Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 57 - Nan Xi fainted

"Baby, you have to be good."

"Baby, don't worry, mommy is strong, mommy won't let anything happen to you."

Nanxi's hands, kept tightly protecting her stomach.

During this time, she had been hesitant to call Lu Jianxuan.

To call?

She asked herself over and over again.

For a moment, she had actually found out his phone number and dialed it.

However just as the other party was about to connect, she quickly hung up.

When she arrived at the hospital, Nan Xi immediately registered for a number, fortunately it was a weekday and not too difficult to get a number.

During the period of waiting for the number, she was already having a hard time, the whole person was dizzy and light-headed, she even had the illusion that she would faint right away.

The waiting room was full of people, and the air was closed.

Nanxi got up and wanted to go out for a walk.

Just as she walked down the hall, just then, an emergency patient was pushed in the hall.

Doctors and nurses pushed the patient and shouted, "Make way, make way."

Nan Xi knew that the situation was critical, and every minute and every second of emergency care was very precious at this time, and seeing that the emergency patient was being pushed in her direction, she couldn't think fast enough and immediately got out of the way.

Probably in too much of a hurry, Nan Xi's foot suddenly wrenched when she gave way, and her whole body quickly fell to the side.

Fortunately, there was a large pillar next to her, and she held onto it with force so that she didn't fall.

Beside her, doctors and nurses pushed the patient and ran frantically towards the emergency room, behind them was a line of police in uniform, all following in a whirlwind.

Nanxi was about to say that she had only seen this image on TV when suddenly, her eyes went black.

The next moment, she had no consciousness of anything.

"Boss, someone fainted."

"It seems to be the person who just gave us way." Du Peng said.

Zhou Xiannan broke away from the formation and ran like the wind to Nanxi, picked her up, and then rushed all the way straight to the emergency room.

Outside the emergency room, Du Peng thought for a long time, suddenly thought of something and slapped his head violently, "Boss, I remember, I told you how this beauty is so familiar, isn't this the same beauty who sat in our car last time?"

"Boss, I have to say, you and her are really destined to be together."

Du Peng finished excitedly, but he saw that Zhou Xiannan's face was cold, and there was no change on his face.

"Boss, why don't you say something, do you still recognize the other beauty?" Du Peng was so anxious.

Zhou Xiannan only coldly swept him a glance, "Don't recognize."

In fact, he recognized Nanxi the first moment he picked her up.

Nanxi was indeed beautiful, with a standard melon face, willow leaf eyebrows, crimson lips, and a high nose, her features were impeccably perfect.

However, this was not the most important.

Rather, the feeling she brought to him was too profound.

The two times he saw her, he felt a faint sadness in her.

That sadness even gave him the urge to wave it away.

For a moment, he was especially curious as to what she would look like if she smiled.

At this time, Zhou Peng's phone rang, after answering the phone, he immediately reported to Zhou Xiannan: "Boss, the bullet was taken out, and his life was saved, this mission is finally a bit of a harvest, when he wakes up he should be able to pry quite a few things."

"You immediately go up and keep an eye on it, let me know immediately when he wakes up."

Du Peng looked at the emergency room again, "But this beauty"

"You don't need to be in charge here, I'll come up immediately after confirming that she's fine."

"Okay boss, then I'll go up first."

Before leaving, Du Peng also did not forget to tell him, "Boss, you take the initiative, don't forget to ask for WeChat ah!"

Well, Du Peng didn't realize that the two had already added WeChat the first time.

Of course, Zhou Xiannan certainly wouldn't tell him either.

After waiting for another ten minutes, the doctor came out of the emergency room, Zhou Xiannan immediately walked up, "Doctor, how is she?"

"Fainting caused by fever and exhaustion, and a little bit of poor nutrition, but fortunately the fetus is not much of a problem."


The answer just now was completely unexpected by Zhou Xiannan, who froze for a long time before squeezing out a few words.

As a SWAT officer, this was already a rare stuttering moment in his life.

The doctor looked at his dumbfounded face and thought of what Nanxi had said last time about not telling her husband that she was pregnant.

Coupled with the fact that he had long forgotten about Lu Jian Shen's looks, he quickly took Zhou Xian Nan as Nanxi's husband and questioned him very angrily: ''What else? You're too incompetent to be a husband, your wife is two months pregnant and still doesn't know."

"Do you still have to have her tell you, you can't even find out such an obvious thing, how on earth did you become a husband?"

The more the doctor said, the angrier he felt.

Especially when she saw Zhou Xiannan's dumbfounded face, without the slightest bit of introspection or guilt, she became even more angry.

When she thought of Nan Xi's recent trips to the hospital, she became more and more furious: "It's only been two months since you were conceived, how many times have you been in the hospital? If this continues, do you still want this child?"

"Doctor, I'm I'm not."

Zhou Xiannan opened his mouth, wanting to explain.

But the doctor didn't listen to his explanation at all, and directly shoved the reminder bill handed by the nurse into Zhou Xiannan's hand, "Go and pay the bill immediately."

After saying that, the doctor re-entered the ward.

Zhou Xiannan froze and looked at the reminder slip in his hand, then went to the first floor to pay the fee.

In the ward, Nanxi was receiving an infusion.

When the doctor saw her, he was both distressed and angry: "You, you're already weak, why don't you know how to take care of yourself?"

"I've told you many times, you must have a happy mood, only if you're good, the baby will be good."

"You've all turned a deaf ear to my words, you haven't listened to them at all right?"

Nan Xi knew she was wrong, so she obediently lowered her head and waited for the lecture.

When the doctor saw her head bowed, he immediately couldn't bear to see her, and comforted her again, "Well, I'm not trying to lecture you, I just hope that you and the baby are well, and that you'll be able to have a safe and smooth delivery eight months later."

Speaking of this, the doctor remembered Nan Xi's husband, "By the way, I didn't hold back just now outside and told your husband about your pregnancy, sorry!"

"Told him?" After Nanxi asked, her heart steeply sank, as if there was a stone pressing down on her.

"Uh, said it."

He knew.

Lu Jianxuan knew.

There was only one voice in Nan Xi's head at the moment: did Lu Jian Shen know she was pregnant?

Then, what would his reaction be?

For this baby, was he happy? Bored? Or was he forced to accept it.

Is he really prepared mentally and really welcome this baby?

Nan Xi was panicking in her heart, thinking about all of these.

The doctor was prescribing the list while spitting, "That husband of yours, I looked like a fluttering gentleman the first time I saw him; this time he came still wearing a police uniform, looking at how handsome his face is, human-like, how come he doesn't know how to cherish it?"

"It's true that men are slagged off regardless of profession or type."

Police uniform?

Wait, Nan Xi felt as if she had caught the point.

How could Lu Jian Shen wear a police uniform?

"Did you just say that he was wearing a police uniform?" Nan Xi looked at the doctor and asked very seriously.


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