Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 10 Nanxi has a stomach ache and is bleeding

"Yun Shu's series of three questions made Lu Jian Shen a little annoyed.

Tugging on his tie, he said in a faint voice, ""Mom, Nanxi is calm, this is not as serious as you say.""

""Still not serious?""

Trying to calm herself for a moment, she once again looked at Lu Jianxuan, ""This matter, your grandfather doesn't know about it yet, if he knows about it, peeling off a layer of your skin would be considered light, so behave yourself.""

""Also, don't think I can't see what you're thinking, since you want to hide it, hide it well, grandpa's health has been very poor recently, it's not as good as it used to be, if you let grandpa see the clues, and if anything happens, you're my own son, I'll still cut you.""

""And don't think that if you make Nan Xi open her mouth to mention divorce, we will agree, I advise you to die this heart before it's too late, you are my son, I still don't know the few pounds of ink in your stomach.""

""Fang Qinglian that woman is not as simple as you think, at first she was able to leave decisively, and then two years later she came back with her tail wagging, do you know what kind of heart she is resting on?""

Lu Jian Shen was drinking water on his face, but his heart had already been in turmoil.

These things, how could his mom know everything?

On the way home, Lu Jianzhen sat in the car without saying a word, the whole a stranger do not enter the atmosphere.

Even the driver sitting in the front row held his breath and was cautious.

""Nanxi?"" Having just returned home, Lu Jian Shen called her name directly, and a layer of hidden anger was also shrouded over his entire body.

""Where is she?""

Just as he finished speaking, he saw Nanxi on the sofa.

When he approached, Nanxi happened to be awake.

Seeing him return, Nanxi immediately rubbed her eyes and spoke sleepily, ""You're back? By the way, I have something to tell you, mom seems to know about us getting a divorce.""

""Didn't you tell her?"" Lu Jianxuan asked angrily.

Nanxi was a little confused by his question.

It was only after a while that she reacted and looked incredulously at the man standing in front of her, ""What do you mean? Do you mean that I'm the one who revealed to mom that we're getting a divorce?""

""Didn't I?""

""Of course not.""

Lu Jianxuan smiled coldly, and his pair of deep eyes became sharp and cold.

That cold, shot straight into Nan Xi's heart, simply more painful than a knife: ""This matter, I only talked to you, who is it if not you? If you do not want to divorce, you can tell me, why play such a trick of the heart, I said the compensation is left to you to mention, I will meet, even if you want to property equally, I also promised.""

For a moment, Nan Xi felt as if she had forgotten to even breathe, and her brain was even more blank.

She opened her lips, but realized that suddenly not a single word could come out.

Being misunderstood by him like this, her heart hurt too much.

""This is nothing to say?""

Lu Jian Shen's contempt made her heart hurt more and more.

After a long time, she organized herself, ""So you mean that I did all this for your money, for your property?""

""Or else?"" Lu Jian Shen looked at her coldly, ""Or you don't want a divorce at all, promise me on the surface, and tell mom and grandpa behind my back, Nanxi, you've really played a good hand, even I can't help but clap my hands.""

""So this is how you think of me?""

Smiling to herself, Nanxi lowered her eyelashes.

It was just a matter of being tired.

She didn't want to explain.

Nor did she want to excuse herself.

Anyway, once Grandpa's birthday was over, they were going to be divorced, and after that, bridge to bridge, road to road, no more contact.

""What do you want me to think of you for what you did?""

""And what about you? You married me in the first place, because of what?""

Although she already knew the reason, Nan Xi felt like she was crazy and still stubbornly wanted an answer.

She wanted to hear him say it, to hear him tell her in person.

Lu Jianxuan's silence made it even harder for her, ""Why don't you say it? Say it!""

""You clearly said in the beginning that it was voluntary, what a voluntary, voluntarily sacrificing your marriage for your ex-girlfriend, voluntarily using yourself as bait to make me jump into your trap. Lu Jian Shen, your voluntariness is really brilliant, I simply admire it.""

""Say it!"" Nan Xi couldn't control herself from yelling out.

There was a long, silence.

The air between the two was suffocating.

Nan Xi exhaled, and she suddenly felt that even the air hurt, stinging her throat as if she had breathed in knives.

""Why don't you explain?"" Nan Xi smiled sadly.

""Because you can't explain it at all.""

She asked herself, blood pouring out of her heart as if a large hole had been cut into it.

""I'm sorry!""

At the end of the day, those were the only three words she could wait for.

""Haha sorry!"" Nan Xi mumbled and repeated, she laughed so hard that even tears were coming out of her eyes.

What a sorry.

This sentence was truly universal.

It seemed like no matter what one did or what mistake one made, one could always answer with these three words.

She was so hard.

It hurt and was hard.

Especially in the small of her back, it hurt like a spasm as if she was being pulled.

Soon, she felt wet and sticky underneath her.

Thinking of something, Nan Xi's face instantly turned pale without a trace of blood.

If she didn't feel wrong, she should have bled, and quite a bit.

""Baby, don't scare mommy, you must be safe and sound!""

""You don't be okay, you mustn't be okay.""

""I'm sorry baby, it's mommy who didn't protect you!""

Nan Xi blamed herself to death in her heart.

Seeing her face unusually pale, Lu Jianxuan hurriedly said, ""What's wrong with you? Your face looks so bad, I'll send you to the hospital.""

""No need for your fake mercy.""

Nanxi suddenly reached out and pushed his hand away.

The pain in her belly was getting more and more intense.

And she felt as if she was still bleeding underneath her.

I've heard that the first three months of a pregnant woman's life is the most unstable time, and it's very easy to miscarry.

Thinking of this, Nan Xi immediately regretted it.

Although she was angry with him, the baby was the most important thing right now, she shouldn't take the baby and get angry with him ah.

Wriggling her lips, Nan Xi struggled to open her lips and was about to speak.

Suddenly, her eyes plunged into a huge darkness, and her body fell backward without any further warning.


Fortunately, Lu Jian Shen reacted quickly and caught her.

""Nanxi, wake up!""

Lu Jianxuan hugged her and walked downstairs while ordering someone to prepare a car.

When Nanxi woke up, the car had just pulled up to the hospital, and Lu Jian Shen rushed towards the emergency room with her in his arms.

His face was covered with anxiety, because he was running too fast, his face was oozing with fine sweat, and his whole person was not as handsome and elegant as before, instead, he looked a bit lousy and messy.

If, he was really nervous about her how good it would be.

Unfortunately, just because of the apology, right.

When she arrived at the emergency room, the blinding lights above her head suddenly turned on, Nan Xi didn't close her eyes, she opened them wide, and tears rolled down her cheeks in bunches.

The doctor came in, and Nanxi grabbed her hand, crying and pleading, ""I'm pregnant, please, save my baby.""

Looking at the puddle of bright red blood frantically flowing out from beneath her, the doctor spoke with difficulty, ""I'll try my best, but you have to be psychologically prepared, the chances of keeping it are very low."""


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