Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 56: Can't Hang On

Lin Nianchu walked over in her pajamas, and when she saw Nan Xi, her entire body was shocked.

"Xixi, how come it's you?"

Soon, she saw Nan Xi soaked to the skin, with her hair draped over her head, a picture of woe.

"Come in quickly."

After pulling Nanxi into the house, Lin Nianchu immediately went to get a bath towel, then surrounded Nanxi in a ball, wiping her soaked hair and the rainwater on her body.

"You sisters chat, I'll leave first!" Huo Siyan is also quite thorough, and after saying this, he leaves first.

It wasn't until he left that Nan Xi's taut strings slowly loosened.

She jumped into Lin Nianchu's arms and instantly burst into tears, "Niannian, I'm so hard to bear, I feel as if I can't hold on anymore."

"What happened?" Nianchu quickly realized something was wrong and hurriedly asked, "Did Lu Jian Shen do something to bully you again?"

Nanxi just leaned in Lin Nianchu's arms, only feeling so tired that she didn't want to say another word.

In the living room, there was still a TV on.

Lin Nianchu turned down the sound, so Nanxi just kept leaning against her, quietly watching the TV.

She didn't cry anymore, but she didn't speak either.

Silent like a well-behaved doll.

Lin Nianchu watched, not to mention how heartbroken she was.

In her heart, she even greeted Lu Jian Shen eight hundred times.

Only after a long, long time did Nanxi raise her head and look at Lin Nianchu with a pale face, "Niannian, I'm so cold, I want to take a bath."

"Okay, you sit here, I'll go put the bath water on for you."


Soon, Lin Nianchu put on the bath water and helped Nanxi with her clothes.

When Nanxi went into the bathroom, Lin Nianchu was very worried, "Xixi, let me accompany you!"

Nanxi shook her head, "It's fine, I can do it alone."

She wanted to be quiet, alone and well.

In the bathroom, the heat was soaring, once Nanxi went in it was as if she had entered a wonderland of smoke.

The temperature inside was just right, warm.

Glancing at the bathroom in front of her, Nan Xi didn't even take off her clothes, so she walked right in and soaked right into it.

The water, very warm and warm.

Nan Xi closed her eyes, and almost without the slightest hesitation, she directly soaked her entire body into the bathtub.

The huge amount of water instantly spread over her shoulders, her neck, then her face, and finally her entire head.

Soon, Nan Xi's entire body was submerged in the water.

The buoyancy of the water made her feel like her entire body was floating, her long hair spreading out like vines in the water, a deep black color.

It was as if this was the only time she could think of nothing, could let herself go willy-nilly.

It was also possible to show her completely true self without having to disguise herself and hide herself.

When her head surfaced, Nan Xi gasped hard and reached out to wipe off the water droplets on her face.

It was a bit salty and astringent.

At this moment, even she herself couldn't tell if she had shed any tears.

Outside the door, Lin Nianchu has been standing to the side quietly waiting.

She didn't dare to move back and forth from side to side for fear of giving Nan Xi too much pressure.

She also didn't dare to walk away, because she could sense that Nanxi's condition was very bad, and she was afraid that something would happen if she left.

Twenty minutes passed, and Lin Nianchu was so anxious.

After hesitating for a long time, she still knocked on the door, "Xixi, have you washed up?"

It took a whole minute for Nan Xi's voice to come from inside: "Uh, almost."

Another seven or eight minutes passed before Nanxi opened the door in her pajamas.

The moment she saw her, Lin Nianchu was all relieved, she was really scared to death.

But in an instant, she saw the redness on Nanxi's face and immediately touched her head, asking worriedly, "Why is your face so red? Is it a fever?"

"No, it's probably because the bath was a bit long and foggy inside."

When Nan Xi said this, Lin Nianchu also felt that it did make sense, so she didn't think much about it.

At night, Lin Nianchu stayed with Nan Xi until Nan Xi fell asleep, she turned off the light and left the room.

However, what Lin Nianchu didn't know was that just after she closed the door and left, Nan Xi opened her eyes and stared at the ceiling listlessly.

She felt not good at all right now, simply awful.

But for some reason, she just couldn't be happy.

She opened her mouth and tried her hardest to learn the eight-tooth smile she used to train, yet once, twice, eight times, ten times

Tried many, many times, and it didn't work.

She couldn't smile, she felt as if she had forgotten how to smile?

Joy, anger and sadness were clearly human instincts!

How simple it was, why couldn't she learn it?

Nan Xi didn't believe in evil, the more she couldn't do it, the more she wanted to do it.

In the end, I don't remember how many times I tried, smiling so hard that her face was stiff, she didn't get a bright smile.

It turns out that when the heart withers, it is true that you can't smile.

Just like when the roots of a tree die, the leaves are destined to wither and yellow.

Because of the reason of filming for many years, plus frequent night filming, Lin Nianchu's work and rest is very irregular, and she often stays up late at night, so she also developed the habit of going to bed late and waking up late.

But thinking of Nan Xi's situation, she purposely set several alarm clocks and woke up very early.

"Xixi, I've prepared breakfast, get up and eat." Lin Nianchu pushed open the door and spoke gently.

However, upon seeing the empty bed, she instantly froze.

Xixi was not there.

As soon as she walked in again, she found a small note on the nightstand.

It was left by Nan Xi, and the words on it were clear and neat: "Nian Nian, thank you for taking me in last night, I'm much better, I know it's not easy for you to shoot a movie, so rest well and don't worry about me. Xixi stay."

As soon as Lin Nianchu read it, she immediately called Nanxi.

But it was already unanswered over there.

Nanxi had planned to go straight home to review, in a week's time, she had an interview with a nationally recognized hospital, as well as her preferred hospital.

That place was the goal she had always pursued, so she had to put in a hundred percent effort, no excuses.

Also, that hospital was where mom used to work.

Only mom was only a supernumerary nurse at first, with a meager salary and not much pay.

When I was small, mom often said, "Xixi, if you like to study medicine, you must further your education, and later come to mom's hospital, look at those doctors and professors, saving lives and saving people, saving patients who walk into the ghost gate one by one, it really makes me especially admire them, and that's what mom has always been longing for, it's just a pity that mom doesn't have the chance anymore, but mom hopes that you can go in and be an admired doctor."

"And with such a stable job, you will no longer have to wander and live without a fixed place, and with an establishment in the future, you will have security in your old age, and mom will feel relieved."

So, no matter for the sake of her mom, or for herself, she had to go all out.

However, plans can't catch up with changes.

On the way back, Nan Xi suddenly felt a terrible headache, and the whole person was dizzy.

Last night, she had been a bit cold and hot, and had always thought that it was because she had gotten wet, and she hadn't put too much stock in it, until now, when all the symptoms sent out a message that she had caught a cold.

And most likely a fever.

Thinking of the baby, almost immediately, Nan Xi rubbed her stomach.


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