Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 71 - Nan Xi Trapped, Critical Situation

"Hey, sis."

The wonderful girl on the other side of the room was peeling an apple while holding her head between her cell phone when she received the call.

"Sassy, it's me."

"Sis, what are you talking about? Of course I know it's you! That said, you've been back in China for so long, and this is the first time you've called me, you know? Dad and mom both miss you, when are you coming home?" The young girl's voice was crisp and soulful.

Fang Qinglian squeezed the cell phone tightly, her heart was full of mixed feelings.

Ever since she was crippled in both legs after the car accident, her status in the Fang family had fallen to pieces.

While Fang Beauty, this ordinary to the extreme, not a little compared to her sister but jumped to become the pearl of the entire Fang family, subject to thousands of favor.

Just thinking about this, Fang Qinglian hated her teeth.

But in order to understand the urgent need, she still tried to suppress it, and tried her best to use a gentle tone: "Pretty, I've encountered a little trouble, I need three million dollars, can you lend it to me? I'll return it to you after a while."

When Fang Pretty heard this, she immediately became anxious, "Sister, what's the big deal, why do you suddenly need so much money?"

Fang Qinglian naturally didn't want to disclose it, and purposely said vaguely, "Don't worry, I'm fine, as long as the three million dollars arrives, this matter will be resolved."

"Ok, sis, don't be anxious, I'll go and get it together for you right away, but I don't have so much money, I'm going to get it from dad, you wait a bit haha."

"Good, then you do it as soon as possible."

After finishing the call, Fang Qinglian's hands were sweaty.

She felt as if she had used all the strength in her body.

About ten minutes later, Fang Pretty called back, "Sis, I've gotten the money from Dad, I'll transfer it to you later, but sis, can you promise me one thing?"

"What is it?" Fang Qinglian immediately frowned.

She knew that this Fang Beauty was not as simple as she thought.

Sure enough, it was so quick to start making conditions.

"It's just that," Fang Pretty was a bit embarrassed, "Dad arranged a blind date for me, I don't like that person, I want you to help me go, as long as you get rid of that person."

"Just this?" Fang Qinglian raised her eyebrows.

"Well, just this."


Soon after Fang Qinglian agreed to the conditions, the money arrived.

She resumed handing the card to the waitress in front of Lin Nianchu and Nan Xi, and spoke triumphantly, "Swipe the card."

"Okay, miss."

With a ding, the payment was successful.

Fang Qinglian stretched out her slender fingers to earnestly caress the diamond ring on her hand with an air of arrogance and braggadocio.

Especially the expression on that face, it's simply condescending to a fault.

Lin Nianchu laughed a little, "If I'm the brand, then I absolutely have to be grateful to Ms. Fang, this has been pressed for a few years, I didn't expect it to be sold, it's really a miracle."

"What did you say?" Fang Qinglian was so angry that she glared fiercely at the counter clerk, "Is what she said true? This is a ring from a few years ago?"

The teller smiled and explained, "Ms. Fang, this is our classic model."

Fang Qinglian was instantly furious.

After spending five million dollars, she ended up buying an outdated ring.

And it was still a stock item.

On the contrary, the brand side still crowned that it was a classic model, she was now practically tearless and regretful.

When her eyes looked at Nan Xi, she immediately shot back with a stiff upper lip, "I love this classic ring, and I believe that not only me, but See Deep will also love it."

Nan Xi smiled, "Sister Qinglian probably doesn't know yet, but See Shen swore before Grandpa's bed that he would never divorce me."

"What did you say?"

Fang Qinglian's face, instantly turned pale, white like a paper without any color, thin and transparent.

"No, it can't be. You're lying to me."

Although, the fact that she came to buy the ring today was all a lie, it was her own self-directed act, just to put on a show for Nan Xi to see, forcing Nan Xi to obediently back down.

However, how could Fang Qinglian not expect that See Deep had sworn that kind of oath.

See Deep was a person who kept his promises, if he really took an oath, it would mean that

Fang Qinglian simply did not dare to think about everything that followed.

This news, to her, was simply a bolt from the blue, instantly destroying all of her heart and soul.

"Such a classic ring, and at a great price, Sister Qinglian really should have kept it well."

Nan Xi was clearly smiling, her smile was warm and her tone was soft, but she easily knocked Fang Qinglian's heart into a rout.

It was not until Nan Xi and Lin Nianchu left that Fang Qinglian gritted her teeth and revealed a sinister and fierce gaze.

There was even a thick murderous intent gathered in her eyes, naked and undisguised in the slightest.

"Nanxi, if you dare to play me like this, I won't let you live well."

"Just wait and see."

"If I can't snatch back Seeing Deep, my Fang Qinglian's name won't be Fang."

Suddenly, Lu Rou looked at the direction Lin Nianchu left and let out a shocked cry, "Oops, Sister Qinglian, I remember her."

"She's Lin Nianchu, the star."

"You mean that woman just now is a star?" Fang Qinglian asked somewhat incredulously.

Lu Rou nodded, "Yes, it's that star Lin Nianchu."


Fang Qinglian usually doesn't care about the entertainment industry at all, so she doesn't recognize any stars.

"Big ah, she's a super hot female celebrity recently, she was just selected as one of the four little flower girls, she has so many fans that it's scary."

Fang Qinglian smiled, only that smile was too grim, "Good, that would be good."

"Rou Rou," Fang Qinglian hooked her hand.

Lu Rou immediately came over.

After Fang Qinglian instructed her, she immediately patted her shoulder gently, "Alright Rou Rou, go and do it, the faster the better, there's going to be a big show soon."

"Okay, Sister Qinglian, you wait."

On the way there, Lu Rou Rou was smug.

Who let them just humiliate her and Sister Qinglian, and now, it was her chance to take revenge.

And the scene was absolutely shocking.

Nan Xi and Lin Nianchu ate dinner together at the mall, and after dinner, the two of them went out of the restaurant and were about to take the elevator to the parking lot, but they suddenly found that the entire mall was surrounded by people, and it was watertight.

Lin Nianchu's phone was ringing frantically, it was Sister Tong who called, "Niannian, the situation is not good, your whereabouts have been leaked, some fans have recognized you, now a large number of fans are surrounding you in the mall."

"You find a safe location to hide, absolutely don't move, we will send someone to pick you up right away."

Lin Nianchu is also a person who has gone through big storms and was quite calm when she received the news.

But what she's worried about now is Xixi, she's a pregnant woman, and this current occasion is too unfavorable for Xixi.

What if the fans didn't care and swarmed and squeezed Xixi?

Lin Nianchu shook her head, the consequences she simply didn't dare to think more.

"Xixi, the situation is critical now, you're still pregnant, I'll find someone to send you out first, I won't worry until you're safe."

Nan Xi looked at the crowd packed outside the thick windows, not optimistic at all, "Nian Nian, I may not be able to get out in this situation now."


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