Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 6 Lu Jianshen's Beautiful Lie

"""What did you say?""

Nan Xi couldn't believe it, her body couldn't help but tremble.

She suddenly felt so cold and chilly.

There was a chill that was eroding down the soles of her feet to her limbs, and she was shivering with cold.

Back then, Grandpa had asked her, ""Xixi, if See Deep wants to be with you and take you as his wife, would you be willing?""

""Grandpa, is he volunteering?""

At that time, she already knew that the person he loved was Fang Qinglian, which was why she asked that.

She had told herself that if he was forced by grandpa, she wouldn't agree no matter what, because she didn't want to tie him up in a marriage.

More than that, she didn't want to get him that way.

""Little fool, that stubborn nature of See Deep, if he didn't want it himself, grandpa could still force him ah.""

Later, she also asked Lu Jian Shen.

She asked him, ""Did you marry me voluntarily? I know that grandpa loves me dearly, I don't want you to marry me because of grandpa's order. Even more so, I don't want to make things difficult for you.""

How did Lu See-Shen answer her?

He said, ""It's voluntary, Qinglian and I have broken up, let's set an agreement, three years as a limit, I will strive to fall in love with you, if I still can't fall in love with you after three years, we'll divorce peacefully, do you agree?""

""Agree!"" She was smiling brightly.

Lu Jian Shen also asked her, ""Why did you agree to marry me? Don't you have a favorite person? Are you willing to be bound by marriage? Don't you want to pursue your love?""

She said that she did, and that she had liked him for eight years.

Then shook her head, ""Not pursuing it.""

Because she had already become his wife, going straight from love to marriage, completing a big step in her life.

But now, Fang Qinglian told her that it was all a lie.

If what she said was true.

Then it would prove that from the very beginning, all of them were lying to her.

A three-year period?

Nan Xi pinched her fingers, suddenly wanting to laugh, dare I say that it was a front, a bare-faced lie.

She was even moved to tears back then, thinking that Lu Jianxuan had really forgotten Fang Qinglian and wanted to make a good start with her.

But it turned out that she was the one who was stupid and fooled.

""Nanxi, you're really naive and cute, the person See Deep loves is me, how could he voluntarily marry you? Do you know why he mentioned the three year engagement? It's so that after three years, you can file for divorce without any reason, without any complaint, so that he can be free and then come back to marry me.""

""He knows that only if you mention it to grandpa will grandpa agree, and he will never agree if he asks.""

""In order to be with me, he really spent a lot of energy and even set up this beautiful trap.""

Fang Qinglian's words made Nan Xi feel as if she was in an ice cellar.

A chill wrapped tightly around her, she was so cold, so cold.

If all of this was fake.

Then for so many days and nights, was he acting?

And all those nights.

He held her in his arms, held her in his arms, was it all a lie?

Not a single thing was real?

Nanxi's heart was so sour, she suddenly felt like a clown, stupid to the extreme.

That's why she let Lu Jianxian design a series of designs and was tricked by him.

""I don't believe it, unless you tell me how grandpa forced him.""

Nan Xi clenched her fists, after spending so much time together, she understood Lu Jian Shen too well.

If he didn't have a very important bargaining chip, according to his nature, Grandpa couldn't make him obediently give in even if he put a knife on his neck again.

Fang Qinglian laughed somewhat mockingly.

""Nanxi, you still really don't die until you reach the Yellow River, since you want to know so much, then I'll tell you.""

""Because grandpa threatened him, if he doesn't marry you, grandpa will send me abroad, in my lifetime, he and I will never be able to meet again, although we can't keep each other, but in order to meet again, he compromised.""

Nan Xi bit her lip, it was hard for her.

It was so hard that she couldn't say a single word.

Fang Qinglian, however, didn't let her go and continued her attack, ""As for my leg, do you still remember the day of your wedding, when See Deep took a phone call during the wedding and almost left on the spot?""


Her wedding, of course she remembered.

""Because I had a car accident on the way to your wedding, I almost died, it took a day of resuscitation to barely keep this life, but these legs are already ruined.""

No wonder, once the wedding was over he left in a hurry.

She also asked him if something happened to the company.

He said it was a friend who had a car accident, and he wanted to go and take care of it, but grandpa wouldn't let him go and asked her to help cover it up.

She remembered that grandpa even called her at that time to ask her specifically, ""Xixi ah, that kid See Deep has been at home to keep you company obediently, right?""

""Yes, Grandpa, he's right beside me.""

She foolishly hid it for him.

So much so, that he didn't return all night on their wedding night.

But it turned out that he had gone to accompany another woman on their wedding night.

In the following days, he had also been going out early and coming home late, very tired.

But he never told her that the friend he was talking about was ""Fang Qinglian""!

What if she knew?

Nan Xi smiled bitterly, even if she knew, she would still help him hide it.

Who let him love him so much that he couldn't bear to see him being scolded by grandpa!

""So? What are you telling me this for now?""

Nan Xi looked at her, suddenly like a defiant hedgehog, putting up spines all over his body to protect his soft body.

""Tell me, is your leg all because I caused it, did I cause you to limp?""

""Nanxi, ask yourself, isn't it?"" Fang Qinglian's voice also became agitated.

""If it wasn't because of you, grandpa wouldn't have forced See Shen, See Shen wouldn't have unwillingly married you, I wouldn't have gotten into a car accident on the way to your wedding because I lost my concentration, and these legs wouldn't have been ruined.""

""If it wasn't for you, I would have married See Deep a long time ago, and we would probably already have children and children, and be happy on our knees.""

Nan Xi tried her best to control herself.

After a while, she lifted her head and calmly replied, ""It's not because of me, you're just finding a heartfelt excuse and a substitute for your own crippled leg.""

""I believe grandpa, grandpa loves me very much, but he must have his reasons for not agreeing to you and see deep together, if you really meet the standard of granddaughter-in-law in grandpa's heart, don't say it's just one me, or even a thousand NanXi, ten thousand NanXi, it won't shake the position of your granddaughter-in-law.""

""As you said, since grandpa went out of his way to use so many methods to keep you two apart, it only means that Fang Qinglian, you yourself have problems.""

""Although I, Nan Xi, am not a golden lady, I am not at your mercy either, so don't you dare try to put any charges on me.""

""No one invited you to the wedding, much less let you drink and then drink and drive.""

These words, Nan Xi said in a loud and ringing manner.

It made it impossible to find a single slip-up.

Fang Qinglian looked at Nan Xi incredulously.

After an absence of two years, how could she not have thought that the little girl who had followed Lu Jianxuan with caution, who would turn red at the drop of a hat, and who even spoke softly and softly, had suddenly become so open-mouthed.

""My favorite person is getting married, do you think I will be absent?""

""Favorite person?"" Nan Xi sneered, ""Fang Qinglian, there are some things that See Deep doesn't know, doesn't mean I don't know, don't force me to turn over all those nasty things you did back then.""

""You're talking nonsense, I'm innocent, how can you accuse me so falsely?""

Fang Qinglian was so agitated that she stumbled and suddenly fell off the wheelchair.

At this time, Lu Jian Shen returned.

He put down the thermos cup, gently helped Fang Qinglian up, pinched his eyebrows and coldly asked, ""Who can tell me, what exactly happened?"""


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