Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 9 The mother-in-law bumps into Nanxi morning sickness

"After throwing up back and forth several times, Nan Xi was able to get some relief.

Taking a deep breath, she washed her face and fixed her makeup before going out.

""Mom, I've made you laugh put, I was a bit out of it just now.""

Nanxi looked at Yun Shu sitting on the sofa, very embarrassed.

Yun Shu just smiled, ""It's fine.""

Then beckoning her to sit over, Nanxi immediately sat beside her carefully.

Because of her nervousness, her heart was pounding and even her breathing was a little unsteady, but this was not the most important thing, she was most afraid that her mother-in-law would ask her about the ""vomiting"" thing.

But things just happened to be so coincidental.

The next moment, her mother-in-law's voice rang in her ears: ""What just happened? I saw you vomit a little too much, do you want to go to the hospital?""

Gosh! Nan Xi exclaimed in shock, truly afraid of what might come.

""Mom, it's fine, I just accidentally ate an egg, and I've been a little allergic for the past two days.""

Nan Xi tried to make her voice and tone very natural, unable to see any cracks.

""Be more careful next time, allergies are not a small matter."" Yun Shu earnestly admonished, but did not think much of it.

""Yes, mom, I'll pay attention in the future.""

Next, Yun Shu didn't beat around the bush and got straight to the point.

""If I remember correctly, yesterday was your second wedding anniversary.""

""Uh-huh!"" Nanxi nodded her head obediently.

""People in this life, ah, will come across all kinds of people, some people, it is impossible to meet in a lifetime; some people, there is only the fate of rubbing shoulders, it is not easy to be a couple, since you have received a license to become a couple, you should cherish this fate.""

""It's said that you'd rather tear down ten temples than ruin a marriage, since you still love, you have to put some effort into seizing it. As for Fang Qinglian, what are you afraid of her for, it's not just me, the entire Lu family, grandpa and your dad, none of them like her, none of them agree to her entering the door. We are all your most solid strength.""

Yun Shu's words made Nan Xi feel like she had tears in her eyes.

Although her mom had died for many years and her dad had never given her a single bit of fatherly love, how fortunate she was to be able to marry into the Lu family.

Not only did they not dislike her, but they loved her, spoiled her, protected her, and loved her.

This favor, she could never repay in this life.

""Mom, I know, I will cherish it.""

""Is it true that you know?"" Yun Shu suddenly looked at her, her gaze became sharp: ""I don't think you guys know, if you knew, you wouldn't mention divorce so easily?""

""Don't think I don't know what you and See Shen are playing in your heart, grandpa will soon celebrate his eightieth birthday, he's not in good health, if you guys dare to do anything to piss him off, I definitely won't forgive you guys, any thoughts you have are to give me a break, bite the bullet and swallow it back into your stomach.""

Nan Xi snapped her head up and looked at her incredulously, ""Mom, how did you know?""

Towards the end, Nan Xi's voice was as small as a mosquito fly.

Her head was also lowered, not daring to face her mother-in-law at all.

Yun Shu sighed, ""No matter what See Deep married you for it doesn't matter, since you married and have a marriage license, you are husband and wife, since you are husband and wife you should cherish it, I still count on you to quickly add a grandchild to me, so that I can raise my eyebrows for a time too.""

Before leaving, Yun Shu also instructed, ""Don't think too much, live a good life, I hope that the next time you meet, you can dispel this kind of thinking.""

After saying that, she didn't even eat her meal and left straight away.

Nanxi sat on the sofa, hesitating for a long time, thinking about whether to give Lu Jianxuan a call.

Tell him that mom already knew that they had plans to divorce.

Tangled up and tangled up, she was so sleepy that she directly fell asleep on the sofa.

As soon as she left Nan Xi's house, Yun Shu called Lu Jian Shen: ""I'll be at the old mansion in half an hour, I need to see you when I arrive home.""

Lu Jian Shen had a bit of a headache, ""Mom, I'm still outside.""

Yun Shu went straight back to him, ""I know, leaving his wife behind, he's accompanying Fang Qinglian to go shopping well, if you don't come, I'll go directly to the mall to find Fang Qinglian, when she makes a fool of herself again, don't blame me for not being merciful, make up your own mind!""

""I'll do it.""

Before Lu Jian Shen's words could come out, Yun Shu had already hung up the phone in a domineering manner.

""Qinglian, you stroll first, I'll have the driver send you home when you're done."" Lu Jian Shen said gently.

Fang Qinglian immediately sensed that something was wrong: ""See deep, are you leaving first?""

""Well, there's something urgent.""

""Good, then you go first, I'll take care of myself not letting you worry.""


Lu Jian Shen was about to turn around when Fang Qinglian suddenly spoke again, ""Jian Shen, wait!""

""What's wrong?""

Fang Qinglian slid her wheelchair over, then stretched out her hands, her slender fingers tidying up the tie on Lu Jian Shen's collar bit by bit.

""Okay, the tie was just a bit crooked.""


Looking at Lu See-Shen's back, Xiaoman muttered a little, ""Miss, why didn't you call out to Mr. Lu and just let him leave?""

""Because he gave me a wake-up call today?""

""What wake-up call?""

""The day before yesterday, we had a fight over the postponement of the divorce, and he was very unhappy; today is also because of this matter, I want to give him a little bit more space, trust him a little bit more, if I push too hard, it will backfire.""

""Miss, then you're not afraid that he'll fall in love with that wife of his?""

Fang Qinglian's eyes became complicated.

It was a while before she spoke, ""Afraid, of course.""

""But then I relieved myself, they've been married for two years, and See Deep hasn't fallen in love with her, it's only been a week, it's not like their feelings have skyrocketed in these seven days!""

""I endured two whole years abroad, more than seven hundred days have survived, must not give up because of these seven days, I must be stable, must not mess up myself.""

When Lu Jian Shen returned to the Lu family's old mansion, Yun Shu was already waiting for him in the study.

At around five in the afternoon, the sun was already setting.

The orange-red evening sunlight was haloing the sky, and looking out of the window was just enough to see the beauty of the setting sun, which was Yun Shu's favorite moment.

A faint smoky fragrance lingered in the antique-colored room.

On the tea table next to the room, the rich aroma of tea was refreshing and tantalizing.

When Lu Jian Shen pushed open the door and entered, Yun Shu happened to finish making tea.

With his long legs, he took the initiative to sit on the other side of the tea table, casually picking up the tea cup and smelling it, ""Mom, the tea you made is still so fragrant?""

""So what if it's fragrant? Your dad still doesn't like the tea brewed by Ji Rou, saying that the tea she brews is romantic and funky, windy and snowy, and the tea I brew is as monotonous and boring as my person.""

""Mom."" Lu Jian Shen frowned, ""Be nice, why are you mentioning her?""

""What? Your father's old flame, you don't allow me to mention it. Your little mistress, so you can bring her around to flaunt and wander around, Lu Jian Shen, are you really good?""

""Have you considered Nanxi? Is she made of iron? Won't it be hard?"""


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