanxi had a very bad feeling in her heart.

When she arrived at the door of the box, the entire door of the box was closed tightly.

Lu Jian Shen directly pushed open the door and walked in, and as soon as he entered, he saw Fang Qinglian, who was lying on the ground, struggling and moaning in pain.

The wheelchair flipped over and she fell to the ground, her hair was messy on the ground, she struggled to stretch her hands, trying to get up, but all to no avail.

Underneath her was a pool of brightly colored blood.

Fang Qinglian's stomach seemed to have been hit with a knife, the knife had been pulled out and was falling to the ground aside, with bright red drops of blood still on it.

On her stomach, was a large bloody hole, and bright red hot blood was flowing out along her stomach.

It was flowing madly.

In the entire room, was a strong smell of blood.

As Nan Xi looked on, she only felt shocked.

She was just about to open her mouth, and before her voice could come out, Lu Jianxuan had already let go of her hand and ran to Fang Qinglian.

"Qinglian, how are you?"

"What happened? Why are you bleeding so much?"

Lu Jian Shen anxiously inquired while carrying Fang Qinglian into his arms.

"Quickly call 120," he ordered loudly as he looked to Nan Xi.

Nan Xi was stimulated by the scene in front of her, she had thought of many kinds of scenarios, but how could she not expect it to be like this.

For a moment, the whole person was confused.

Seeing her standing still, Lu Jianxuan suddenly yelled, "What are you still standing there for? Quickly call 120 ah!"

"I," Nan Xi looked at Lu Jian Shen, her heart choked.

But quickly replied, "I'll call right away."

After calling 120, Nanxi hung her hand down and stared blankly at what was in front of her.

Lu Jianxuan was holding Fang Qinglian tightly, like he was holding his closest lover, and he kept talking, his voice too gentle for words.

His hands, one holding Fang Qinglian's hand.

The other hand cupped her face, stroking it delicately.

As Nanxi watched, she couldn't help but pull the corners of her lips into a smile.

That smile, pale and forlorn.

At this moment, they were the couple, she was just a stranger, a bystander, right?

Lu Jianxuan's gaze, all of it fell on Fang Qinglian, not even a fraction of a millimeter was shared with her.

In his eyes, there was only the existence of Fang Qinglian, I'm afraid that he had already thrown her out of the sky and forgotten all about her.

As for just now, she in his eyes, is just a person who can help call "120", that's all.

Nanxi looked at them, how couple love, how tender and lingering;

She even saw Fang Qinglian moaning in pain while casting a smug, provocative glance at her.

It was a lie to say that she didn't care.

It was also a lie to say that she wasn't upset.

But could she go up and snatch Lu Jianxuan back?

A ridiculous thought suddenly flashed through Nanxi's mind, and she even thought that if the person who was injured at this moment was not Fang Qinglian, but her.

It was her who was so seriously injured, would Lu Jianxuan be like this, so tender, so scared?

Would he?

She didn't know.

"See deep, you you finally came, you know? I thought I would never see you again."

"I'm sorry See Deep, I made you sad." Fang Qinglian strenuously reached out to touch Lu Jian Shen's face.

However, just at the moment she was about to touch it, her hand suddenly dropped hard.

Lu Jian Shen immediately grabbed her hand and stroked it onto his face, "Fool, stop it, with me here, you'll be fine."

"Really? See deep, you say, will I will will I will"

Before Fang Qinglian could finish the words in her mouth, Lu Jian Shen immediately stopped it seriously, "Qinglian, I forbid you to say that word."

At this moment, "120" came.

Lu Jian Shen immediately picked up Fang Qinglian and rushed outside.

Nanxi's heart was empty, completely unaware that she was standing in the doorway.

When Lu Jianxuan rushed over, he saw her blocking the road and immediately shouted, "Get out of the way, quickly get out of the way."

Nan Xi moved her feet away in a mute manner and watched as Lu Jian Shen rushed out with Fang Qinglian in his arms.

Of course he wouldn't know that because he rushed over too fast, she was knocked to the ground by him in one fell swoop, her knees knocking straight into the corner of the table.

Immediately, the heart-breaking pain traveled along the bones to all the limbs.

The hard and sharp corner hit her bones, how could it not hurt?

Her knee, in an instant, was bruised and purple, and blood flowed out.

The moment she looked up, she instantly saw Lu Jian Shen.

He was holding Fang Qinglian, pausing in his steps, the gaze in his eyes looking towards her.

Nanxi also looked towards him, and although it hurt, she had a few moments of anticipation in her heart in the end.

She wanted to see, to see if he would stop for her.

Will he?

Would he?


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