Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 55: He Lied to Her

Lu Jishen just glanced at it and pressed out his cell phone, not replying to any messages.

Nan Xi tentatively asked, "Is there something wrong, I heard your cell phone keep ringing."

"Nothing much."


Since he didn't say anything, she naturally had nothing to ask.

After Nanxi blew dry her hair, Lu Jianxuan turned off the lights in the room, and both of them lay down on the bed at the same time.

In the room, it was quiet.

For a moment, Nanxi felt that the breathing of the two could be clearly heard.

Covering the quilt tightly, Nan Xi closed her eyes and didn't speak again.

However, she could feel Lu Jianxuan's cell phone kept vibrating and the screen kept lighting up.

He turned sideways and looked at the cell phone.

Then the breath around him became heavy.

She couldn't remember how long later, she heard a slight sound.

Nanxi slightly opened her eyes and saw that Lu Jianxuan had gotten up from the bed and was changing clothes.

He really did agree after all.

Getting up at this time now, he had already decided to go see Fang Qinglian, right?

Nanxi's body became stiff under the quilt, she felt like a statue at this moment, lying woodenly under the quilt, not daring to move a bit.

It was as if she was afraid of being discovered by him.

Even her eyes had to be cooperatively closed.

About a few minutes later, Lu Jianxin's clothes should have been dressed.

The next moment, the sound of the door closing came to Nan Xi's ears.

She knew that he was gone.

He had gone after all.

And didn't tell her anything, or took advantage of the fact that he went after she went to bed and hid it from her.

He must have thought he was asleep and didn't know anything.

The funny thing was, she knew all of it.

"Lu Jian Shen." Nan Xi covered the quilt and painfully shouted out his name.

Suddenly, a rumble of thunder came from outside, the sky seemed to be about to rain.

Nan Xi hugged herself and sat on the bed, the room was dark, she couldn't see anything, so the thunder was heard more and more clearly.

When Lu Jishen arrived at the hospital, the rain had already fallen.

The ward was empty, where was Fang Qinglian's figure.

He asked the doctor, asked the nurse, and finally got the answer that Fang Qinglian was outside.

Through the window, he clearly saw Fang Qinglian sitting in the hospital recuperation center, where it was open air, and the rain poured down, all of it drenching her.

Lu Jian Shen immediately grabbed an umbrella and ran down.

When he saw Fang Qinglian sitting in the wheelchair in the rain, soaked to the bone, her whole body was like a chicken in soup, especially her wrists were red and swollen from the rain.

All his anger turned into heartache.

Holding the umbrella over her head, Lu Jian Shen whispered, "Let's go back."

Hearing the voice, Fang Qinglian immediately turned around, and when she saw Lu Jianxuan, a contented smile immediately bloomed on her face, "Jianxuan, you're here, I knew you'd come."

"You still can't let go of me, you still can't let go of me right?"

Fang Qinglian cried with joy.

Lu Jian Shen didn't say anything and only pushed her back to the ward silently.

Then he instructed the ward's caretaker, "Push her in to take a hot bath and change into clean clothes."

Ten minutes later, Fang Qinglian came out in clean and tidy pajamas.

By this time, the doctor was already waiting in the ward.

Fang Qinglian was just about to speak when Lu Jian Shen jumped ahead, "Take a look at her wound and bandage it properly."

The doctor immediately went over, and Lu Jian Shen stood to the side waiting.

When he saw that the place where she cut her wrist not only didn't get better, but instead got worse and worse, and even showed signs of rotting, Lu Jian Shen's eyebrows instantly twisted into a twisted rope.

After treating the wound, everyone went out, and Fang Qinglian sat on the hospital bed, looking very quiet and well-behaved.

Lu JianShen's deep gaze stared at him, not uttering a word.

The atmosphere in the room was very depressing, Fang Qinglian finally couldn't help herself and took the lead to open her mouth, "See deep, don't look at me like this, I'm afraid of your gaze."

"Now you know you're afraid, you didn't cooperate with the doctor, why didn't you think of being afraid when the wound worsened? Do you know where you were injured?"

"Know ah!"

Fang Qinglian looked up at him with an aggrieved look, "You don't care anyway, what do I care about."

"You should know that I hate using an injury as a bargaining chip to blackmail me."

"I know, but if I don't, can I still see you?"

Fang Qinglian excitedly grabbed Lu Jianxuan's hand, "Jianxuan, I was wrong, I shouldn't have used this method, but I really miss you, I miss you like crazy, do you know what I've been through these past few days?"

"I can't sleep every night, no matter if I open my eyes or close them, my head is filled with you."

A man who was even more ruthless could not be indifferent and cold and hard as iron when faced with a woman who was sobbing and expressing her love and thoughts.

Lu Jian Shen was no exception.

He was moved in the end, unable to bear it in his heart.

Walking forward, he put Fang Qinglian's hand under the quilt and tucked her in again, "Sleep, I won't leave for a while."

"Really?" Fang Qinglian asked joyfully, a face full of happiness and fulfillment.


The rain outside the window got heavier and heavier.

Lu Jianxuan listened to the sound of thunder, his brows furrowed tightly.

Obviously when he came out, the weather was still normal, and the weather forecast didn't say that there would be rain today.

He didn't expect it to rain heavily after only a short while.

Nan Xi was most afraid of thunder.

She was alone at home and didn't know if she was sleeping peacefully.

Looking at Fang Qinglian on the hospital bed once again, Lu Jianxuan fell into a deep dilemma.

At this moment, Nan Xi was in the car.

After the thunder sounded for a while, she decisively left the door and caught a ride.

She was going to find Nian Nian and stay at Nian Nian's place for the night.

Otherwise, she was afraid that she wouldn't survive the night.

In her haste to leave the house, she forgot to take her cell phone.

The rain outside was getting heavier and heavier, and Nanxi suddenly remembered that not only had she not taken her cell phone, she had also forgotten her umbrella, because the rain hadn't even begun to fall when she left the house.

The streetlights were dim, the street was pouring with rain, there were not many cars on the whole road, and all the buildings appeared to be in shadow, completely unreadable.

Nanxi hugged herself, nestled alone in the back of the car.

It was only until then that she felt a little bit of fear.

In her mind, she suddenly and uncontrollably remembered those tragic cases that happened in the cab.

The more Nanxi thought about it, the more scared she became, and she also hugged herself tighter and tighter.

Fortunately, she remembered Nian Nian's neighborhood, and when she arrived at the neighborhood, she gave the money, pushed open the door of the car and frantically ran towards the neighborhood.

Because the entrance to the cell is still a distance away from the elevator entrance, Nanxi did not have an umbrella, and could only run through the rain.

Only when she ran to the elevator entrance, got on the elevator, and rang the doorbell did Nanxi let out a sigh of relief.

However, when she saw Huo Siyan open the door, she was instantly stunned.

Huo Siyan, him?

He's so late, why is he here in Nian Nian?

Nanxi has long since stopped being a little girl, there are some things she understands.

A man being at a woman's house late at night, the meaning of the representation is already clear isn't it?

Probably because both of them were surprised and astonished, no one opened their mouths first.

Until Nian Nian's voice came from inside: ''Huo Si Yan, did the takeout come so quickly? Quickly bring it in, I'm so hungry!"


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