Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 59 - Nan Xi is with another man

Zhou Xiannan nodded, "It's too flashy, so I'm going to go back to the team to change clothes first, it just so happens that there's a cafe near the police force, so it's convenient to go over there."

"Oh, good."

Nan Xi immediately lowered her head and got into the car.

When they arrived at the place, Zhou Xiannan asked Du Peng to arrange a place for Nanxi to wait, and he went to change clothes himself.

During this time, Nanxi received a call from Lu Jianxuan.

She didn't want to answer it.

But that side called several times in a row.

In the end, Nanxi could only take a deep breath and press the answer button.

However, she had overestimated herself in the end.

When she answered the phone, Lu Jianxuan's voice came out, "Nanxi."

Just hearing the name, she already had a sense of suffocation and pain in her heart.

"Are you at school today?" Lu Jianxuan asked tentatively.

Nanxi covered her lips as she tried hard to control her emotions.

Really, really controlling it very, very hard.

Not hearing her response for a long time, Lu Jian Shen was a little anxious: "Nanxi, is it there? Return to me if you're there."

Nanxi tilted her head and blinked her eyes hard.

She tried her best to control herself, and only after a while did she manage to squeeze out two words, "Uh, in."

There were only two words, but Nan Xi felt that it had consumed all the strength in her body.

"What time does school end, I'll pick you up." Lu Jianxuan said again.

Nan Xi used the nails of her right hand to desperately pinch the palm of her left hand to calm herself down.

Taking another deep breath, she desperately slowed down so that she wouldn't let her emotions out, "No, I'll go home by myself."

"I have class, I'll hang up if there's nothing else."

Nanxi snatched the words out of her mouth.

"I'm good." At this time, Zhou Xiannan walked out in civilian clothes.

Nan Xi immediately hung up the phone.

Over there, Lu Jianxuan held the phone and subconsciously frowned.

Having been a couple with her for two years, although he hadn't really spent much time together, with his insight into people's hearts and meticulous observation, he still had a better understanding of Nanxi.

Nanxi was simple by nature, thin-skinned, and not good at telling lies at all.

Just now, her voice was very small, very light, and with a slight tremor, the moment she heard it, she knew that she had told a lie.

And that strong and powerful man's voice, he heard it very clearly, absolutely impossible to be an illusion.

Nanxi lied to him.

And was with another man.

It was also very likely that she had lied to him for this man.

Realizing this, Lu Jian Shen instantly felt incomparably dull and irritated.

Seeing that Lu Jian Shen was silent after hanging up the phone, Fang Qinglian took the initiative to open her mouth, "Jian Shen, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, I'll push you back."

When they arrived at the cafe, Nanxi handed Zhou Xiannan the coffee list, "You choose!"

"A cappuccino."

Nanxi raised her eyes, "Do you like to drink this too?"

"Well, prefer this flavor."

This point Nan Xi was really especially surprised, in her impression, men generally don't love sweetness too much, mostly love to drink pure Americano or bitter coffee mostly, those who like sweetness are really few.

Lu JinShen was an example.

"I didn't expect you to like this kind of coffee that is a bit on the sweet side."

Zhou Xiannan's gaze became far-reaching as he faintly explained, "My father is also a police officer, his job is very dangerous, when I was small, every time he went out on a mission I would put a candy in his palm in the hope that he would come home safely."

"Then when I grew up, every time I went on a mission, I also got used to bringing a candy."

Although she hadn't personally experienced those dangerous moments, Nanxi had seen a lot of them on TV.

At this moment, such a flesh and blood heroic character appeared in front of her, she was still very emotional.

Soon, the waiter made the coffee and brought it up.

Considering the baby, although Nan Xi had some coffee cravings these days, she still held back.

"By the way, my name is Nan Xi."

Halfway through drinking the water, Nan Xi remembered this important issue, she hadn't introduced herself yet.

"Zhou Xiannan." He similarly extended his hand.

When she held his fingers, Nan Xi's mind froze for a moment.

This palm, so warm and familiar.

It really resembled Lu Jianxuan's hand.

Speak of the devil, the next moment, Nan Xi's cell phone rang again, Lu Jian Shen called.

She hesitated for a moment, but still hesitantly picked it up.

"Hello." In order to make herself look normal, this time, Nan Xi was the first to open her mouth.

"Still at school? I'm coming to pick you up." Lu Jianxuan said.

Nanxi didn't even think about it, she directly refused, "No, I'll sleep at school tonight, you're so busy with work, get some rest early."

After saying that, without waiting for Lu Jian Shen to answer, Nan Xi directly hung up the phone.

After finishing her coffee, Nanxi went to the front desk to settle the bill.

Just in time to see a delicate little plate in front with milk candies, Nanxi took two.

After leaving the door, the sky outside was a bit cloudy.

Recently it's been cloudy and rainy, with more rain, often in the afternoon it's still sunny and clear, and then in the evening it's a torrential downpour.

Looking at this, it looked like it was going to rain.

"I'll give you a ride." Zhou Xiannan took the initiative to speak.

"Ah?" Nan Xi didn't react for a moment.

"Didn't you just say you're going back to live at school? It's dark, it might rain, and it's not safe for you to ride in a car as a girl." Zhou Xiannan explained.

Nan Xi listened and instantly felt warmth in her heart.

But it was also at that moment that a chill suddenly crept up in her heart again.

Even a person she had just met would know to care about her, but Lu Jian Shen, as her husband, when she needed him the most, he accompanied another woman.

Because she didn't drive when she went to the cafe, Zhou Xiannan was going to take a taxi to send Nanxi back to school.

As a result, once Nan Xi said the name of her school, she instantly realized that it was not far from here.

Not only that, it was also very close to Zhou Xiannan's police force.

This was truly a heavenly fate.

As the two walked side by side, Nan Xi became curious about Zhou Xian Nan's life in the police force, and Zhou Xian Nan told her some interesting things.

Instantly making Nan Xi laugh.

After about twenty minutes of walking, they arrived at the entrance of Nanxi's school.

"I'm here, thank you."

"Well, quickly go in." Zhou Xiannan nodded his head.

At this moment, no one noticed that a black luxury car was parked not far away, with Lu Jian Shen sitting inside.

The car windows were tightly closed, and the roadside lights were very dim, so at this moment, no one could see his expression.

But if they could see it, they would be able to realize how gloomy and cold and scary his face was at the moment.

Through the dim light, his gaze was locked onto the direction where Nan Xi and Zhou Xiannan were standing.

Nan Xi had just taken two steps when she suddenly realized the milk candy that she had just been squeezing tightly in her hand.

She turned around and opened her mouth to shout, "Zhou Xiannan."

Then jogging over, she placed the milk candy in her hand in his palm and said earnestly, "For you, I hope that every time you go out to the police, you will return safe and sound."


After Zhou Xiannan left, Lu Jianxuan instructed his driver, "Drive in and catch up with her."

Five minutes later, Lu Jian Shen's car stopped beside Nan Xi.


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