Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 77: Xixi, I'm Sorry

As soon as Lu Jianxuan heard this, he immediately lifted the covers.

When he saw that Nan Xi's entire leg was covered in bruises and blood stains, his eyes instantly went ice cold.

At the same time, it was colored with deep self-reproach.

Damn it, how could he not realize that she was so seriously injured?

Hearing that there was no more movement over there, Lin Nianchu was a bit anxious: "Hey, Lu Jianxuan, don't tell me that you didn't know about Xixi Xixi's injury until now, right?"

"It's my negligence." Lu Jian Shen didn't plan to push back or deny it.

Although she was already about to lose her temper, Lin Nianchu still forced herself to hold back her anger and asked, "Then you didn't know about what happened during the day today either?

"Speak clearly, what happened during the day? Weren't you guys shopping?"

Lu Jian Shen's heart, immediately hung in the air, he had a vague bad feeling in his heart.

"Who says shopping won't cause accidents, it's because of shopping that it's dangerous, Xixi and I were very happy today, but as a result, when we went back, we met your ex-girlfriend and her sister."

"They bullied Nanxi?" Lu Jianxuan asked.

"With me around, they don't have that kind of guts yet, but Lu Jian Shen, I advise you to better control that sister of yours, who on earth gave her the guts to hit Xixi as soon as she rushed up?"

"Then what happened? What happened? How did she get hurt?"

"Later, my whereabouts were leaked, I was besieged by fans, and most of the ones who came were black fans, I let Xixi go out first, as a result, the scene got out of control when she went out, she fell down for several minutes, she must have been stepped on by someone, I heard that there was a person who rescued her later on, otherwise Xixi must have been"

The latter words, Lin Nianchu didn't say any more, leaving Lu Jian Shen to think for himself.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Jian Shen once again looked at the deep and shallow wounds on Nan Xi's legs.

His heart, violently, seized together.

As soon as he thought of everything that happened to her at the scene, Lu Jianxuan fell into deep self-blame and regret.

He had just misunderstood her, Lu Jian Shen, you deserve to die.

In a daze, Nan Xi felt as if her legs were being grabbed, as if she was being massaged.

It was warm and hot, very comfortable.

A coolness also came from the injured place, no longer a fiery pain.

However, she was too tired to open her eyes to take a look.

Or perhaps, it was all a dream.

In a dream, a lot of goodness was there.

But once she opened her eyes, there was nothing left.

After the massage, Lu Jian Shen rubbed medicine on Nan Xi, and the wounds that had scratches and blood stains he put band-aids on.

Looking at her bare white legs covered with bruises and red marks, Lu Jianxuan's heart was hard.

At this time, Lin Xiao's phone call came, "Mr. Lu, I just found out that the young lady was indeed besieged in the mall, the scene was out of control, are you sure you want to watch?"

"Uh-huh." Lu Jian Shen responded with a soft syllable.

"Good, then I'll send it to you."

Lin Lantern excerpted the section of the video from when Lin Nianchu and Nanxi were besieged to the end when Nanxi left the mall.

Looking at the pause button on the cell phone screen, Lu Jianxuan's hand, gently tapped on it.

In the video, it was very noisy, inside and outside, there were people everywhere.

To say that it was a bustling crowd was not an exaggeration at all.

In the restaurant, only Lin Nianchu and Nanxi were sitting inside alone.

Later, as Lin Nianchu said, she sent a group of people to protect Nanxi to leave, but there were just too many fans, the scene was very chaotic, although Nanxi was being protected, she didn't take a few steps before she was frantically surrounded by the fans who crowded up.

It was also at this time that Nanxi fell down.


Upon seeing those people's feet, frantically stepping on Nanxi's legs, feet, and some even walking across her legs, Lu Jianxuan shouted out in heartache.

Suddenly, he pressed out his cell phone.

There was no courage to look on.

He got up and smoked a cigarette, the smoke instantly lingering, his face quickly hidden in the half-bright smoke.

As he threw the cigarette away, he let out a low curse, cursing himself for not being human.

He didn't know that she had endured so much, and as a husband, not only did he not help her share the burden, but he even doubted her and even hurt her.

Returning to the room once again, Lu Jian Shen lifted the covers and immediately got into bed.

When he saw Nanxi's petite body hugging herself tightly, leaning against a corner of the bed all alone, he immediately took her into his arms in heartache.

Lowering his head, he dropped a kiss on Nanxi's forehead, heartbroken to the core: "Nanxi, I'm sorry."

Unfortunately, Nanxi couldn't hear these words.

Nor could she see the expression on his face at this moment.

In the morning, Nanxi woke up in a warm embrace.

Looking up, when she saw Lu Jianxuan's familiar face, she immediately pushed his embrace away from her.

Feeling pushed away, Lu Jianxuan immediately reached out, and with one hand, he pulled Nanxi back into the embrace.

Nan Xi looked at him in dismay, she thought Lu Jian Shen was still sleeping, but she didn't know that he had already woken up, just that his eyes hadn't opened.

Three minutes later, Nan Xi got up again.

But this time, just as she moved, her hands were grabbed by Lu Jian Shen and put under the covers.

He reached out and held her a little tighter, his low voice sexy to the extreme: "Hmm, so sleepy, sleep with me a little longer."

Nanxi immediately stopped moving, and was obediently held in his arms.

However, thinking of something she raised her head again and looked at the man in front of her, "Lu Jian Shen, do you know who I am? Did you recognize me wrongly?"

"I know, there is no mistake in recognizing me." Lu Jian Shen said.

But knowing that, why would he still hold her so tightly?

Wasn't he still angry and hateful last night?

Was he confused from sleep, right, that's why he was holding her so tightly, so intimately.

"Lu Jian Shen, you'd better open your eyes and see clearly, I'm Nan Xi, not Fang Qinglian."

As Nan Xi's words fell, Lu Jian Shen abruptly opened his eyes.

Probably because he had just woken up from sleep, his eyes were drowsy and a bit half-dazed, and those narrow eyes looked exceptionally charming.

"I know, you're Nanxi." The voice that exited his mouth was so firm.

Nanxi looked at him, and for a moment, she really thought that the person he loved was herself.

But soon, she came to her senses.

She didn't know what Lu Jian Shen meant by this, it was always like this, "slap and give a candy."

But Lu Jianxuan, I have long since ceased to be a child, now a heart can no longer sweeten this bitter heart of mine.

When she closed her eyes, she could still think of those hurtful words in her mind.

One scene after another, all clearly surfaced in front of her eyes.

Caring too much, right, that's why her heart can be so hard, tearing her heart and lungs like pain.

Suddenly, a pair of arms encircled her, Lu Jianxuan rose up, lowered his head, and gently kissed Nan Xi's eyes.

That kind of feeling, like treating it like a treasure.

But it was just a feeling, Nan Xi was very clear in her distinction.

"Xixi, I'm sorry."

Nan Xi was suddenly stunned, she couldn't believe what she heard, she felt as if her whole body was fixed.


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