Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 72 - Love rivals meet, someone is jealous

"What if I leave and you're here alone? Those people outside are too crazy, they don't look like normal fans to me, I can't leave you alone." Nan Xi worriedly said.

Lin Nianchu immediately pulled Nanxi's hand and seriously persuaded, "Listen Xixi, this time you must listen to me."

"Their target is me, as long as I'm here, they won't go to surround you."

"You immediately give Lu Jian Shen a call and ask him to come pick you up."

It wasn't until Lin Nianchu mentioned Lu Jianxuan that Nan Xi suddenly remembered him.

This day, she had been deliberately closing herself off, deliberately giving herself amnesia so that she wouldn't think about this man.

However, once the gap in her memory was opened, the thoughts were still pervasive.

Although angry, Nan Xi knew the priority of the matter.

Taking out her cell phone, she quickly called Lu Jianxuan.

A few minutes later, Nanxi lowered her hand, her gaze bleak.

Seeing this, Lin Nianchu immediately asked, "What's wrong?"

"The call didn't go through."

Lin Nianchu was going to say to try again in a few minutes, when the people sent by Sister Tong had already arrived.

One part of them was responsible for clearing the way, while the other part was responsible for squeezing into the mall from the crowded crowd.

Lin Nianchu divided them into two groups, one group was responsible for protecting Nanxi from leaving, while the other group stayed behind to protect her.

Because Nanxi is pregnant, she divided a large portion of the group to Nanxi.

Nanxi naturally disagreed: "Nian Nian, this won't work, too few people to protect you, their target was originally you, it's better to leave more people for you."

"You go first, don't worry, I still have a way." Lin Nianchu comforted.

Looking at her, Nan Xi hesitates for a few moments and opens her mouth, "Why don't we give Huo Si Yan a call and ask him to come pick you up?"

"No need." Lin Nianchu didn't even think about it and directly refused.

Then explained, "He and I don't know what's going on right now? Besides, people's nerve cells are too sensitive nowadays, I'm at most blocked by them now, in case Huo Si Yan comes, the relationship between me and him will immediately be raked over the coals."

"At that time, all the hot searches will explode, compared to this, I'd rather stay here a little longer."

In the end, Nan Xi couldn't be stubborn enough to stand up to Lin Nianchu, and could only take the lead in opening the restaurant's door and walking out under the protection of a group of people.

However, just as the door was opened, the people blocking outside suddenly surged over like crazy.

They frantically pushed, squeezed, and shoved, and the scene became very out of control.

"Nian Nian."

"Nian Nian."

"Lin Nianchu, Lin Nianchu."

The crowd was packed with people.

The entire mall echoed with the sound of people's voices, and suddenly, a few voices screamed frantically, "Lin Nianchu, you demoness, you vixen, get out of the entertainment industry."

"Yes, get out of showbiz."

"Lin Nianchu, get out of showbiz.

Someone raised their arms and led the chants, then the crowd's chants suddenly became very unified.

A voice of righteous indignation echoed throughout the mall, deafening.

Nan Xi had a very bad premonition in her heart, if before, she had felt that this situation was a bit abnormal, then now, she was sure that the situation in front of her was abnormal.

Although the entire mall was surrounded by so many people, the emotions of these fans were a little too high.

Moreover, it didn't look like true fans at all.

They were basically black fans and some fanatical fans.

Especially when they shouted slogans, it was like they were organized.

The more Nan Xi thought about it, the more scared she became in her heart.

Suddenly, the group of people protecting her was dispersed, and a group of people rushed over frantically, Nanxi was completely unprepared and was instantly shoved to the ground.

The fans saw that she wasn't Lin Nianchu, and immediately crossed over her, running towards the inside.

For a time, the scene was chaotic.

In the crowded crowd, Nanxi's cell phone suddenly rang, but she no longer had the hands or the heart to answer it.

People, one by one, crowded over.

The space in front of Nanxi became smaller and smaller, more and more crowded.

The people around her, tried hard to pull her up, but the people surrounding her were like waves, wave after wave, too many.

Her cell phone was also squeezed to the ground, and after Nanxi reached out her hand, she tried to retrieve it.

Suddenly, her legs were stepped on.

First foot, second foot.

Then the leg.


Nan Xi frowned and shouted.

However, it didn't have the slightest effect, those people still crossed over her and frantically moved forward.

There was darkness in front of her eyes, with only shadows overlapping, all with human voices.

Just when she felt like the air was suffocating, suddenly, a force came from her arm.

In the next moment, she was pulled into a strong and wide embrace, and her hand, being held, was lifted from the ground.

In her ears, a clear and powerful commanding voice came, "Immediately call the nearby police station and ask them to send people to control the scene and evacuate all the trapped people."

"Yes, Boss."

This voice, Nan Xi felt a bit of a familiar feeling.

As soon as she raised her eyes, she immediately saw Zhou Xiannan in the crowd.

His face was cold, and his face was even more expressionless, even the lines of his face were hard, but Nan Xi felt as if he was a hero who descended from the sky, bathed in light, and came to her side.

Many years later, when the afternoon sun shone brightly and the breeze blew delicately, Nan Xi would still always think of today.

Thinking about how Zhou Xiannan brought light, cut through the thorns, and miraculously appeared in her world, as if he were a god who redeemed everything.

He brought her to escape from all the chaos, crowding, noise, and cacophony here.

"Follow me." Zhou Xiannan said.

"Good." Nanxi nodded numbly.

The two of them reached the negative floor, the underground parking lot, before Nan Xi took a breath, then looked at Zhou Xiannan, "Thank you, why are you here?"

After saying that, she noticed that Zhou Xiannan was wearing what seemed to be civilian clothes, not a police uniform.

Seeing that she was only wearing a small knee-length skirt, Zhou Xiannan silently took off the clothes on his body and gave them to Nanxi to put on, then spoke, "Du Peng and I are off today, and came here to get some things."

He reached out his hand and handed Nanxi his cell phone.

When Nanxi saw the cell phone, her eyes lit up, all surprised, "Thank you, you picked it up for me?"

"A show of hands, how are you feeling?"

Zhou Xiannan looked at her and it was obvious that she was not doing well.

Her clothes were disheveled, her hair was disheveled, and her entire leg was covered with injuries visible to the naked eye wherever he could see it, and one piece was bruised.

Moreover, if he remembered correctly, she seemed to be pregnant.

As a pregnant woman, the situation just now was too bad for her.

Nanxi touched her stomach and was about to reply when suddenly, a bright light came from the opposite side, the black car honked its horn frantically, she was caught off guard and almost fell down, luckily, Zhou Xiannan reached out in time to help her.

What Lu Jian Shen saw when he pushed the door to get out of the car was the image of the two holding together.

"Nanxi," he spoke, his voice low and frightening.


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