Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 8 Three months, must be pregnant

"Yun Shu sneered.

What a white lotus flower.

Too bad, in front of her, it was nothing more than a jumping clown.

""Nanxi is Lu See-shen's wife, the daughter-in-law of the Lu family, what qualifications do you think you have that can be compared to her?""

""She spends Jian Shen's money, calling it heavenly, not to mention Jian Shen's money, the entire Lu family's money is at her disposal, she can't use it all, she can use as much as she wants.""

""As for the gift, she is to send a leaf, grandpa also like, as a treasure like collection; and you are to send a gold leaf, grandpa will not appreciate, just make a fool of yourself.""

Fang Qinglian just opened her lips, Lu Jianxuan grabbed her wrist and at the same time gave Nanxi a wink.

Nanxi's heart burst with bitterness.

But still, she immediately took hold of Yun Shu, ""Mom, See Deep and I are picking out a gift for Grandpa, since you're also here, quickly help us refer to it!""

Nanxi smiled brightly, her tone warm and soft.

Yun Shu's voice also softened a lot, ""Actually, I don't have anything to refer to, grandpa doesn't lack anything, what does he want that you don't know?""

How could Nan Xi not know, but she knew that See Shen didn't want it.

So in front of her mother-in-law, she could only play dumb.

Yun Shu looked directly at Lu Jian Shen: ""Don't tell me you don't know, the gift that grandpa wants the most is a little great-grandson.""

It was fine if she didn't say it, once she talked about it, Yun Shu was on fire.

""Tell me about you, it's been two whole years and Nanxi's stomach hasn't budged, if it continues like this I'm going to suspect you.""


This is really a real mother, coming up to suspect her own son.

If it were any other mother-in-law, she would definitely be accusing her of having an uncontested stomach and accusing her of being physically weak.

So Nan Xi immediately felt her heart warm and very cozy.

""Mom, this is a public place, you should at least give me some face."" Lu Jianxuan rubbed his eyebrows with a distressed look on his face.

""You also know that you want to save face, then I don't want to save face, you know that every time I get together with those broad wives, when they ask me if I have any grandchildren, I can't wait to drill into the ground.""

Nan Xi was embarrassed.

Her face also reddened.

""In the past, I always thought that you guys were young and thought of giving you more time, so I never interfered.""

""But this time, Lu Jian Shen, listen carefully, I'll give you three months, if Nanxi's stomach doesn't move again, I'll hold you responsible.""

""Mom, you're being completely forceful, can you be reasonable?"" Lu Jian Shen was filled with sadness.

""I'm still making things difficult, if you can't conceive again in March, you'll all go to the hospital for a checkup.""

Yun Shu looked at Nan Xi again, ""Keep an eye on him in these months, if he doesn't take the initiative and doesn't cooperate, report to me at any time.""

Nanxi's face was so red that it was almost dripping, and she hurriedly nodded her head, ""Okay, mom.""

Fang Qinglian had died of embarrassment on the side.

She bit her lips in a pitiful manner and clenched her fists, her entire being angry and sad.

If she wasn't desperately holding back, she couldn't wait to open her mouth right now and say that Jian Shen and Nanxi were getting a divorce.

When Yun Shu left, Lu Jian Shen and Fang Qinglian both breathed a sigh of relief.

""See deep, you're not really going to have a child with her, are you!""

Fang Qinglian looked at Lu Jian Shen with a picture of pity, that look was really as tender as it could be.

Nanxi silently pursed her lips.

Maybe men like are this kind of it, soft and weak, can pity pity, fully stimulate their desire to protect.

Even Lu Jian Shen, who was transcendent like this, was not exempt.

""No."" Lu See-Shen's answer was decisive and dry.

""Since I've already decided to divorce, I won't leave this hidden danger for her and me.""

Hearing this, Fang Qinglian let out a sigh of relief.

Turning to Lu Jianxuan she ruffled her hair and spoke gently, ""Jianxuan, why don't you accompany me for a stroll, I want to buy a few clothes.""

Suddenly, it was like time was frozen.

