Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 68: Yes, Tear Down the Third Wife 1

Lu Jianxuan followed the information of the SMS deduction and quickly found the store, thus determining Nanxi's location.

Pushing open the door, he was about to go find Nan Xi when Lin Xiao walked in to report a very urgent matter.

After Lu Jian Shen heard it, he frowned and instructed, "Call a meeting with the board of directors immediately."

"Yes, Mr. Lu."

So, the matter of going to find Nan Xi was put on hold for a while.

Nanxi and Lin Nianchu continued shopping, except for the jewelry counter on the first floor, they had already shopped through all of them.

Originally, Nanxi had some lack of interest in jewelry.

She held Lin Nianchu's arm and showed a difficult face, "Niannian, I don't want to go."


"Those jewels are very expensive, it doesn't feel good for me to squander his money like this."

Nanxi had been frugal since she was a child, and then even after she went to the Lu family, she had never gotten into the habit of extravagance.

"Squandering?" Lin Nianchu looked at Nanxi in surprise and tugged on her small ears, "Miss Nanxi, what are you thinking? If this little bit of money is considered squandering to your husband, then you're looking down on him too much."

"With this amount of money, it's not even enough to stuff your teeth in the Lu family."

Nan Xi blinked, her eyes twirling deftly, "Does he make that much money?"

Although she knew that the Lu family was powerful, and their wealth was even richer than the country's, Nan Xi had always felt that there was an element of exaggeration in it, plus she had never inquired about it, so she genuinely didn't know how much money the Lu family could make.

"Then let me ask you, Ms. Nanxi, do you think I make a lot of money?"

Nanxi immediately nodded, "Of course."

"Good then, just imagine Lu Jian Shen as hundreds, thousands of the money I make, do you think he makes more money?"

When Nanxi heard this, she immediately broke her fingers and started to calculate.

But when she counted to the end, her whole head fainted.

Lin Nianchu grabbed her hand, "Okay, don't count it, you just need to know one thing, your husband is rich, very very rich, and it's not ordinary rich, it's super invincible rich just right, so feel free to spend it."

"I'm telling you, if you don't spend tens of millions of dollars today you'll be sorry for his financial strength."

Lin Nianchu's words instantly made Nan Xi laugh.

Moreover, she felt that Nianchu had a very good point.

"Then let's go, I'll pay for all the jewelry you see today." Nanxi patted her chest and said.

Lin Nianchu smiled prominently, "Aren't you afraid that I'll blackmail you?"

"Don't you say Lu Jian Shen earns a lot? Too much money is just a string of numbers, I'll let this number move today."

"Good, then I'll be respectful."

With that, the two held hands and happily walked into the jewelry store.

Under the guide's enthusiastic recommendation, both of them had their eyes on a pearl necklace.

Although compared to other diamonds, pearl necklaces are all white pearls strung together, not very conspicuous.

But the string of pearls on the necklace body round, bright luster, a glance looks very comfortable.

That color, two people look at the first glance on the favorite.

Moreover, after the pearl necklace was worn around their necks, it appeared that their necks were slim, thin and long, and they also appeared to have soft and fair skin, so both of them liked it.

"I'll take this one, two of them."

After Nanxi finished speaking, she directly handed the card to the shopper.

Well, at this moment, it seemed like she also enjoyed a hint of the coolness and excitement of being rich.

It turns out that the feeling of spending money on oneself is indeed different.

Lin Nianchu smiled and handed over her own card, "Swipe separately."

Nanxi looks at her with a disgruntled beak, "Saying that you'll let me pay the bill and I'll give it to you, why did you back out?"

"Forget it, eating people's mouths is short and taking people's hands is soft, what if I spend Lu Jian Shen's money, and next time I always speak up for him, or what information I reveal to him, and condescend to our Xixi?"

"So, I'd better not give him the chance to buy me off."

Seeing her say this, Nan Xi no longer insisted.

She was clear about Nian Nian's character, as long as it was something she had already decided, it would be hard to change.

The two of them paid the bill and put on the necklace to each other.

Just as they were about to leave the store, suddenly, they saw two familiar figures.

Originally, one of them, Nan Xi did not want to see, the result also came a pair.

Nanxi held Lin Nianchu, wanting to directly spare them.

She wasn't afraid of them, she just didn't care to waste her words with them, and even more so, she felt that wasting her time on such people was simply a waste of life.

On the contrary, Fang Qinglian even opened her mouth and called out to her, "Nanxi, what a coincidence, I didn't expect to meet you here."

"Really, I didn't expect it either." Nanxi's voice was cold.

At this time, Lu Rou walked over and huffed to Nan Xi, tilting her head to look at her angrily, "You're Nan Xi? You hid it from me so hard last time!"

"In the past, it was because grandpa was around, so all the people gave in and protected you, now that grandpa is gone, I'll see who else can protect you?"

Fang Qinglian immediately saw that there was a story between them, looking at Lu Rou, she asked warmly, "Rou Rou, what's wrong? Miss Nanxi is very nice, is there some misunderstanding between you two?"

"There is no misunderstanding." Lu Rou categorically said.

Then she looked at Fang Qinglian, "Sister Qinglian, you don't know, last time, she was the one who caused me to be thrown out of the Lu Family by Grandpa and Brother See-Shen, in a terrible mess, and became everyone's joke."

"What?" Fang Qinglian exclaimed in shock.

Then with an unbelievable face, she looked at Nan Xi: "Nan Xi, you wouldn't do such a thing, right, Rou Rou is just a little girl, she doesn't know anything yet, if she really did something to offend you, I'll apologize to you on her behalf."

"Then Miss Fang's face is too big, she can still apologize on behalf of others? Unfortunately," Nan Xi looked at her and spat out word for word, "I don't accept it."

"Nanxi, do you have to be so aggressive? I know you don't like me because of See Deep, but Rou Rou is after all See Deep's younger sister, although not a real sister, but Lu family in these generations they are the only siblings, even if See Deep blames Rou Rou, but after all it's a sibling, in his heart he's bound not to hold a grudge."

When Lu Rou heard this, she immediately agreed, "Yes, Sister Qinglian is right, Brother See-Shen will always be my brother, and I will always be his sister, this is a blood relationship that can't be worn away. But you are different, you are just an adopted daughter brought back to the Lu family by grandpa, once grandpa is gone, there won't be anyone to recognize your identity, you are now a lost dog, nothing, do you think you can still bite?"

Lu Rou's words were very hard to hear.

However, Nan Xi had survived them all.

If she couldn't even stand up to these words, as the Lu family's daughter-in-law, how could she still do the things that her grandfather had entrusted her with, how could she hold up the Lu family in the future.

Nan Xi laughed and looked at Lu Rou with a gentle smile, "You're right, of course I can't bite."

"Dogs, it's inevitable that they don't know what they're doing, she bit me, do I have to go back and take a bite out of the dog?"

Nan Xi did not move and scolded Lu Rou.

Lu Rou was so angry that she directly rushed towards Nan Xi, she raised her hand and directly fanned down.


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