Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 76 - Meaty Name Calling

"Lu See-Shen." Nanxi shouted his name.

Although, she was bright and open in her cell phone and didn't have any unseemly information.

However, being suspected by him like this, even opening it in front of her, her heart was filled with sadness.

That kind of feeling, as if she really betrayed him, betrayed the marriage, and did something big and unforgivable.

But obviously, the one who betrayed was him.

It's just that, since he wants to see it so much, let him see it.

Nanxi lowered her hands and didn't resist anymore.

Lu Jian Shen looked at her WeChat interface, originally did not intend to look again, but his finger accidentally touched the interface of her and Zhou Xiannan chat.

When he saw the words "Big Brother Zhou", he instantly clenched his fists, only to feel that there was a fire of anger in his heart, completely out of his control.

Big Brother Zhou?

Oh big brother Zhou?

This title suddenly resounded in Lu Jianxin's head like a demon, how to get rid of it can not be shaken off.

She had never called out to herself like this before, yet she called out to other men with such an intimate title.

Wasn't this enough to make a point?

Lu Jian Shen hung his hand down, he pressed out the cell phone and shoved it back into Nan Xi's hand.

The voice that exited was full of sarcasm, "So this is the reason why you don't let me look at your cell phone."

"What reason?"

Nan Xi felt her head buzzing as she listened to his words.

What did he mean?

Her cell phone was obviously clean, and now he made it sound as if she was hiding some unseemly secret.

"Lu Jian Shen, what do you mean?"

"What do you mean?" Lu Jian Shen looked at her, his eyes full of sarcasm, "What a big brother Zhou, I didn't even know that you would also call out such a mealy-mouthed title."

Nan Xi opened her mouth and was about to speak, however, after hearing Lu Jian Shen's words, she suddenly closed her mouth and gave up.

Meat numb?

Oh she was meaty with a polite address.

What about him?

He had given her up time and time again for Fang Qinglian, when he hugged Fang Qinglian in front of her and softly comforted her, had he ever thought that she was the one who was his wife, had he ever considered her thoughts.

Did it ever occur to him that she too would hurt, would ache, and would care.

No. He didn't.

He did not, his heart full of eyes are only Fang Qinglian.

If he had a little bit of her in his heart, he wouldn't hurt her again and again.

"Lu Jian Shen, don't you think you are talking too hard? Don't say that there's nothing between Zhou Xiannan and I cleanly, nothing at all, even if I do, it's thanks to you."

Nan Xi was also angry and confused, so she said all the assumptions, completely reckless "self-harm".

"What did you say?" When Lu Jianxin heard this, he instantly became so angry that veins popped out on his forehead.

His sharp eyes shot towards Nan Xi like arrows, with a gaze that was eager to eat her alive.

"Lu See Deep, you just allow the state officials to set fire, not the people, you and Fang Qinglian are allowed to do anything, and I," Nanxi desperately pressed her chest, "I'm just a normal name caller, and that makes me the worst offender, right?"

Lu Jian Shen's deep eyes locked coldly on her, "Just a name?"

"Then what else do you want?"

Nanxi did not speak again, she lowered her eyelashes, suddenly feeling a sadness in her heart.

Many times, explanations were pale.

Lu Jianxuan didn't have an ounce of trust in her at all.

Originally, when she saw his arrival, after her dismay, her heart was happy and elated.

She thought, no matter what the reason was, he had finally come to pick her up.

Today and Nian Nian encounter in the mall, she to now have a shadow in her heart, she originally had a bellyful of aggression, a bellyful of worry and fear.

She wanted to hug him, wanted to tell him about her fears.

But now it seemed unnecessary.

Nothing was necessary anymore.

"Forget it, you can interpret it however you want."

"I'm tired and want to rest."

Nan Xi finished speaking and took her cell phone upstairs.

She put in a tank of water, rinsed it and then soaked her entire self in it.

It was clear that she had said that she wouldn't be sad, upset, or angry.

But once she was alone in a confined space, she couldn't help but ramble on.

No one knew how scared she was when Nian Nian asked her to call Lu Jian Shen at the mall.

She clutched her cell phone and a heart felt like it was jumping out of her throat because she was nervous, she was scared, she was afraid that Lu Jian Shen would pick up the phone and reject it without hesitation.

She was even more afraid that he wouldn't come to pick her up.

But it turned out that all her worries were a joke, he didn't pick up her call at all.

Lu Jian Shen, where were you when I needed you?

When I called you and asked you for help. Where were you again?

Do you know that I was trapped in the mall today;

Do you know, when I was taken out of the mall by them, how worried I was about the baby, how scared I was of being surrounded and chased by those fans.

Do you have any idea how scared I was when I fell in the crowd and had my legs and feet trampled on by person after person, and how much I wished you would rush to my side and hold me.

You don't know, you don't know anything.

Even less would you know that if it wasn't for Zhou Xiannan's arrival, if he hadn't saved me from the crowd, there was no way I would have gotten out.

It's not an exaggeration to say that it's possible for me to be trampled to death directly there.

On her leg, she was still suffering from injuries.

Bruise after bruise, some of them were green and lighter, and some of them had turned dark purple, looking very scary.

She was tired, really tired.

So tired that she didn't even have a minute's worth of strength left to explain.

I don't remember how long she soaked in the bath, Nan Xi was already so tired that she couldn't even open her eyes.

In the end, she braced herself for the last bit of strength, put on her pajamas and fell asleep directly under the covers.

When Lu Jian Shen came up, his body was wrapped in a strong smell of smoke.

Seeing the person on the bed who had already entered dreamland, he silently laughed to himself.

He was alone down there smoking a stifling cigarette, and his heart wasn't hurting him to death; she was good, she was already asleep after taking a shower alone.

Sliding open his cell phone, Lu Jian Shen called Lin Xiao: "Zhou Xian Nan, check this person, I want his information."

Lu Jian Shen went and took a shower, and as soon as he came out, he saw Nanxi's cell phone lit up, vibrating non-stop.

He reached out, subconsciously ready to pick it up.

Thinking of her resistance when he just took her cell phone, he silently withdrew his hand again.

At this time, his cell phone rang.

It was Lin Nianchu calling.

"Hello," his voice was faint and cool.

"Where's Xixi? Have you gone home?"

"Already asleep." Lu Jianxuan said.

Hearing that she was asleep, Lin Nianchu breathed a sigh of relief, thinking of the few minutes she fell in the crowd, she immediately asked nervously, "How are the injuries on her body? Is it serious, have you put medicine on it?"

"What did you say, she's injured?"


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