Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 66: Nanxi Pulled Lu Jianxuan's Blackout

Seeing that it was Lu Jianxuan's call, Nan Xi didn't even think about it and hung up directly.

"Why don't you answer?" Lin Nianchu asked.

"Don't want to answer it, answering it instead affects my mood."

Lin Nianchu nodded in agreement, "I also think."

Over there, Lu Jian Shen was harboring a bellyful of anger in his heart, especially after the call was hung up by Nan Xi.

He made a second call;

The third call.

The results were all, without exception, all hung up by Nan Xi without mercy.

When Lu Jian Shen called again, he found that he had been blacklisted.

He immediately sent WeChat over, "Pull me out."

Nanxi deliberately pretended not to understand, "Pull what?"

"Pull out the blacklist."

So he knew.

That's even better, she's in a bad mood right now and wants him to stay in the blacklist.

Whenever she was in a better mood, she would pull him out again.

After drinking the milk tea, the two of them continued shopping.

At eye level was a very large store filled with all kinds of beautiful dresses and skirts, and all of them were very original in style.

Nanxi and Lin Nianchu took a look at it and both liked it very much, and the two of them excitedly walked in.

Soon, Nan Xi picked an apricot-colored tulle skirt.

The fabric of the skirt was especially light and translucent, and it was very comfortable to touch, so Nan Xi fell in love with it at the first glance.

What's more, the design of this skirt at the belly was very perfect, it didn't show her stomach at all, it was too suitable for her.

Nanxi went to change the skirt in the shopping guide's arrangement, when she came out, she immediately exited and shouted, "Nian Nian, how do you look? Does it look good?"


Unexpectedly, there was no answer.

"Nian Nian?" Nan Xi shouted again, but realized that Lin Nianchu wasn't next to her.

She wore a skirt and looked around, not expecting to finally find Lin Nianchu in the men's clothing section.

When Nan Xi walked over, Lin Nianchu was delicately caressing a blue suit in front of her, her expression was very serious, frowning slightly for a while, then stretching her brows and blooming into a smile.

Maybe she was too serious, so even when Nan Xi was standing beside her, Lin Nianchu didn't realize it.

Until Lin Nianchu finished looking, the shopper immediately came up with a smile, "Miss, you have a good eye, this suit is just back today, the national limited edition, no matter it's the fabric or the cut"

Halfway through her words, Lin Nianchu stretched out her hand and signaled, "Okay, I know, no need for an introduction."

"Then miss, do you mean to buy it?" The shopper enthusiastically asked.

"No need." Lin Nianchu finished and put on her sunglasses.

When she turned around, she realized that Nan Xi was standing beside her and had already changed her clothes.

Lin Nianchu exclaimed on the spot, "Wow, Xixi, this one looks good, too fairy, buy this one."

"Does it really look good?" Nan Xi was a little unsure.

Maybe it's because of marriage, so although she's studying, she always feels like she's already a wife, and every time she picks a dress, she tries to pick something mature.

But this dress, very girlish, looks youthful and lively, playful in a cute way.

"That must be, our Xixi Xixi looks beautiful, her skin is beautiful, cherry lips and melon face, whatever she wears looks good." Lin Nianchu immediately said.

Nanxi was embarrassed by her compliments, "Thank you Niannian, although I know it's far from you, I'm still very happy."

"I'm not bullshitting, our XiXi is beautiful, I, just fortunate to happen to be a star, who says that the star is the most beautiful, in fact, there are many people who are more beautiful than the star, XiXi is one of them."

"And," Lin Nianchu ruffled her big wavy hair and smiled flirtatiously at the mirror.

"Our two styles are completely different, you are fresh and cute and beautiful; I am"

Lin Nianchu's mind instantly floated to those words of Huo Si Yan's love in the depths of his heart, he nibbled on her earlobe, his breathing was thick and sexy: "Niannian, you're really a special thing on earth, I've never seen a sexier woman than you, you know? I can't wait to die directly on you."

Thoughts retracted, Lin Nianchu deepened her smile and replied, "I'm about as flirtatious and seductive beautiful as you can get."

Nan Xi glanced at Lin Nianchu and nodded very agreeably, "Well, I also think so."

"However, our Nian Nian is not only flirtatious, she's absolutely beautiful in all styles."

"Well, I love hearing this, Xixi, stand still and strike a few beautiful poses, I'm going to take a few pictures of you." Lin Nianchu said.

As soon as she heard that she wanted to take pictures, Nanxi was immediately very cooperative.

Nanxi is long and beautiful, any small action is very photogenic, and the result is also very beautiful.

So, with a few clicks, Lin Nianchu took a good picture.

"Nian Nian, I'll go in first to change my clothes."


Lin Nianchu waved her hand towards Nan Xi, then tapped her finger on her cell phone and sent a few pictures of Nan Xi to her team.

Afterward, it sent a voice over, "Listen up all of you darlings, whatever you have on your hands right now stop first and fix the few pictures I sent over properly."

"Nian Nian, this beauty can look ah, white skin, really a great, how come I have not seen, who is it?" The broker was the first to reply back.

Lin Nianchu knew her mind, immediately refused, "Sister Tong, more is not easy to divulge, anyway, just one sentence, you don't want to think about it, it's impossible for her to enter the entertainment industry."

"Ai, well, it's a pity."

The next message was from the retoucher, "Nian Nian, this beauty has a very good base, to what extent do you want to retouch it?"

"Of course, the prettier the better, it has to be super invincibly pretty, the kind that makes a man directly light up his dog's eyes when he takes a look."

"OK, Nian Nian, proper, leave it to me."

When Nanxi came out after trying on the clothes, she saw Lin Nianchu smiling happily at her cell phone.

She walked over, "What is it? So happy?"

"Well, keep it a secret for now, I'll tell you later."

Nanxi bought that apricot-colored skirt, when the two of them went out, she hesitated and looked at Lin Nianchu: "Niannian, are you sure you don't want to buy that suit?"

Lin Nianchu was a bit vain and immediately said, "No, what did I buy it for, I just casually looked at it, besides, this man's clothes, who did I buy it for?"

"Really? Are you sure you won't buy it?" Nanxi blinked her eyes and asked proddingly.

"Well, not buying." Lin Nianchu was certain.

Nan Xi turned around and walked in, "If you don't buy it, then I'll buy it."

"Ah, what did you buy it for? Xixi, you're not going to tell me that it's going to Lu Jian Shen, right? That scummy guy, he really wasted our Xixi such a flowery and beautiful wife, I want to dislike his face and scold him, and you're still buying clothes for him."

Mentioning Lu Jian Shen, Lin Nianchu was really getting more and more angry.

Nan Xi smiled, then explained, "Of course not, I bought it to give away."

"Give it to someone? Give it to who?" Lin Nianchu subconsciously asked.


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