Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 61 - Lu Jianxin is furious

Nan Xi immediately stopped crying and her tears stopped flowing.

The crying stopped just like that.

Lu Jian Shen, however, felt a mixture of flavors, his heart couldn't tell what it felt like, and it was mixed with a deep sense of despondency.

"So afraid of me kissing you?"

His slender fingers gently rubbed Nan Xi's cheeks, his dark eyes were deep, making it impossible to see the emotions hidden deep within those eyes at this moment.

Nan Xi inclined her head, at this time, it seemed like no matter what she said, it would seem awkward.

Returning to his seat, Lu Jianxuan continued to drive.

This time, his car drove more normally.

When she arrived home, Nanxi directly took her clothes and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

She was a little tired and wanted to take a shower and go to bed early.

As for all that crap between him and Fang Qinglian, she no longer wanted to bother her head with it today.

Too many things had happened in the day today, she needed to calm down and calm down.

Moreover, the baby would only be fine if she rested well.

Right now in her heart, the baby was the most important thing.

However, Nan Xi didn't expect that she had just laid down on the bed, and in the next moment, she was tugged onto her body by a pair of strong hands.

In an instant, her petite body was on top of Lu Jianxuan.

Her body was pressed against his body, her breath against his breath, her heart connected to his heart.

Everything and anything about them was so close together.

Her head, was leaning against his heart.

As long as she gently lifted her head, she could clearly see his handsome, impeccably perfect face.

However, Nan Xi didn't lift.

She just lay on his chest like that, quietly listening to the heartbeats of the two of them.

Lu Jianxuan didn't say anything, and she didn't say anything either.

For a long while, the entire room was quiet, with only the sound of their breathing flowing.

Finally, Lu Jian Shen spoke, "The person Qinglian and I saw in the hospital today was you, right, Nanxi."

"Didn't you say you were at school? Why did you lie to me?"

Nanxi pursed her lips, about that issue, she didn't want to discuss it again at all.

Discussing it would just make her remember how hard it was back then again, make her heart ache again, other than that, there was no benefit.


Lu Jian Shen waited for a full three minutes after asking the question.

All that was waited for was silence, without any answer or explanation.

For some reason, that scene reappeared in his mind: she was standing side by side with a man at the entrance of the school, and she was smiling as she handed something to that man.

As soon as he thought about it, he found himself very upset, extremely unhappy.

Not waiting for an answer from Nan Xi, Lu Jian Shen could only continue to ask himself, "All that effort to lie to me, just to go see that man and date him?"

Nanxi had originally thought that she would just ignore it.

But this line of questioning from Lu Jian Shen made her instantly unable to bear it.

Nan Xi was so angry that she directly exploded, she raised her head, a pair of dark eyes staring at him angrily, "Lu see deep, speak with a conscience hair, you can slander me like this with one sentence?"

"Nan Xi, that's what I saw with my own eyes."

Nan Xi was angered even more by these words.

Does seeing it with your own eyes necessarily mean it's true?

And to say that she and Zhou Xiannan were dating?

It really pissed her off.

These two times, if it wasn't for Zhou Xiannan's help, she didn't even know what would have become of her?

She just invited her savior to have a cup of coffee and, he made it sound like she was cheating on him.

Obviously the unkind person, the one who apologized for their marriage was him, who was he to accuse her.

Nan Xi felt her long pent up anger all roaring up at this moment.

"Lu Jian Shen, I admit that I stood at the school entrance with a man, but that was just a normal interaction between friends, which eye did you see that I was dating?"

"You're accusing me? What about you and Fang Qinglian? You're a married man who's married, running to the hospital every day to meet a woman who's obsessed with you, have you ever thought about how I feel?"

"And Fang Qinglian, knowing that you have a wife, why does she still seduce you and not let go."

"Lu see deep, I'm open and honest, I have a clear conscience, it's you guys who are the ones who sneak around and can't see the light, and now in the end everything is still my fault."

After Nan Xi finished speaking, she directly climbed up from Lu Jian Shen's body.

This place really couldn't stay for a moment, she felt suffocated.

How could this happen?

Lu Jian Shen, you bastard, you can't bully me recklessly just because I like you.

Obviously the wrong people are you and Fang Qinglian, and in the end, you guys picked clean, as if the fault is all hers alone.

This is simply ridiculous.

She Nanxi is in love with him, so she is willing to suffer a little.

A lot of things, she is generous, so no catty.

However, she was not rebellious and could let him and Fang Qinglian bully her over and over again.

"What are you doing?"

Seeing Nanxi running down, Lu Jianxuan suddenly got up.

"It's out of your hands."

Pulling open the door, Nan Xi was ready to head out.

Lu Jian Shen, however, rushed to her with an arrow step and closed the door in front of her, while looking at her, "I still have to care."

"Get out of my way, it's my freedom to go if I want to, who are you to stop me?"

"Freedom?" Lu Jian Shen coldly snorted, "What do you want to go out for? To find that man? How come I don't know when you knew that man?"

Listening to his mouth open and close with "that man", Nan Xi felt more and more irritated.

Zhou Xiannan had saved her a few times, and had done her a huge favor, so calling him "that man" seemed too unpleasant and disrespectful.

"Lu Jian Shen, he has a name, don't talk about that man."

Hearing Nan Xi defend that man, Lu Jian Shen felt more and more angry, simply furious.

In his impression, he hadn't been this angry for a long time.

The last time he was very angry was when his grandfather forced him to marry her and he had to be forced to accept it when he resisted to no avail.

Even when Qinglian had been sent out of the country, and he had watched her go farther and farther away, completely leaving his world, he hadn't been this angry.

But this time, Lu Jian Shen admitted that he was really pissed off by Nan Xi.

The two of them had only known each other for just a few days, and she was already protecting that man so much.

"Lu Jian Shen, you asshole, why are you so unbelievable."

Nan Xi ended up being so angry that she cried, tears rustling down her face, "Why is it that you can have an old lover, a call from your old lover and you can drop everything to accompany her, hush and care; what about me? I even have to be questioned and doubted by you for even having a friend."

"Lu Jian Shen, why are you so overbearing? As I said, I, Nan Xi, am not a vegetarian either, you can go and find your first love woman to make love to me, I can also go and find a little fresh meat, why is it that you can afterward, but I can't."

Nan Xi was also angry and mad, so she said everything.

Lu Jian Shen was even more furious by her, his eyes were scarlet red, his icy cold eyes stared at her dead on, and he spoke word by word: "Nanxi, say that again?"


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