Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 64 - Nanxi, I'm sorry.

Lu Jian Shen rubbed his eyebrows, he felt especially messy in his heart right now.

Especially when he saw her shedding tears, he had a million bad feelings in his heart.

But soon, he forced himself to forget that feeling.

When he looked at Nan Xi again, his gaze became very sharp, and the voice that exited his mouth was icy cold, "It's my fault today, but Qinglian wouldn't call me for no reason, especially this late at night, she must have something important."

"Nanxi, I'm sorry, I have to take this call today."

Nanxi smiled.

It turned out that every time she insisted, it was to show her that there was no point in insisting.

She blinked and suddenly felt that the man in front of her was unfamiliar.

"Lu Jianxuan, you have to take it don't you?"

Her voice, all of a sudden, calmed down, no longer the hysteria she had just experienced, nor the sharpness and needling she had just experienced.

Glancing at her, Lu Jian Shen finally spat out one word: "Right."

Heh expected answer.

For some reason, hearing this word, Nan Xi grew calmer and calmer.

She reached out, taking out the cell phone hidden behind her.

Then, holding it with both hands, she respectfully handed it to Lu Jianxuan.

Looking at her like this, Lu Jianxuan felt very bad in his heart.

He pinched her fingers and gently comforted, "Nanxi, don't be like this, I'm just answering a call."

"Is that so?" Nanxi returned indifferently, not saying another word.

She lowered her eyes and rolled herself into the quilt, then reached out and turned off the lights in the room, leaving only a pale yellow wall lamp glowing faintly to keep the room from being too dark.

Two minutes later, Lu Jianxuan called back.

Nanxi's entire body was almost under the covers, only revealing a tiny head.

He hesitated for a few moments before looking at her and speaking, "Qinglian's car, it broke down on Ring Mountain, I'll go pick her up and come back right away."

Nanxi blinked and didn't say anything.

Lu Jianxuan leaned over to the bed, his slender fingers ruffling the broken hair on her forehead, then lowered his head, ready to drop a kiss on her forehead.

As if Nanxi sensed it, she immediately inclined her head and quickly dodged away.

Lu Jianxuan's hand, at once, froze awkwardly in mid-air.

He withdrew his hand and promised in a low voice, "I'll go for a while, I'll definitely be back tonight."

With that, he changed into his clothes and opened the door to his room, ready to go out.

Suddenly, Nan Xi's voice came from the darkness, "Lu Jian Shen, you made such a good promise, have you ever thought about what if you can't come back tonight? Would it be too much of a slap in the face?"

"I will definitely come back tonight." Lu Jian Shen said with certainty.

"Is that so?" Nanxi laughed.

"But your promises are no longer worth anything to me, all of them are like a poorly written lie."

She had also been naive, foolishly believing what he said, but what was the result? Instead of his gratitude and guilt, what she got was him deceiving her over and over again.

"Nanxi." Lu Jian Shen shouted her name, and from the tone of his voice, he could hear that he was already angry.

"Do you want me to count to you one by one?"

Nanxi painfully recalled the lies that had hurt her all over.

"That night, you answered a phone call, and when I asked you what was wrong, you said nothing. But just as I fell asleep, you got up and left, and didn't return for the whole night... Lu Jian Shen, you always thought that I didn't know, right? In fact, I knew all of it, I didn't fall asleep at all that night... I didn't say anything, it's just that I didn't bother poking and prodding you."

"And now, you said you were just answering a phone call, but in less than five minutes it turned into going out to pick her up."

"You said you'd be back tonight? Do you think you'd believe that if you were me?"

Nan Xi's voice, was so calm.

So calm that she even felt that what she was saying now was not her business.

"Lu Jian Shen, I might be a bit dumb, not the kind of person who is particularly smart. But it's only a little bit stupid, I'm not stupid."

"Just how ruthless are you to be able to hurt me like this over and over again?"

"You go away!"

When she said those three words, Nan Xi suddenly felt a sense of relief.

Lu Jianxuan suddenly turned back around and pounced on the bed to hold Nanxi tightly in his arms, "I'm sorry, Nanxi, I didn't know that I had originally done so many things to hurt you."

"I promise, I will be back tonight, rain or shine."

After saying that, Lu Jian Shen left.

In the room, it suddenly became empty.

Nanxi wrapped the quilt tightly and closed her eyes.

Soon, sleepiness came, this night, she realized that Lu Jianxuan not being around didn't seem to be that difficult, in fact, she could also fall asleep by herself.

Only in the past, she has been unable to let go in her heart, and every time, she would subconsciously tell herself that Lu Jianxuan has to accompany her, and has to sleep beside her in order to fall asleep.

But in fact, all habits can be changed.

One day, all the habits about Lu Jianzhen, she can definitely quit cleanly.

When she woke up in the morning, she was the only one in the room.

Nan Xi just faintly glanced at the seat next to her, probably because she never had any hope, so she wasn't disappointed.

However, when folding the quilt, Nan Xi realized that the quilt on the other side was actually hot.

She reached out and touched the spot next to it again, and it was also hot.

Could it be that he had returned?

However, she didn't care anymore.

When they arrived at the dining room, there was an exquisite breakfast on the table.

There was a great variety because it was all in tiny portions.

Shrimp dumplings, sandwiches, buttered bread, small ravioli

Almost all of them were her favorites.

When she saw Lu Jianxuan walk out of the kitchen wearing a dark gray apron, Nanxi was surprised.

She thought she had ordered takeout, but she didn't realize that he had made it all by hand.

Unwrapping his apron, Lu Jianxuan served a few of Nan Xi's favorites to her.

"Thank you!" Nan Xi tenderly said.

Hearing this word, Lu Jianxuan was stunned for a moment.

Thank you?

She was saying thank you to him.

Throughout breakfast, no one spoke again, and the restaurant was quiet.

Finally breakfast was over, Nan Xi was just about to get up when Lu Jian Shen looked at her and spoke, "Lin Lantern said you have an interview to attend today, I'll wait for you outside."

"No need."

Nanxi didn't even think about it and just refused.

"Isn't it at the Central Hospital? I'll be on my way." Lu Jianxuan said.

"It's there, but the written test is in the afternoon, I'll go there myself in the afternoon." Nanxi said.

"That's good."

After saying that, Lu Jian Shen left by himself.

Sitting in the car, he immediately made a call to Lin Xiao: "What time is Nanxi's interview."

"Nine o'clock in the morning!"

"Are you sure?" Lu Jian Shen's voice abruptly became cold.

"Of course I'm sure, the last time the young lady and I booked a car at eight in the morning."

He hadn't guessed wrong.

Nanxi had really lied to him.

Hate him that much? Hate it so much that she wasn't even willing to ride in the same car as him?


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