Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 65: Must make Lu Jianxin's flesh hurt

Lu Jian Shen pinched his eyebrows, feeling a great headache, and his heart was even more stuffy, feeling extraordinarily uncomfortable.

"Our people don't need to pick her up, you arrange for a cab to pass by our house around eight o'clock." He then commanded.

"Ah, Mr. Lu, Young Lady has already made a car appointment with me, there's no need to be so troublesome." Lin Xiao was naturally greatly uncomprehending.

"Just listen to what I say and do it."

"Yes, Mr. Lu."

After hanging up the phone, Lu Jianxuan pinched his eyebrows hard.

If he guessed correctly, Nanxi wouldn't be traveling in any of the Lu family's cars today.

So, her only way was to take a cab.

However, they were in a villa area, built around a mountain, and every family had a car, so if it wasn't for special circumstances, there wouldn't be any cabs coming through there at all.

After eating, Nan Xi went up to put on a light makeup.

When she finally changed her shoes, she was in a deep tangle.

She wasn't too tall, belonging to the petite and delicate type, but if she went to the interview, there would definitely be a lot of people taller than her.

Although being a doctor was very important for education and personal ability, she couldn't afford to be beaten from the air as soon as she walked in the door for the interview.

So wearing a pair of high heels was the best choice.

But thinking about the baby made her hesitate.

There are a lot of people in the hospital, and there are emergencies at any time, in case she is accidentally bumped into by someone, high heels are extremely prone to twisting her feet, thus hurting the baby.

After agonizing for a while, Nanxi finally chose a pair of slightly higher flat shoes.

Both look taller, but also relatively safe.

When she went out to wait for the car, she was especially anxious.

Especially after waiting for ten minutes without waiting for a car, and even after she added money but no dropshipping driver took the order, Nanxi suddenly regretted it.

This interview was such an important opportunity, this was her dream position, if she missed the interview because she didn't catch the car, she would definitely regret it to death.

Although she was angry with Lu Jian Shen now, she really shouldn't have gambled with her interview.

If she had done his car in the morning, she would have been in the hospital by now.

After waiting for a few more minutes, just when Nanxi was looking forward to the end, suddenly, a cab with "empty car" drove over.

Nanxi was a little excited, and immediately waved.

Twenty minutes later, until the cab steadily parked in front of the hospital, Nanxi only breathed a sigh of relief.

Looking at the time, it was exactly eight forty, twenty minutes early, everything was fine.

The interview went well, Nan Xi's hanging heart finally settled down.

Although the hospital said that the result of the interview would be told by phone a week later, Nanxi knew that she had already been stabilized.

Because whether it was from the degree of professionalism, or the answers to the interview questions, or every other aspect, she had made sufficient preparations, and had complete confidence in herself.

Because she hadn't graduated yet, she could only go in as an intern.

However, she was not discouraged at all.

She knew that one day, she would definitely overcome all the difficulties and become an official doctor in this hospital, and then become the excellent doctor that her mother spoke of.

After going out from the hospital, Nan Xi went straight to the mall.

Last night, she thought well, Lu Jian Shen made her feel so bad, so she'll make a good purchase and make his wallet hurt once too.

Why is she the one who suffers every time, this time she will let him have a good hemorrhage as well.

After eating at the mall, Nanxi and Lin Nianchu met.

When she heard what Nan Xi had in mind, Lin Nianchu raised her hands in agreement, "The, Lu Jian Shen is just a death wish, Xi Xi, you follow me today, if you don't swipe the card until he has a flesh pain I won't be surnamed Lin."

"Good, then I'll leave it all to you." Nan Xi smiled and took her hand.

"Let's go, sisters two dash back."

Next, the two of them swept down from the seventh floor.

Nan Xi was puzzled: "Why don't you start from the first floor."

"Little fool, the first floor is basically all jewelry, that's the most expensive, so thrilling time, we have to wait until the end to give it to Lu Jian Shen."

Nanxi nodded her head, expressing strong agreement.

Their fighting strength proved to be limited, just after strolling through the third floor, the two of them got tired.

Luckily, as soon as the interview was over, Nan Xi changed into a pair of comfortable and soft flat shoes, otherwise she didn't want this foot.

The two immediately found a milk tea store nearby and sat down, Lin Nianchu ordered a cup of very iced milk tea, Nan Xi just looked at it enviously and finally asked for a cup of room temperature freshly squeezed juice.

Both of their drinks went up at the same time, and Nan Xi's eyes glistened as she looked at Lin Nianchu's icy cold, still floating ice cubes.

Ever since she knew she was pregnant, she had been very restrained in her life and listened to the doctor very well.

For so long, never ate ice.

But today, she was really craving it.

How could Lin Nianchu not see this.

Directly pushed the milk tea in front of Nan Xi: "Drink it, see you craving like a little greedy cat, your eyes are glowing, but I have a word first oh, only a tiny sip."

"Good, or Nian Nian understands me the most."

Nanxi immediately smiles and holds it over, lowers her head and takes a sip, then contentedly returns it to Lin Nianchu.

Meanwhile, Lu Jian Shen received a call.

"How's it going?" He spoke directly.

"Mr. Lu, Young Lady and Miss Lin are shopping, they should be tired of shopping, the two of them are resting at the milk tea store." The man reported.

"How's her mood? Better?"

The man looked at Nan Xi once again, then returned, "Young lady is very happy, and has been talking and laughing with Miss Lin."


He then asked, "How was her interview in the morning?"

"The young lady is very good, there are more than a hundred people left after the interview today was handpicked, and only three people were eventually recruited, and the young lady succeeded in applying for the job with the first score." That person's voice, extraordinarily excited and thrilled.


Lu Jian Shen responded and hung up the phone.

For some reason, for a moment, he actually didn't know whether to be sad or happy.

All these years, Nanxi had been living under the wings of the Lu family, and before she got married, she had her grandfather protecting her; after she got married, she had the dual escort of him and her grandfather.

He had always thought that she was still the same good girl who went to school with a backpack and two pigtails a long time ago.

He had even thought that a career like medicine was not necessarily for her.

Before making this phone call, he even wondered how he was going to help her pass this interview if she failed.

However, he was wrong, very wrong.

That quiet and skinny little girl back then had already grown up without realizing it, and was enough to amaze time.

The person who was wrong, was him, he was the only one who still looked at her with an unchanging gaze.

Thinking of this, Lu Jian Shen immediately dialed a phone number over to Nan Xi, ""


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