Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 62: Is that man your crush?

Just say it, who's afraid?

Nan Xi was also directly hardened to the end at this time.

"Lu see deep, why are you allowed to find Fang Qinglian, I can't find other people."

"Marriage is supposed to require both parties to operate together, joint efforts, you can go to find the first love, I must also be loyal to you, dead heart, not allow a little disobedience you right?"

Nan Xi's words just finished, when she looked up, she found that Lu Jian Shen's face was iron blue, exuding the aura of a frozen he-man.

Those eyes were even sharper, so cold that they didn't have a trace of temperature locked onto her, as if they wanted to see through her whole person.

After getting along for so long, she had never seen him like this.

It had to be said that Nan Xi was a bit scared.

She felt as if she had just pulled the hair out of a tiger's head with her words.

The air, it was as if it had stood still.

Nanxi stepped forward and grabbed the door handle, wanting to leave.

Suddenly, Lu Jianxuan covered her hand, and the temperature of his palm was extremely hot, especially high.

The words that came out were even hotter: "Don't go out."

"On what grounds, Lu Jian Shen, on what grounds are you restricting my freedom."

"On the basis that I'm your husband, your legal spouse."

Nan Xi sneered and looked at him, "Where are you like my husband?"

Lu Jian Shen was also so angry that he lost his mind, directly resisting Nanxi, he threw her onto the bed.

The bed was soft, and with Lu Jian Shen's strength, Nanxi directly sunk in.

She just wanted to get up, and in the next moment, Lu Jian Shen's long body tilted up, his hands, grasping Nanxi's hands tightly, and his legs pressed Nanxi's legs hard onto the bed.

"Lu Jian Shen, what are you doing? You let go of me." Nanxi glared at him angrily.

Lu Jianxuan, however, didn't say a word, his dark eyes staring at her, his body so cold that it didn't have the slightest bit of temperature.

Nanxi admitted that she was a bit scared.

And being bound by him, she couldn't move at all.

"Lu Jian Shen, you asshole, you only do this to me, why don't you do this to Fang Qinglian, you big asshole."

The more Nanxi cursed, the more sad she felt.

What is this, only bullying her.

"Right, Xixi, you're right, I'll only bully you."

As the words fell, Lu Jianxuan's lips kissed her fiercely, wantonly forging ahead.

In that instant, Nan Xi's head was blank.


So soft, so intimate a title, this was the first time she heard him call out like this.

When he called her, it was always "Nanxi".

But this "Xixi" instantly softened her to a mess.

What she wanted was not much at all.

Even if it was just a little bit of his concern, a little bit of care, she would be enough.

However, Lu Jianxuan couldn't even satisfy her with such a small request.

On her mouth, there was a sudden pain.

Nanxi turned back to her senses, and saw Lu Jianxuan staring at her with eyes as dark as ink: "What are you thinking about?"

Nan Xi opened her lips, just about to open her mouth, Lu Jian Shen jumped ahead, "Still distracted under me, Nan Xi, you're thinking about that man again aren't you?"

These words instantly extinguished the bit of warmth in Nanxi's heart.

She hooked her lips and smiled to herself.

She shouldn't have been moved.

"What are you laughing at?"

Lu Jian Shen asked her, for some reason, he felt that this smile on Nanxi's face made him extremely uncomfortable.

A trace of panic even arose in his heart, feeling as if Nanxi was getting farther and farther away from him.

"Why don't you answer?"

Nanxi pursed her lips as she refused to answer.

Lu Jianxuan became more and more angry, he reached out, and as he pinched Nanxi's chin, "Nanxi, speak."

"I don't want to say."

"Why don't you want to say?"

After Lu Jianxuan asked, the room instantly fell into a suffocating silence.

Thinking of something, his face suddenly became very agonized and commanding, "Nanxi, it's him, isn't it?"

"What is him?" Nanxi was puzzled by the question.

"Don't pretend." Lu Jian Shen coldly snorted: when you got married, you told me that there was a man you liked for a long time; when you got divorced, you told me that there was a man you had a crush on, and it was him, right?"

Toward the end, Lu Jian Shen's voice became very low, very disheveled.

He felt that his heart felt like it had been run over by some huge object, it was stuffy and particularly hard to bear.

In the past, he always looked forward to the two of them getting divorced, and then bridge to bridge, road to road.

But now, for some reason, as long as he thought that the two were going to divorce, and that she was going to completely leave his life and go find another man, he felt extremely unhappy.

It was even crazy with jealousy.

Lu Jian Shen, what's wrong with you?

Is it a sickness?

"Answer me." He looked at Nan Xi, stubbornly demanding an answer.

Nanxi smiled.

Only that smile, it was too bleak.

At this moment, she had absolutely no idea what words to use to describe her mood.

Lu see deep ah Lu see deep, you are blind, or heart is blind, my heart to you you can all turn a blind eye, right?

She loves him, but unfortunately he can't feel it at all anymore, and still thinks that she loves other men.

There is probably no joke in the world that is funnier than this.

Nan Xi couldn't help but laugh again.

She raised her head and looked coolly at Lu See-Shen, "You can interpret it however you want!"

It didn't matter.

"Surprisingly, it's really him."

The light in Lu See-Shen's eyes instantly dimmed, and there was not a trace of light anymore.

He hung his head against the nape of Nan Xi's neck, his exhaled breath all over her delicate skin.

For a long time, he didn't move or say another word, just holding her tightly.

Nanxi thought that he would be angry and question.

But Lu Jian Shen's behavior was completely out of her expectation.

She even saw a hint of sadness and despondency in his expression, but soon, Nan Xi shook her head in denial.

How could it be?

How could Lu Jianxuan be sad?

Even if he was sad, it was never because he had any feelings for her, but as his wife, he felt that her heart belonged to someone else and loved someone else, and his self-esteem as a man was just hit.

It has nothing to do with anything else.

It has nothing to do with love.

Nanxi, wake up, don't think too much.

Lu Jianxuan, the person he loves is Fang Qinglian. You can't fall in the same place again and again.


Suddenly, Lu Jian Shen raised his head, his dark eyes looking at her seriously.

"You love him that much? Love him so much that you still can't stop thinking about him for a whole decade?"

Nan Xi's eyes were equally dark as ink.

She blinked, then nodded, "Yeah, loved for many years!"

Since one lie had been told, it had to be rounded up with countless lies, right?

Lu Jian Shen felt that he was simply crazy to be here listening to his wife talk about how she was deeply in love with another man?

"You can be so deeply in love?" He said sarcastically.

Nan Xi looked at him and faintly returned, "Likewise to each other, haven't you also been deeply in love with Fang Qinglian, even when she was crippled in the leg?"


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