Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 73: Are you so reluctant to let me kiss you?

Looking at the man in front of her, Nan Xi froze fiercely.

Obviously, she hadn't seen him for more than a day, but for some reason, she always had the feeling that it was like a lifetime ago.

It was too unexpected, so she momentarily forgot to pull her hand out of Zhou Xiannan's hand.

It wasn't until Lu Jishen stepped forward, pulled her hand out of Zhou Xiannan's hand, and squeezed it in his own, while at the same time, he swept her petite body into his arms in an overbearing manner, that Nan Xi gradually regained a little bit of consciousness.

"Why are you here?" She looked at the man in front of her and couldn't tell what mood she was in.

He didn't come when she needed him the most.

And at this time when it was easiest to misunderstand, he came.

Coming, it was quite a coincidence.

Nanxi took out her own hand while not moving to push Lu Jian Shen away.

This action made Lu Jian Shen very unhappy.

He lowered his face, and his face was so dark that he could squeeze out ink.

This action of Nanxi pulling away from him, even to draw a line in the sand made his heart clogged and very unpleasant.

Especially when his gaze fell on the clothes on her body, Lu Jianxuan reached out and pulled them off with one hand.

That action, was almost a bit violent, completely without the slightest bit of gentleness from previous days.

Then he directly handed the clothes to Zhou Xiannan: "Thank you, but my wife doesn't need other men's clothes."

After saying that, Lu Jian Shen took off his own clothes and put them on Nan Xi tightly, that stance, almost like he wanted to wrap her from top to bottom.

"Brother Zhou, sorry, he has a bad temper and a strange and hostile personality."

Nan Xi immediately walked forward and looked at Zhou Xiannan.

After thinking for a long time, she came up with such an explanation.


Zhou Xiannan still stood straight, his face was cold, and he couldn't see any emotional ups and downs.

"I really thank you for today, some other day when I have time, I'll treat you."

Before Nan Xi finished her words, Lu Jian Shen couldn't take it anymore.

Suddenly, she was light on her feet, and in the next moment, she was carried by Lu Jian Shen's entire body into his arms, and then walked faster and faster and farther away.

"Lu Jian Shen, what are you doing?" It wasn't until she was a bit farther away from Zhou Xiannan that Nan Xi opened her mouth and shouted angrily.

"What do you think I'm doing?"

For the first time, Lu Jian Shen felt that he was so angry that he lost his mind a bit and could barely control himself.

Just now, if he hadn't desperately tried to control himself, he would have already directly pressed her there and kissed her.

Really wanted to kiss her properly, so as to remind her whose person she really was.

Opening the car door, Lu Jianxuan directly put Nanxi into the passenger side, getting free, Nanxi got up and was just about to open her mouth.

Suddenly, her lips were sealed hard.

Lu Jianxuan leaned over, one hand clasped the back of her head, the other hand cupped her chin, and the domineering kisses simply fell from the sky.

Nanxi was almost passively enduring it, she reached out her hand and protested hard.

However, Lu Jianxuan didn't give her a chance to resist at all, he easily collected her constantly waving small hand with one hand and gripped it tightly.

Without her hands, Nan Xi could only use her feet.

However, just as she got the idea, before she even started to exert herself, Lu Jian Shen took control of her legs.

He stretched out one leg and directly clamped her legs between his leg and the carriage.

The space in the car was already small, and Lu Jian Shen's strength was so great that it was almost crushing, in this way, Nan Xi's hands and legs were almost all bound, completely without any room for resistance.

"Lu Jian Shen, you bastard."

When Nanxi gasped for breath, she spoke angrily.

However, it just gave him the opportunity to attack.

In the next moment, his kisses became more and more ferocious and violent.

After two years of marriage, it was the first time he kissed her like this, and in such a fierce way, Nanxi was truly shocked.

She was already frightened by those fans who had just surrounded her in the mall, and now she was even more frightened by Lu Jianxuan.

She was aggrieved, she was clearly the one who was angry and the one who was hurt.

As a result, Lu Jian Shen didn't even ask her how she was doing, and didn't care at all if she was hurt, he only knew to dominate her.

How could she not see what he was thinking?

It was true that he had kissed her.

But Nan Xi would never believe that Lu Jian Shen kissed her because he was jealous or envious.

To put it nicely, he wanted to declare his sovereignty; to put it bluntly, it was just a man's possessiveness.

He just felt that he was his wife, and was absolutely not allowed to be so intimate with a man other than him, so he was angry, so he couldn't wait to prove his right.

The kiss, not at all the kind of kiss she wanted.

Tears, smashed down from her eyes.

More and more flowed.

When he noticed the coldness and wetness between his mouth, Lu Jianxuan looked like he suddenly came to his senses.

He let go of Nanxi, one hand delicately wiping away the tears on her face.

He didn't say anything, his thin lips pursed tightly, but the breath around him was so low that it was scary.

Nanxi lowered her head, suddenly realizing that he looked really scary when he was angry, she was a little scared.

Between the two people, it suddenly became very quiet.

Lu Jianxuan just silently helped her wipe her tears, didn't say a word, his fingertips were a little rough, probably because the movement was a little sharp and fast, and the skin on Nanxi's face was delicate, so she felt a little pain.

However, Nanxi bit her lip and did not say anything.

The air in the car became quieter and quieter.

Just as Lu Jianxuan's fingers finished wiping the tears on her face, suddenly, they landed on her lips, gently rubbing them.

He was indeed a little anxious just now, and kissed her a little harder.

Now that he took a closer look, her lips seemed to be a bit swollen.

Thinking of this, Lu Jian Shen's fingers gradually became gentle.

He didn't fondle anymore, and in the end, he simply landed on Nanxi's lips.

His hand, which was very warm, seemed to be sweating a bit.

Nanxi felt that the current atmosphere was really a bit strange, she opened her lips and just said: Lu See Deep, can you take your hand away first.

Suddenly, he opened his mouth first.

He lowered his head and didn't look at Nan Xi, and his voice was unusually low: "Just so unwilling?"

Nanxi didn't know what he was talking about and could only remain silent.

But in Lu Jianxuan's eyes, her silence became acquiescence.

This made him more and more anxious, and in his heart, he had a very bad premonition.

At one point today, he couldn't even control himself, especially when he saw her and that man together again, still so intimate, he simply wanted to beat up that man on the spot.

"So much for not wanting me to kiss you?"

He opened his mouth and asked again.

The voice was even lower than just now.

A pair of deep eyes were suddenly bright and dark, making it completely impossible to see, and completely elusive as to what emotions were in his heart?

Nan Xi scratched her fingers, not knowing how to reply?

How could she reply?

Say yes, very willingly, because I have loved you for ten whole years, so hard and so carefully that I look forward to it every day like this?

Or say, yes, not willing, not willing at all.

Nan Xi frowned, she felt that this question was simply unanswerable.

Not waiting for an answer, Lu Jianxuan was anxious for the first time, "Nanxi, answer me."


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