Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 60: Lu Jianxin, let go of me.

The next moment, the car window slowly slid down, revealing Lu Jian Shen's face.

His face, so cold that it didn't have the slightest bit of temperature, looked more and more icy as water in the moonlight.

"Lu See-Shen?" Nanxi was very surprised when she saw him, "Why are you here?"

Didn't she already say that she was staying at the school today?

No need for him to pick her up?

In the past two days, even if she was tired and suffering, she had borne it alone and silently, not bothering him.

Even when she was lying alone in the hospital bed, her mood was so calm that she couldn't afford any waterworks.

So, she had always told herself that she was calm and that she didn't need him anymore.

But now, when he suddenly appeared in front of her, Nan Xi realized that she was wrong.

It wasn't that she didn't care, but that she cared too much.

So she had been desperately trying to suppress her heart, to keep herself from thinking about it.

But once she saw him, all these emotions broke through the defense.

She hadn't thought that Lu Jian Shen would come to the school to pick her up this evening, something that would never have happened before.

In the past, every time, it was Lin Xiao who drove to pick her up, and he had never come in person once.

Suppressing the emotions in her heart, Nanxi glanced at him, then turned around and quickly walked forward.

Seeing that Nanxi didn't get into the car and ignored him, her small figure stubbornly weaving in and out of the dark night, Lu Jianxuan reached out and rubbed his eyebrows vigorously.

"Follow up, slowly."

Lu Jian Shen commanded.

Soon, the car slid slowly, keeping close to Nan Xi.

Lu Jian Shen didn't speak to her again, and Nanxi continued to walk forward as if he didn't exist.

In the night, one person and one car, shoulder to shoulder, traveled forward.

About ten minutes later, Nanxi arrived at the dormitory building.

This time, Lu Jianxuan couldn't remain calm anymore.

"Stop the car."

Yelling out, he directly pushed open the car door, his long and slender legs getting out of the car, then quickly walked next to Nanxi.

"Still gambling?" He grabbed Nanxi's wrist.

Nanxi inclined her head, not wanting to pay attention to him.

She didn't want to say a word right now.

"Go back with me." Lu Jianxuan added.

Nanxi immediately shook her head, "You go back, I've already said that I'll stay in the dorm tonight."

Seeing that she insisted and had a serious and earnest look on her small face, Lu Jian Shen changed his strategy.

With a bend, he directly picked up Nanxi.

Suddenly vacated, Nanxi jumped in fright and reflexively hugged Lu Jian Shen's neck.

Lu Jian Shen's low voice laughed, extraordinarily good: "Hold tight, let's go home."

Nan Xi reacted and immediately boarded up her small face, coldly saying, "Who's going home with you, let go of me."

Lu Jian Shen, however, ignored it and still hugged her.

His arms were like steel, hard to the core, no matter how hard Nanxi pushed, it didn't have the slightest effect.

In the end, she could only pound Lu Jianxuan's chest, resisting over and over again, "Lu Jianxuan, let go of me, you're forcing me like this."

"You let go of me, let go."

Lu Jian Shen, however, hugged even tighter.

The next moment, she was placed in the car by Lu Jian Shen.

With a thud, the seatbelt was tightly buckled.

Nan Xi glared at him angrily, furious: "Lu Jian Shen, you're kidnapping, you're restricting my freedom of life, I can sue you."

Who knows, Lu Jian Shen didn't take it to heart at all, coldly returning, "You're welcome to sue."

Nanxi was so angry with him that she was about to collapse.

Lu Jian Shen went around to the main driver, pulled the door open with one hand, and looked at the driver with his ghostly cold eyes, "You come down and take a taxi back by yourself."

"Ah, Mr. Lu, then how do I drive this car back?" The driver was confused for a moment.

Lu Jian Shen felt that he was too stupid, holding his forehead and yelling out in a low voice: "I'll drive the car, you take a taxi back yourself, got it?"

The driver was immediately scared and quickly fled down the road, then ran away in a puff of smoke.

Lu see deep sat on the driver's seat, and then directly locked the door of the car.

Undeterred, Nan Xi continued to push the car door, but the door was like a mountain, not moving at all.

After struggling for a long time, Nanxi could only resign herself to sitting on the passenger seat with her eyes closed, and then remained silent.

At this moment, she simply didn't want to say a word to Lu Jianxuan.

Lu Jianxuan's car drove extremely fast, almost out of the level of racing.

In the late night streets, the road was very empty, almost no one was there.

Plus the road was very wide, Lu Jian Shen kicked the gas, the steering wheel turned madly, Nan Xi felt that her heart was almost scared out of her chest.

She was scared.

Was really scared.

Their car couldn't be called a car anymore, it was practically flying.

Nanxi desperately grabbed the seatbelt and breathed hard.

Just now, she wasn't sure if Lu Jian Shen was angry, but now, she could be very sure that he was angry.

People like Lu Jian Shen, always introverted and unfathomable in nature, sometimes even if he was angry, he would hold back his anger or be very subtle, rarely leaking out.

But he has a fetish, once angry, the car will drive very fast.

I remember once angry, he went directly to the race track to drive a few laps.

Maybe it was the feeling of this crazy gallop that stopped him.

But the angry person should obviously be her, okay?

What kind of anger is he angry about?

A crazy turn, if she wasn't wearing a seatbelt and closing the window, Nanxi felt like she could fly directly outside the car.

In the end, Nan Xi begged for mercy.

"Lu Jian Shen, stop, stop quickly."

"It's too fast, slow down!"

However, Lu Jian Shen acted as if he didn't hear, still driving fast.

In the back, Nan Xi's voice was tinged with tears, "Oooh, you drive slower."

"I'm afraid, you stop, you stop quickly."

It was only at this point that Lu Jianxuan stepped on the brakes and came to an abrupt stop.

It wasn't until the car stopped on the side of the road that Nanxi felt better.

Suddenly, with a wow sound, she directly cried out.

While crying, she went to hit Lu Jianxuan: "You crazy person, you scared me to death you know?"

"I thought I was going to die, I was scared to death."

"Lu Jian Shen, you pervert."

Shocked, Nan Xi couldn't care less, a brain said all the things she wanted to say.

Lu Jian Shen reached out and held her in his arms.

Nan Xi, however, was still crying, "Lu Jian Shen, you're simply crazy."

She was really scared to death just now.

Especially thinking about the baby, she was even more scared.

Luckily, right now, other than the nervousness and fear in her heart, her body was still fine and there was nothing uncomfortable about it.

But even so, she was still scared.

Those tears were falling from fear.

After crying for several minutes, Nanxi simply couldn't stop feeling.

Lu Jianxuan held her face, coaxing and apologizing, but none of it had the slightest effect.

In the end, his brows furrowed as he looked into her dark eyes and spoke seriously, "If you cry again, I'll kiss you."


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