Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 67: The only way is coax Xixi

Nanxi smiled wryly, the same as Lin Nianchu just did, "If I don't say it now, I'll keep it a secret."

The suit was packed, very beautifully gift boxed.

When Nanxi took the invoice to pay the bill, Lin Nianchu's brows knit tightly, her heart was a little shaken, in fact, the first time she saw this suit she liked it.

Huo Siyan, who is as one-dimensional as he is and usually only wears black suits, would definitely be especially temperamental and cool if he wore this blue suit, and wouldn't be so old-fashioned.

But in what capacity and name should it be given to him?

Lin Nianchu bit her lip and finally hesitated.

Nanxi had already finished paying the bill, and when she left the door, Nanxi handed Lin Nianchu the suit gift box in her hand, "Borrowing a flower to offer to the Buddha, I spent Lu Jianxuan's money to buy it to give it to you."

"For me?" Lin Nianchu was naturally surprised.

"How many years have we known each other, although now you are busy, most of the time you are shooting, the two of you have less time to get together, but what do you have in mind, can I not see it?" Nan Xi hit the nail on the head.

"I was going to ask that day, are you and Huo Si Yan together?"

"No." This question, Lin Nianchu answered dryly.

"Although it's not clear what kind of relationship the two people belong to right now, but there's one thing I'm sure of, we definitely don't count it as a normal relationship like boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Xixi, my heart is in turmoil right now, right now even I am not sure what is considered between us?"

Nan Xi hands the suit to Lin Nianchu: "If you like it, it's worth a try."

"Although I've suffered love wounds and have been hurt all over, but Nian Nian, I still think it's very rare to meet a favorite in the most beautiful youth, some people, may spend their whole life, can't meet a favorite, some people, meet but miss it because of cowardice and fear."

"Maybe my ending wasn't perfect, and my marriage wasn't perfect, but I still feel lucky to be able to love someone righteously for that matter, and I don't regret it, really, not at all."

"If I want to say I regret it, I just regret that the person I love is Lu Jian Shen."

"So Nian Nian, if you really like it, give yourself a little chance. Huo Si Yan is better than Lu Jian Shen, at least his heart is clean and there are no other women residing in it."

Lu Jian Shen is different, his heart, too complicated.

Long before she broke into his world, his heart had already been filled with other women.

So later on, no matter how much she did and how well she did it, she could only be defined by him as an intruder.


Lin Nianchu opened her mouth and shouted, in fact, she wanted to say that Huo Si Yan was more complicated than she thought.

But as the words reached her mouth, she regretted it.

Xixi's own affairs are already distracting enough right now, she can't let her worry about herself anymore.

"What's wrong?" Seeing that Lin Nianchu didn't say anything further, Nan Xi asked.

Lin Nianchu shook her head and smiled, "Nothing, don't worry, I will protect myself."


About ten minutes later, Lin Nianchu received Nan Xi's refined picture.

When she saw the refined picture, Lin Nianchu immediately sent dozens of "likes".

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful.

Although her photography skills are very powerful, Xixi is also beautiful enough, the effect is already very beautiful.

But after all, it was a random cell phone shot, the lighting and so on was not professional at all.

After such a fix, the feeling was immediately different, simply directly comparable to international blockbusters.

"Wow, Xixi, you also debut, let's make a sisterhood combination, that will absolutely kill everything ah." Lin Nianchu said excitedly.

Nan Xi hadn't reacted yet and felt a bit puzzled.

Lin Nianchu immediately sent a few pictures that had just been refined to Nanxi.

Nan Xi looked at herself in the pictures and couldn't believe it, marveling, "Is this really me?"

"Of course, it has to be!"

"Nian Nian, how did you get it?"

"Had my retoucher fix it." Lin Nianchu replied.

"Nian Nian, you're simply wonderful."

Lin Nianchu immediately selected the picture she just made, clicked send, and instantly sent it all to Lu Jianxuan.

"Alright, wait for the good news."

Nanxi looked over just in time to see Lin Nianchu sending these pictures to Lu Jianshan.

"What's the point of sending them to him? I don't want to send it to him."

"Of course it's to boost your charm value, so that he, Lu Jian Shen, can properly open his eyes to see that our Creek Creek is so beautiful that the girls he doesn't cherish, there are more than enough people who like them, and it's not rare for him to be the only one at all."

Lu Jian Shen couldn't believe it when he received the picture.

Nan Xi wore an apricot colored sarong, her long and white legs were perfectly displayed, although it wasn't a slim fit dress, the curves of her body were on display, slender and beautiful.

Under the pale light, the smile raised at the corner of her mouth was gentle and bright.

Her eyes, as brilliant as stars, seemed to be hung with an entire starry sky, which was dotted with stars.

Lu Jianxuan zoomed in on the picture with two fingers, and when Nanxi's features were once again clearly displayed in front of his eyes, he dared to be sure that the picture wasn't someone else, it was definitely Nanxi.

For some reason, his hand squeezing the cell phone trembled a little.

Lu Jian Shen immediately called Nan Xi, and only remembered that his cell phone had been blacked out by her when he heard the response from there.

He switched to WeChat again and immediately sent a message over, "Where? I'll come pick you up."


Stone sunk into the sea.

There was no reply.

Lu Jianxuan sent again, "Answer me!"

"Still angry?"

"Nanxi, tell me where you are?"


As a result, there was still no reply.

Lu Jian Shen immediately switched directions and tweeted to Lin Nianchu: "Where are you guys?"

"Mr. Lu knows that he's in a hurry now? But why should I tell you?"

"Lin Nianchu, I think it's better if you tell me directly, I don't want to go to Huo Si Yan."

Lin Nianchu gritted her teeth, Lu Jianxuan, you are ruthless.

She returned, "It's useless for you to find Huo Siyan, he doesn't know either."

"If Xixi can pull the plug on you, I can pull the plug on Huo Siyan as well, Lu Jian Shen, it's useless to play rough in front of me, the only way you can do it is to go and coax Xixi properly and ask for her forgiveness, otherwise there's no solution."

After typing, Lin Nianchu directly exits, deciding not to respond anymore.

Lu Jian Shen, this man is just spoiled, just have to let him have a good taste of this feeling of begging but not being able to do so, so that he knows how hard it is for Xixi, how hard it is to love her.

On the other side, Lu Jian Shen held his cell phone and held his forehead, feeling a great headache.

He boasted that he had always been a strategist and decisive in the mall, but in the face of these two women, he was somewhat helpless.

Just when Lu Jian Shen's face was as cold as ice, suddenly, he saw a text message on his cell phone.

The text message prompted that Nanxi had a deduction about an hour and a half ago, and he carefully looked at the message prompt.

One was at the women's clothing store, and one was at the men's clothing store.

Men's clothing?

Nanxi definitely wouldn't buy clothes for Du Guokun.

Could it be that it was bought for him?

Thinking of this, Lu Jianxin was immediately in a panging mood, suddenly feeling that even his previous bad mood had been swept away.


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