Nan Xi looked at the jasper earrings on Fang Qinglian's ears, the whole person was like being struck by lightning and stood there frozen.

It was impossible to say what was going on in her heart, in short, it was particularly difficult.

She looked at Fang Qinglian, her voice soft and almost powerless, ""Can I ask where you bought your earrings?""

Fang Qinglian once again lifted her hair, generously revealing her earrings, and said with a smile, ""Are you talking about this?""

""Uh-huh."" Nanxi squeezed her hands together.

""I didn't buy it, I saw it at See Deep's that day and thought it was especially nice, I liked it so much that he gave it to me.""

Nan Xi bit her lip, a twinge in her heart.

So, this was the ""little incident"" that Lu Jianxuan had spoken of.

She thought that there was a change in the gift, so she couldn't buy it, but it turned out that Fang Qinglian liked it, so he gave it to Fang Qinglian.

However, he obviously has promised to give himself, just because Fang Qinglian sentence ""like"", he generously sent.

Love or no love, this is the gap.


Lu Jianxuan just opened his mouth, Nanxi immediately interrupted him, ""No need to say, I understand.""

Since it's all been done, why bother explaining.

Forcing herself to hold back the hard feelings, she spoke faintly, ""Then shall we still pick out a gift for grandpa?""

""Next time, Qinglian isn't too convenient today, I'll accompany her, I'll have the driver take you home.""


Sitting in the car, Nan Xi looked at the scenery glancing out of the car, but her mood had fallen to the bottom.

""Little great-grandson?""

She murmured in a low voice, her hands gently resting on her belly, protecting it tightly.

Over the years, they didn't have many rooms together, and almost every time, Lu Jianxuan would do birth control.

And he would also instruct her to drink some long-acting contraceptive pills.

So the two had always been on double contraception.

To be able to get pregnant under these circumstances, the chances of getting pregnant were really slim.

If the doctor hadn't told her she was pregnant, she really wouldn't have believed it even in her dreams.

But Lu Jian Shen said he was a ""hidden danger.""

This time, the word made her heart hurt like a pinprick and instantly colored with blood.

Her child with him, in his opinion, was only a hidden danger.

Nan Xi covered her face and could no longer control her tears.

Just after arriving home, she received a call from her mother-in-law.

""You're home?"" Yun Shu directly opened the door.

""Uh, just arrived.""

""Good, I'll come to your place in ten minutes.""

Nanxi was just about to say something when Yun Shu had already hung up.

If she remembered correctly, this was the first time her mother-in-law had come to her and See Deep's new home besides when they got married.

Nanxi was a little nervous and hurriedly ordered the maids in the house to get ready.

Because she usually had less contact with her mother-in-law and didn't know her very well, Nanxi called Lu See-Shen to find out her mother-in-law's preferences.

""Hey, See Deep!""

""Nanxi, it's me.""

Hearing Fang Qinglian's voice, Nanxi's voice shook violently.

Holding back the astringency that rolled over her heart, she continued to speak, ""Where's See-Shen? I'm looking for him for something.""

""I'm sorry, she's not very convenient right now, how about this, I'll have him come back in a while.""

After saying that, Fang Qinglian directly hung up the phone.

Nan Xi cupped the phone, her entire being dumbfounded and frozen.

If she remembered correctly, it was clearly him who said that as long as he wasn't divorced yet, he would pay attention to his own proportion and would remember his married status.

But now, what was he doing sticking together with Fang Qinglian?

It seemed that he had been impatient for a long time.

If it wasn't for Grandpa, they would have already received their divorce papers this morning and become complete strangers, right?

Because she didn't quite know her mother-in-law's preferences, Nan Xi ended up having everyone prepare everything very well.

Coffee, tea, fruits, pastries, nuts whatever was available at home, she had them prepared.

Even for lunch, she ordered someone to make it.

Chinese food, western food, all prepared.

After doing this, Nanxi waited at home for Yun Shu's arrival.

Hearing the knock on the door, Nan Xi personally went to open the door.

She greeted her with a smile, polite and courteous: ""Mom, you're here"".

Before the words in her mouth were finished, Nan Xi covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom to vomit madly."


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