Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 63 - Nanxi, you can only be mine.

"If you really want to compare, I am nothing compared to you."

"Lu Jian Shen, in front of your deep love, I am ashamed to be inferior."

Nan Xi's heart ached when she finished speaking.

These words were true, she really couldn't compare to Lu See Deep, how deeply in love did one have to be, to be able to still hold on to their first love even after they had married their own wife, and even counted on her for a whole few years.

"Nanxi, are you being sarcastic?"

"No, I'm praising Mr. Lu, how could I be sarcastic?"

"Why don't I know, when did you become so eloquent?" He asked rhetorically.

Nan Xi Mo, in fact, she has always been very eloquent, and she has never been much of a meek, well-behaved person.

When she was young, because of her father's gambling, she was bullied by kids her age and even many younger than her, and later, she learned to protect herself.

If she wasn't ruthless, she would have been beaten and bullied all the time.

It was only after falling in love with her and marrying her that she put away all of her previous teeth and claws and transformed into a well-behaved and obedient kitten.

Many times, Lu Jianxuan rubbed her hair affectionately and said gently, "Nanxi, be good, you be good."

Her heart would instantly be a soft mess.

She was even thinking that even just being a docile and well-behaved cat like this, being held in his arms and pampered for the rest of her life, would be blissful.

However, she was wrong, wrong completely.

Eileen Chang said, in love with you, I became very low, very low, all the way down to the dust, but my heart is joyful, from the dust bloomed a flower.

How could he know that all her bending her head and ears, all her gentleness and good behavior, was only because she loved him?

As for the flower that blossomed from the dust, it had long been broken and withered by his own hands.

''Lu Jian Shen, let go of me, lately we both need to calm down, I don't think it makes any sense for us to continue discussing this."

It wasn't like love was something you could just discuss and fall in love with.

If only it was really that simple.

"How is it pointless?" Lu Jianxuan grabbed her wrist. "I think it's very meaningful."

"But I don't want to discuss it." Nanxi refused.

Lu Jianxuan stared at her and suddenly said, "Okay, then use do."

"Do what?" Nan Xi was blinded.

Suddenly, Lu Jian Shen kissed her lips fiercely, only this time, his kiss was no longer as gentle as before, it was almost as violent as a raging storm.

Nanxi's eyes widened, she couldn't believe that the man in front of her was Lu Jian Shen.

He was so domineering, so wild, she had never seen it before.

"Nanxi, don't forget, our marriage is still alive, you are my wife, I won't allow you to think about other men."

"So what? You still think about Fang Qinglian every day."

"Who told you I think about her every day." Lu Jianxuan lowered his head, his warm breath poking at her ear, "I'm full of you right now."

Nan Xi froze.

How could it be?

He must be joking and teasing her again.

Suddenly, Lu Jianxuan lowered his head and directly contained her earlobe.

Nanxi was shaken, her eyes widened, almost unbelievable, and in that instant, her mind went blank, she couldn't think of anything else.

"Nanxi, you are mine, my wife."

"On your body, you can only have my brand alone."

"Other than me, you can't belong to any man."

Lu Jian Shen's domineering voice rang in her ears, over and over again.

At that moment, Nan Xi took it seriously.

She really took it seriously.

"Is it okay now?" Lu Jianxuan lowered his head, a pair of faces covered in red blood color looked at her and gently inquired.

Nan Xi's heart instantly softened like a puddle of water, she closed her eyes, her white hands gently raised, wrapped around her head and hugged his neck.

Receiving affirmation, Lu Jianxuan was thrilled, he lowered his head, no longer suppressing himself.

The temperature of the room, was getting higher and higher.

The atmosphere, too, was getting warmer and warmer.

In the silent air, Nan Xi closed her eyes, her body was hot, and her heart was even hotter.

However, the moment the clothes were torn apart and her skin was exposed in the air, she still heard and felt it clearly.

She hugged Lu See Shen's head, her whole body rolling like fire.

At this moment, she didn't think about anything, she didn't dare to think about anything, she just wanted to follow the sensations of her body.

Suddenly, a sharp ringtone broke all the silence in the room.

This sound, of course, Nan Xi was familiar with it.

It could be said to be too familiar.

Even without the caller alert, Nan Xi knew that this call was from Fang Qinglian.

The reason was simple, because all of Lu Jian Shen's caller ringtones were the same, and Fang Qinglian was the only one who had this exclusive ringtone.

Hearing this ringtone, almost instantly, a bold idea exploded in Nanxi's mind.

She hooked her arm around Lu Jian Shen's neck and hugged hard, her mouth softly murmuring, "Don't answer it."

"Lu Jianxuan, don't answer it."

As if unsure, she repeated it again.

At the same time, she bowed up, trying hard to get herself closer to him, closer and closer.

However, it was useless.

Lu Jianxuan stopped abruptly, he raised his head and looked at Nanxi, "Let go of me."

"What if I don't let go?"

"Nanxi," Good boy.

Before the words came out of Lu Jian Shen's mouth, Nan Xi immediately cut him off, "Don't say well-behaved, Lu Jian Shen, in fact, you don't know, I'm not well-behaved at all, at one time, I even became a delinquent teenager, and almost went to the juvenile detention center because of fighting?"

"So, I'm not well-behaved, and I don't want to be well-behaved."

Lu Jian Shen frowned, as if he suddenly didn't recognize her, "Nanxi, let go."

Nanxi stubbornly hugged him, at this time, she already didn't want to fight with Fang Qinglian about the importance of a high or low, she just kept this last piece of self-respect for herself.

If at this time, he left her behind, then what was she?

Or wife?

I'm afraid no one will believe it when I say it.

Isn't it just like the women in the ancient Excelsior?

"I won't let go." Nanxi stubbornly said.

Lu Jianxuan didn't say another word and pulled Nanxi's arms away directly with force.

Nanxi almost watched as her arms were pulled down by him, hanging down heavily.

In the next moment, Lu Jianxuan's hand reached towards the direction of the cell phone.

Almost in that instant, Nanxi practiced the idea in her head.

She reached out, grabbed Lu Jianxuan's cell phone, and then hid it behind her.

"Nan Xi," Lu Jian Shen shouted her name angrily, "Give it to me."

"Lu Jian Shen, I'm your wife, I forbid you to take her call now."

"Nanxi, aren't you too sensitive, I'm just answering a call."

Oh, she was too sensitive.

A man throws his own wife on the bed and goes to answer another woman's phone at such an important moment, and says that she's too sensitive.

"Lu Jian Shen, you're the one who said that we have to hold on to this marriage and manage it well, but the first person to destroy this marriage was you, and the one who has been destroying this marriage is also you."

"Who was the one who said that he would never see Fang Qinglian again? What you said, all of it was a lie, right, just to fool me."

"Lu Jian Shen, is any of what you said to me true or not?"

Nan Xi shed tears and looked at him with teary eyes.


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