Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 7 Nanxi Said She Wouldn't Divorce

"Nan Xi pursed her lips and didn't say a word.

""Qinglian, you say.""

Fang Qinglian was immediately pitiful, ""See deep, don't blame Nanxi, blame myself, it's me who's useless, I wanted to stand up, but it turned out that I didn't have the ability to stand up at all.""

""Is that so?"" Lu Jian Shen looked at Nan Xi.

Nanxi still didn't say anything.

Lu Jian Shen looked at Fang Qinglian again, ""Your legs aren't healed yet, you were sitting properly, why did you suddenly want to stand up?""

""I'm sorry See Deep, because,"" Fang Qinglian cried out anxiously, ""because I was too excited, just now Nanxi said that she said that she wouldn't mention the divorce to grandpa, she wouldn't divorce you even if she died.""

""Don't accuse people falsely, when did I say that?""

For the first time, Nanxi was so tit-for-tat and out of control in front of Lu Jian Shen.

""You said that?"" Lu Jian Shen looked at her, his eyes clear and cold.

""If you don't believe me, I can find Grandpa right now to mention the divorce."" Nan Xi spread out her hands in a disinterested gesture.

Lu Jianxuan rubbed his eyebrows, he sighed and spoke softly.

""Qinglian, I know you're anxious and want me to get a divorce right away, but didn't we agree? Grandpa's health is not good right now, so after his birthday, we'll bring up the divorce again.""

""If you can't even wait these few days, then I'm sorry, between you and grandpa, I have to choose grandpa.""

When Fang Qinglian heard this, she immediately panicked.

She reached out, pulled the corner of Lu Jian Shen's coat, and said in a pitiful manner, ""I'm sorry Jian Shen, I didn't do it on purpose.""

""That night, I shouldn't have quarreled with you over this matter.""

""I was just in too much of a hurry, I was afraid that the night would be long, I was afraid that you would not be able to give up the divorce, I was even more afraid that you would not want me anymore.""

Saying that, Fang Qinglian even reached out her hand and directly hugged Lu Jianxuan.

Nan Xi's eyes widened, in broad daylight, she was a junior directly hugging his husband, she didn't mind being ashamed.

Just as she was about to open her mouth, suddenly a cool voice invaded forcefully.

""It's really the winds of the day that are getting down, when did a junior embracing someone else's husband can still be so forceful?""

This voice?

Nanxi had just turned her head when Lu Jianxuan opened his mouth, ""Mom, why are you here?""

""Why can't I come, daily patrol of the shopping mall, saw the hurtful things, originally wanted to come to stop, didn't think it was still my son who did it?""

Yun Shu coldly grunted, the words in her mouth were even more nonchalant.

""Mom, this is not Qinglian's fault, she didn't do it on purpose, and""

Before Lu Jian Shen could finish his words, he was forcefully interrupted by Yun Shu.

""If you don't blame her, then blame you, a married woman is still hugging other women, I don't even have the eyes to see, don't say you are my son when you go out in the future.""

Yun Shu has always abhorred ""junior"".

""Mind your own hand, if I find out again hugging other women besides your wife, don't enter the door of my Lu family, pollute the door style.""

Yun Shu's words could be described as fast and hard, not a word of nonsense.

Every word, every phrase, was precisely on point.

Nan Xi stood by the side, suddenly feeling that she was too small in front of this mother-in-law.

At this moment, she simply wanted to raise a flag and shout: mother-in-law is domineering, mother-in-law is mighty.

However, she was still surprised.

After they got married, she and See Deep didn't go back to the Lu family many times, and every time they went back, they basically went back to see Grandpa.

As for this mother-in-law of hers, the number of times they had seen each other was simply a handful of times.

As far as she could remember, her mother-in-law was a very cold woman who was always cold to her and didn't really like to talk to her, so Nanxi had always thought that she didn't like herself.

She also consoled herself with: yes, like her from a rich family of gold, favorite daughter-in-law must also be from a famous family, gentle and sensible gold celebrities, like her such a small family, certainly can not enter her eyes.

It was because of this knowledge that when she didn't look for Nan Xi, Nan Xi never bothered her.

I didn't expect that my mother-in-law would help her out so much.

Sometimes, you have to believe that one thing can overcome another.

For example, a woman like Fang Qinglian had to be cured by her mother-in-law.

Fang Qinglian clenched her palms hard and tried to explain, ""Aunt Yun, you taught me the right lesson, it's me who overstepped.""

""Still not incorrigible, knowing that you did wrong.""

""I just came back, I heard that grandpa's big birthday is going to be organized early, I want to prepare a gift for him, See Shen knows his preference, that's why I dragged him along, don't blame See Shen.""

""A good rest, not accompanying his own wife to accompany other women, of course I blame him. And.""

Yun Shu's sharp eyes looked at her, ""I don't remember Dad inviting you, and don't pick this gift you can't send out.""

""Mom, stop it, I invited her."" Lu Jian Shen couldn't help himself.

""You shut up."" Yun Shu immediately gouged him out.

Then she said, ""It's grandpa's big birthday, it's not your big birthday, when did you get to make the decision instead of grandpa, you want to invite? Then it's better to wait until your own eightieth birthday to invite.""

Fang Qinglian's face was as white as a piece of paper, without the slightest trace of blood.

At this time, Yun Shu changed into a gentle smiling face again, ""The things that my father likes are all collector-grade and expensive, although the Fang family said that they have a little bit of money, it would be too worthless to put in front of our Lu family.""

""Auntie has taken the trouble, don't worry, although the Fang family is not as good as before, they can still afford this amount of money.""

""Is that so?"" Yun Shu was nonchalant: ""I do believe in the Fang family, although they have fallen out of favor, they still have a bit of family money, but your family should be more favored by your younger sister, Fang Siao, right now.""

""You've wasted your leg, you haven't danced, your status in the Fang family is not as good as it used to be, and I don't think there's a few pocket money, so instead of spending it on useless things, why don't you keep it for yourself.""

""And you say you, if the gift is bought and the Fang family thinks it's not worth it and doesn't reimburse you, won't you have to drink the northwest wind for the rest of your days?""

""Or, do you want us, See Deep, to be the wrongdoers to spend this money.""

Yun Shu's string of words simply refreshed Nan Xi's understanding.

It made her yell out in pain and might.

Fang Qinglian had been trying her best to hold back, but now, she just couldn't bear it anymore.

""Auntie, I respect you, so I've always spoken respectfully, but these words of yours really hurt me too much.""

""Even if the Fang family is no longer in decline, even if I don't have any pocket money, it's still better than the Nan family... Nan Xi, her mother's family doesn't have a single penny, and she still has to gouge money from the Lu family... What about her? What does she use to buy gifts?"""


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